Monday, September 19, 2011

If you don’t like Tea, get another drink!!!!

I adore political parties. They are the only place left to us where people don't talk politics.
~Oscar Wilde

If you thought the tea party was going to be a passing fad, after last week you now know the truth. The Tea Party is here to stay!!! With the announcer starting off with the following statement: Tonight, eight Republicans, one goal: to win the White House and kick Barack Obama out. CNN’s Sept 12 Tea Party Republican Debate kicked off in grand fashion. CNN looked like they were getting ready to show a football game instead of a political debate. Being last in the ratings makes you do some crazy stuff sometimes.
The Tea Party finally had all of the Republican presidential candidates together in one room. They even had “Old Man” Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfathers Pizza. Back in the late 80’s Gingrich was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. That also was the last time that I would see a Godfathers Pizza Commercial. Wow, what a coincidence?!
I know that a lot of folks are still upset over audience members cheering when Representative Ron Paul was asked if society should let a man die if he decides not to purchase healthcare and suddenly needs intensive care. Some yahoos in the audience did shout “Yeah!!” when CNN Moderator Wolf Blitzer asked Paul that question. I think it is safe to say that was a chilling moment in America. Now do all Tea Party Members feel that way??? I can’t say yes with certainty. Besides I personally know a Tea Party Member and my experience with him has always been on the up and up. But until last week many folks didn’t know the Tea Party had that much pull. To be able to have your own political debate on live t.v. is no small thing. But I still have to wonder where the Coffee Party, Cocoa Party, or even the Brown Sugar Party is???????????????
Black folks started off in politics during the Reconstruction Era and we still play the political game like rookies. We still haven’t figured out the importance of having Political Action Committees or Lobbyists. Sure everyone hates (in public) Lobbyists but they need them in order to push their political agenda. Sure everyone bemoans (in public) Political Action Committees but they raise the money and have the votes to push their political agendas. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on who you ask) this is how the game is played.
My point is this: I’m sick of hearing black folks complain about there not being an alternative to the Tea Party.
If you are bothered by it, create your own!!! Call up Van Jones ifyou need to know how it’s done. I left the Democrats after 2008 because of the hypocrisy involved in the 2008 presidential campaign. I decided to become a free agent i.e. independent because the two party system sucks. Don’t think for a moment that I left the Dems and happily skipped over to the Republicans. This was the same party that southern democrats defected to after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you have conservative views on some issues and liberal views on others, what party actually fits you? NONE!! So I’m not thrilled about someone creating another political party but I’m tired of the belly aching. So either put up or shut up!!! If you don’t like tea, find another drink.