Monday, September 03, 2012

The Republicans should have vetted Artur Davis and his new identity!!!

We have to not only point out the obvious flaws of the Republican Party that goes against "OUR" interest but we must also have the intelligence and foresight to check the party that 99.9% of our people support without any repercussion. Our "paralysis of analysis" has to cease and we are going to have to start to think about what we do and do what we think is right...Liberals and Conservatives sometimes are hard to identify when it comes to policies that affect the community of people that I most resemble. ~ A. McBride

I did a previous post on Artur Davis after he got his tail kicked in the Democratic Primary for Governor of Alabama.  Artur ran the weirdest campaign in the history of politics.  He ran away from black folks and black media. Thus causing him to lose in his own home district (that's like not even being liked in your own house). Davis has a new bag and is now running with the Republicans.  Davis is 64 years late in joining the Dixiecrats so I guess he did what he thought was best.  But before all Republican’s I know (which are 2 in number) get too excited, let’s see what Davis “The Man” is about. 
In 2008, Davis backed Barack Obama for President.    
In 2009, Davis co-sponsored Bill H.R.3590 also known as The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act. 
In 2010, Davis ran for Governor of Alabama….as a Democrat.
He actually voted with Democrats 95% of the time. STOP!!!  Did I say 95%??  And now he magically found the light and is more Conservative?  I think he only gets cheers because he is downgrading Obama in public.  The Puppet Master always likes when his Puppet dances.  The faster the Puppet dances the more the Puppet Master likes it.  Let me tell you what the Republican’s got when they let this clown come through the doors.  They have a man that can’t even show his face in his own state.  He was so shamed that he had to run to Virginia.  Now he is acting like “I left the party not because I changed but because they changed.”  Um did this happen before or after the 95%?  As an Independent voter, I don’t care which party black folks join.  I believe they should join them for the right reasons i.e. they speak to their beliefs.  Davis is just mad that he lost his chance to be the Obama of Alabama.  Like they were really going to vote for him anyway!!  They weren’t lying when they said the Deep South had strange fruit in the trees.  He would have had a better chance running for Governor of Atlanta.  He lost because of his strategy to pander to White Folks (either they know fake when they see it or they just didn’t want a Black Governor).  I’m pretty sure his 95% didn’t help him when conservatives entered the voting booth.  They had already witnessed Obama being sworn in and now this!!!  Another light skinned Ivy League Politician spreading the message of Radical Socialistic Communism.  It was a suicide mission from the beginning!!!  And now he has the nerve to tell his fellow Republican’s to pick their audiences when talking to black folks.   Yeah, for sure, the Republican’s got a dud on their hands.