Friday, August 29, 2008

The “Mile High” Speech & MSNBC & TV One "Da After Party" - The 4th Night of the Convention.

Obama…excuse me. President Barack Obama proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is presidential material. People are going to knock the country and western song at the end, but I think it was a good move. Obama has rallied the troops, and now the battle really begins!!!

Today Black Folks on black-talk-radio complained that an Obama presidency wouldn’t mean anything. One fool actually talked about Blacks pooling our resources together, and moving back to Africa. How ignorant is that statement??? Right now you are probably saying, Citizen “what’s wrong with us going back to Africa.” Youth black on black crime is at an all time high. The drug dealers are flooding the inner city corners with poison. Black folks can’t even celebrate this great milestone in America. How are we going to move to Africa when we can’t even get along in America? Let me break something down for you…………….America is the envy of the world. When I lived overseas people were fascinated with America. You have foreign students that come to America to attend college. Black folks fought and died for us to enjoy the promise (not the practice) of America. They believed in this country and I believe in them. Black folks don’t have to go to Africa to support each other. You can support black businesses now!!! You can start by stopping the hating, petty jealousy, the bliss of ignorance, disrespect, and the joy of the lack of knowledge. For anyone that wants to go back to Africa, have a nice trip.

Jacque Reid, what in the Heezy do you have on??? Are you going to Bally’s, The Club, or just sitting around the crib eating Haagen Dass? I am going to assume that Jacque knows how to manage her career, and I’m going to trust her judgment. I just don’t want her to become the “Black Female” version of Pat O’Brien. The Rev. Jesse “Nutcracker” Jackson is on TV One and MSNBC. They couldn’t find anyone else to interview? I would rather listen to Bishop Don Juan than this dude. I want to commend TV One for reporting on the DNC. I’m still on the fence about “Da After Party”. I would like for them to go further, and start a news department. The MSM is not reporting the real issues out here. They are not giving a voice to the voiceless. Who is going to bring more black political pundits on TV? Who is going to show that all black males aren’t criminals? Who is going to show the beauty of the black family? This is our charge as a people, and we must take it seriously.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

CNN & MSNBC & TV One "Da After Party" - The 3rd Night of the Convention.

CNN’s coverage is okay, but I’m not that impressed. Sure they have a spot on the convention floor, but what does that really mean. In my opinion, MSNBC gives better commentary (That’s Just My Opinion). Bill Clinton you have done it again!!! You came through in the clutch. He cosigned on Barack Obama being president, and that’s all that matters to me. I’m still not over the primary rhetoric, but that country boy done good!! Obama almost kissed Joe Biden’s wife on the lips. He must be excited to be in Denver. Joe Biden had folks crying and such. I’m going to nominate him for father of the century.

I still don’t know why Marcia Dyson sucks up to Hillary Clinton so much. It’s actually quite sickening to see her kissing Hillary’s behind. Roland Martin representing Alpha’s Worldwide!!!!! I’m glad to see Chuck D being interviewed on politics. He has a very keen sense of politics from the everyman perspective. Who tricked G Garvin into polling potential voters at the International House of Pancakes? Citizen Wifey didn’t want to stay to see Huggy LowDown (Her Loss). Having John Legend closing out the show was really nice. The way things were going I thought they would have Soulja Boy on deck.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MSNBC & TV One "Da After Party" - The 2nd Night of the Convention.

Who is the Uncle Tom at the convention holding that Hillary Clinton sign? Someone needs to get his hotel room number so he can receive a late night visit (a few baseball bats, spiked clubs etc…). Bob “Pimping ain’t easy” Johnson is now supposed to be on board the Obama Express. That Low Down Rat!!! You want to talk nasty about the man and then join up with him? One of these days folks are going to catch onto your charade.

Hillary Clinton quoting Harriet Tubman! I’ll be damned! I’m still not falling back in love with her. That orange sherbet suit doesn’t do anything for you either!!! My embedded reporter finally called back in. She sounds like she is “going through” out there in the west. She informed me that black folks out there are a little bit different. She said one black girl told her that she was tired of chasing Black Men. Well lady, a real woman shouldn’t have to chase a man. Dogs chase frisbees and sticks, what are you?

Jacque Reid what in the Hezzy do you have on???? Are you reporting the news or going to The 40/40 Club? Citizen Wifey has never heard Huggy Low Down before so watching her reaction is hilarious. I like ole Huggy but watching this is uncomfortable. It’s like Pauly Shore acting as “The Weasle” giving updates on MSNBC. But as Huggy would say this ain’t CNN baby!!! Marion Berry where have you been? Long time no see Frat!!! You look good since putting down that crack pipe. Michael Eric Dyson uses slang a lot in is his dialogue. I don’t know if I could pass his class at Georgetown University. I don’t get to use Ebonics that often on my job. I take it all back….He is back to using big words again. Sheryl Underwood is looking for a dictionary to decipher Dr. Dyson’s language. Sheryl Underwood please don’t feel bad. I have a masters degree and I’m scrambling for my dictionary too!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TV One "Da After Party" - The 1st Night of the Convention.

I am watching the TV One post convention special and I am trying to figure out why Biz Markie is in Denver? I know there are black folks in Denver, but they have to be happy to see more. I have lost contact with my embedded reporter in the city of Denver. The last report that I received from her was “these white folks are crazy”. She had mentioned homemade bombs, and white men wearing swastikas. I tried to find the info on national news websites, but no dice.

When did Jamie Foster Brown become a political pundit? She went from interviewing Bow Wow to debating the Russia-Georgia conflict. That’s like having Ron Artest talk about civility. Sheryl Underwood is telling it like it T-I-S!!! She is absolutely right on with Hillary’s inability to bring the Democrats together. Why are black women still shilling for Hillary Clinton? She hasn’t done a damn thing for these misinformed black women that keep following her. They either need to get behind Obama or Shut Up!!! Either Hillary Clinton is behind Obama or not!!! Hillary Clinton is a conniving, lying, and sneaky, low down (You get the point)!!!

