Thursday, September 03, 2009

Climbing the mountain of hypocrisy: Charles “Mountain Climber” Rangel reaching new heights.

Due to the timeliness of the subject - I gotta pull this back out again!! Sorry Charlie....

Please don’t get it twisted!!! I’m not about looking out for rich folks. I don’t believe any of AIG’s upper management deserves bonuses. My upper management doesn’t deserve any bonuses and they weren’t even involved in the financial crisis. But I think it is shameful to see Representative Charles Rangel waxing and waning when it comes to taxes. This is the wrong guy to complain about AIG. Especially when it comes to taxes!!!

Mr. Rangel’s populist stance is a nothing more than mediocre political theater. Rangel’s credibility is full of more holes than the Titanic. As Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (They write the U.S. Tax Legislation) you would think Rangel would know better. But……………………NOPE!!

Let’s take a look down memory lane……………..

Rangel failed to pay taxes on his rental property in the Caribbean from 1988 to 2007 (Smells like Tax Evasion???). Now I really feel bad for Wesley Snipes……………..

Rangel did not disclose any royalty income from his 2007 memoir (Must receive approval from the Ethics Committee before accepting payments).

Rangel used an apartment, one of his Harlem rental properties, as a campaign office (Against City and State Laws).

Now they have a short film out on him. When they pull out films on you, it means you are doing something wrong!!!

Point Of Reference: Michael Moore scorching folks on film.

Blaming your wife and the property management company won’t cut it!!!! We have a property management company and those checks come monthly (like welfare checks). They might be off by a day but come rain, sleet or shine……It’s awfully nice of his wife to take the weight for him. That’s true love. That’s that “The Wire” type of love.

In the end I know he won’t spend a day in jail. This post is actually not about a call to send him to jail. I just want Rangel to own up to his mistakes.

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