Friday, September 04, 2009

Chairman Steele half stepping at the Mecca: The story of a Black Republican trying to get some hometown love.

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele came back to the “hood” on Tuesday to speak at Historically Black Howard University. The event is part of his comeback tour…..oops…I mean his “Freedom Tour.” This is where he goes around talking about what the Republicans stand for in this new “Post Racial” America. I guess he decided to try it out on black folks as a test run. He talked about his past attempts to use street vinacular in order to show a bridge between Republicans and Black Folks. Citizen Ojo says: Wrong Move!!! He also tried to tell the students to reach for their dreams. Because if he could make it, they could make it too (remember he is from “Da Hood.”) Citizen Ojo says: Terrible Move!!!

"For a while, I thought his point was to, like, encourage black people, to be an all-inspiring, 'You can do this too, we're already in college. There are people I left behind who need that. Most of the people who come here were coming specifically to hear about the GOP side" of politics -- not to hear a motivational talk.

~ Lindsey Smith, sophomore political science major at Howard University.

It turned into one of those situations where Steele had to ask himself “how did things turn so wrong so fast?” The tour turned into a typical drama filled Health Care Town Hall Event. But unlike the reports from the 6pm and 11pm local news, the perpetrators weren’t young unruly uneducated under classed black men and their bombastic belligerent baby mommas. It was some white chick that caused the ruckus!!! I guess she got around all those black folks and decided to get her “Courage On.” Amanda Duzak ended up giving Steele the business (or as it’s spelled in Urban Diction “The Bizness”) and eventually was escorted out of the room. Not before Steele had to throw in his 2 cents though.

It is apparent that the students were ready for a serious debate. But it was ruined by the chaos that is breaking out all over the country. Duzak, maybe with good intentions/maybe not so good intentions, took the event to another level. Some of the students at Howard didn’t like her stealing the spotlight as well.

“The student’s outbursts and attacks were not only inconsequential in the healthcare debate, but they were downright disrespectful and rude. One of the few chances us young black folk had to get the ear of someone in government was ruined by party crashers who claim to be making their voices heard, but in reality did nothing but silence the rest of ours. So what do you think would have made the news? Twenty-something black college students showed up in droves for something other than a Li’l Wayne concert, but the air time will probably go to the white lady who was shouting until her face turned red. Thanks a lot, ma’am.”

~ Jada Smith, senior journalism major at Howard University.

It would have been nice for America to see a debate/forum with positive discourse. I’m biased but I would like to see that at an HBCU.

(Side note: Citizen Ojo and Citizen Wifey went to an HBCU)

I also would have liked it if Steele came with a real game plan. After all these years and Republicans still don’t know how to talk to black folks!!! What’s makes it worse was that it was a black person talking to black folks. I guess it is true when they say you can’t go home again.


Max Reddick said...

I don't think Chairman Steele ever has a game plan. He just goes on guts.

If reports are correct, Steele bussed in his own amen corner, two bus loads of Young Republicans from a nearby unnamed school.

Jay_fever said...

Dude is a sucker, straight up. And the republicans are suckers too. Just the way that they tried to nab black votes last election cycle by forcefully attaching "hip hop" to certain members (Steele included)was insulting.

the uppity negro said...

At this point in the game, asking Steele or the Republicans to have a plan is like asking Obama and the Democrats to have a plan for healthcare...

Citizen Ojo said...

Max Reddick - If he doesn't have a game plan and he goes on guts then he is a true affirmative action hire.

Jay Fever - That is Chairman "Sucker". Give that man his props..ha ha

Uppity Negro - wow! Out like the Public Option huh?