Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The REAL Desperate housewife of Atlanta.

Kandi Burruss seems like a real nice lady. Minus her Daffy Duck flip haircut, I think she is an attractive woman. I know a lot of single guys that would probably go out on a date with her. I’m sure some unmarried heterosexual man in Atlanta would date her as well (if you can find him….sike!!.... just jokes people). But unfortunately they can’t. Burruss is in an on again off again relationship with a dude that is only known as the “Fiancé.” For those that don’t know, Burruss is on the television show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I watched the show one time and was turned off by all the cattiness. Burruss looked really out of place on the show because she seems so nice. When they show her life on the TV. it’s very tame.

The only problem she has is her Fiancé. If you listen to her talk, her relationship with him is not an issue. But to every black woman that looks at the show it’s a problem. When he was first introduced to America, the TV. audience met a man with 6 kids by 4 different women. Burruss also could never explain what the Fiancé did for a living. I tried to do the math on that but my numbers didn’t come out right. Was it 2 women with 2 kids and 2 women with a child a piece? Or was it 1 woman with 3 kids and 3 women with a child a piece. It’s easier to put together a 20 piece box of chicken at Bojangles. Not only does he have more children than the old woman who lived in a boot. But Burruss’s mother can’t stand him. When the mother doesn’t like you it means bad days ahead. The Fiancé should of tucked tail and ran when he found that out.

****News Flash: As of last week Burruss told Essence that the relationship is on hiatus.***

Definition of Hiatus: A long break during the regular schedule of a television season.

What?? What does it mean when you tell someone your relationship is on Hiatus? Did she catch him cheating with a Nielsen Box? She also told Essence that the Fiancé is not a lazy guy because he has “done a lot of things.”

Side Note: That’s what a girl tells her father when she has a lazy boyfriend.

Burruss then mentioned that the Fiancé recently bought into a strip club. Um….okay? She made it sound like he bought into a McDonalds Franchise. He’s part owner of a strip club in Atlanta…..that’s like owning a beach house at the beach. Sure you can rent it out but everybody else is renting their houses too.

A man with 6 kids knows that he is not as marketable as a man with one or no kids. How fortunate for him when he met Burruss. Burruss had only one child and money from her singing career. Janet Jackson with a slow career is better than some scallywag you meet at the club.

I don’t know how he did it but he was able to win her over. Black women across America were looking at their television sets with confusion regarding this relationship. And even after she said it’s on “Hiatus,” it’s really not. Burruss is now the legal guardian for the Fiancé’s 12 year old twin daughters. She went from 1 child/ to a man and 7 children /to being alone with 3 children. It’s always the math with this chick!!! Burruss was working with something when it was her and her daughter. Now she has 3 kids to clothe and feed. And the Fiancé has 4 children instead of 6. So you tell me who got the better deal? Burruss could have cut her ties and walked off like a free woman. Now regardless of the hiatus she is stuck to the Fiancé through his children.

I guess this was one time that she should have listened to her momma. Because her momma was trying to tell her what other black women already knew.


Anonymous said...

Kandi doesn't open her mouth wide enough to talk or give good fellatio. I wouldn't date her. That dude can have her and her 3.4 kids. She's not even a housewife let alone a wife. These shows are terrible and so are the scrubs who inhabit them. She obviously sees something in that clown! So Daffy Duck and The Fertile Clown can simply continue starring in the Circus that is their life.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

First of all, LMAO at the above commenter with, "Kandi doesn't open her mouth wide enough to talk or give good fellatio."!!!

Back to the point, although I watch the show for pure entertainment, that's all it represents for me...entertainment. It's not my reality...shit, it's not ever their realities, for none of them have true wealth or have anything of substance.

Citizen Ojo said...

Anonymous - I don't watch the show enough to know about how wide she opens her mouth but that's always good info to know. I agree that these shows are not good because of the image that it give off regarding black women. You are correct in this: That guy will never be accused of being sterile.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up - Thanks for stopping by. I'm starting to believe that those chicks aren't even that wealth. You know hood rich and bill gates rich are two different things and they should not be confused.

Anonymous said...

She really should have listened to her mama. She's not embracing her own self-worth enough to find a dude with a legal hustle and a few less children.

Also, I don't think the women on that show really are wealthy at all. One had her house go into foreclosure and I think a few others are renting their homes/lifestyles.

Citizen Ojo said...

labellanoire - good to see you in the house again. Sometimes parents know what their children need. I believe in letting people be adults but momma knows this time.

Freckles said...

RHOA - not feeling it especially in comparison of the housewives shows where they actually were wives and they interacted with their families as well as their businesses. These heffas only interact with each other and arent really that mature. I figure that some people feed into this BS for entertainment but I am not entertained. I strive hard to be a woman with some hustle about herself and I hope to be a wife one day but not at the expense of my own integrity such an Ms Buress. She is an awesome woman with actual "wealth" and she is so much better than Fiance. He may be a good guy and kids do not neccessary define a man. Should every man with past mistakes be written off? I guess I would like to believe in the greater good in people. Although, I would have a hard time with any man that my mama didnt like too and I may not be woman enough to take on a man with 6 kids but kudos to her for trying.

Citizen Ojo said...

Freckles - I don't believe in the greater good of folks but I do believe in common sense. Sure we should judge people by our past mistakes but and this is a strong but..when I hear about a guy with 6 kids and not one person can tell you what he does for a living...mmm..something aint right in the ATL.

Freckles said...

I feel you completely. Hell I have a baby mama limit especially since I dont have any children. I am cool and hell you cant hate on a kept man if that is the case. Hell she is taking care of his kids. lol. She is better than me no doubt. That be that Shhh... in the ATL. Luckily I am not from here. lol.

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

I think homeboy just found the ultimate sucker! I completely agree with everything that was said on this post. I'm IntrospectiveGoddess and I approve this message.


Anonymous said...

How can you be a housewive with a fiancee or as a divorce?

uglyblackjohn said...

I'm usually a nice guy, but when I used to get into fights it seemed as though more women became attracted to me.
There is something about the Bad Boy that attracts certain women.

Maybe the Daddy (or lack of) Issues of young Black women are to blame.
Maybe these women are looking for someone as irresponsible as their own fathers.
Maybe the men remind them of the father figures they see most often.

Citizen Ojo said...

IntrospectiveGoddess - Thank you for stopping by and giving your stamp of approval.

Anonymous - You have a very valid point. The producers of the show probably didn't care. They needed bodies and drama.

UglyBlackJohn - Women grow out of that bad boy phase when it's time to settle down and have kids. Except the ones that don't know what a real man is like. They keep falling into that same trap.