It’s a shame that anytime a Black Woman speaks up for herself, she is called Arrogant, and Bossy. Michelle Obama is going to have to dress up like Captain America to prove her loyalty to the United States. It’s a shame Black Folks have to jump through hoops to prove how patriotic they are. Michael Eric Dyson keeps referring to Michelle Obama’s behind. We get it Professor, you like big butts!! I haven’t heard a man talk this much about Michelle since Chris Matthews.
There is a big difference between MSNBC’s coverage and TV One’s coverage. You don’t have to always entertain people to give them news. What do you need a fashion expert for? Black folks have to stop talking over each other. Hill Harper is too educated to lower himself to these standards. Jon Stewart is a comedian so his job is to go for the jokes. In the spirit of Ed Bradley…just do the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Official!!!!!!!!!!!! No Hillary!!!!

People just don't care anymore

This is a hard story to blog about. I don't know how to talk about it without feeling ill. I sometimes wonder what makes people do evil things. Where does this kind of evil come from? Is it Nurture or Nature? What would make a 19-year-old murder a 14-year-old over refusing to house-sit? This is a crime that makes absolutely no sense!!

To make matters worse, there are other issues involved that are equally disturbing.

1) A 14-year-old mother with a six month old child
2) A 14-year-old girl that had sex with a man in his late 20s
3) A 14-year-old girl that was shuttled from foster families and group homes

This is the part where we all ask ."Where are the parents?" It's apparent that many children are raising themselves these days. When anyone talks about parents being accountable they end up being booed and hissed. The inner city streets this summer have run red with young blood. Countless numbers of black boys and girls have died over nonsense. What do you do when the future is dying before your eyes? Sometimes it seems like we are living in the worst of times.......

Friday, August 22, 2008

The passing of musician LeRoi Holloway Moore

I know this happened earlier in the week but it still hasn't sunk in. This is the second person from my hometown that has passed recently. Rest In Peace Homeboy......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The passing of actor Julius J. Carry III

Know to many as the character Sho'nuff the “Shogun of Harlem” in Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon.

Sho’Nuff: Am I the meanest?

Gang: Sho’Nuff!

Sho’Nuff: Am I the prettiest?

Gang: Sho’Nuff!

Sho’Nuff: Am I the baddest mo-fo, low-down, around this town?

Gang: Sho’Nuff!

Sho’Nuff: Well, who am I?

Gang: Sho’Nuff!

Sho’Nuff: Who am I?

Gang: Sho’Nuff!

Sho’Nuff: I can’t hear you!

Gang: Sho’Nuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Music showcase for the week 8/18 – 8/22

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Slow News Is No News

You mean that African American Newspapers were late in getting out the news on Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes? I’m shocked!!! Sike! Really I’m not surprised at all. TV One’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention is titled “The After Party”. Black News has gone by the way of the Do Do Bird. If it was not for African American web sites (i.e. AOL Black Voices), and Black bloggers we wouldn’t have any news regarding black folks. Some of these “Old Guard” African American newspapers are behind the times. How does a news organization not have people working on the weekend? That is the equivalent of CNN working a four day week. Some African American newspapers did not have anything about their deaths in print. African American newspapers can’t just use a rewrite of an Associated Press story and call it reporting. They have to be proactive instead of reactive if they want to stay relevant. The African American news organizations in question were in the hometowns of Hayes and Mac. It is sad that they could not receive better treatment from their own folks. When Bud Billiken (a mythical character) gets more coverage than a comedic icon you know it’s truly a sad day.


Thursday Night Supper

After a long day at work, Citizen Wifey wanted to eat out. She did the “Wife Thing” and asked me where I wanted to eat (I hate when she does that). I said Taco Bell, but it was obvious that Taco Bell wasn’t even an option. Ironically she was carrying TGIF, or as it is called in layman’s terms: Friday’s, coupons in her purse. The whole time I’m thinking “why didn’t she have Taco Bell coupons”? I just wanted some Chulupas, maybe a cinnamon twist and head on to the house. I come from a family where eating out was a rare occasion. A night at McDonalds was the equivalent to eating at Victoria & Albert’s. My wife says she is into enjoying the dining experience. The Dining Experience? You go to Ruth’s Chris for a dining experience. You go to Friday’s for chicken wings and mini burgers. After a slow and painful shopping experience at TJ Maxx, (I think my wife bought a pair of mens pants), we headed to Friday’s. The hostess ended up seating us next to a rowdy group of women. They must have been co-workers or a ladies football team out on the town. They weren’t just loud but extremely loud. I couldn’t hear myself talk nor my wife. I don’t think she heard me when I was praying over the food. I just hope that God reads lips. My wife tried to do the “Sassy Black Woman” thing and started talking over the group. My wife isn’t a street fighter. She took ballet and went to a Magnet School. She was outgunned all the way around. There was some heavy hitters in that group (I’m talking 250 pounds plus). Like Kenny Rogers use to say “You gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em no when to walk away, no when to run”.

My wife kept asking me if I wanted to move but I kept thinking… move where? You could hear the ruckus as soon as you hit the joint. I finally agreed to move because I didn’t want a drunk woman fighting my wife. I was happy that the women in question weren’t the usual suspects. You know…. the stereotypical loud black woman (don’t frown ….you know I’m right). It was a multicultural group, a loud coalition of the willing, so I was pleased by that. Don’t get me wrong because black folks were doing most of the talking, but it was a mixed group. In our new seats we were closer to the front, but it was still loud. The waitress could tell that we were annoyed so she felt sympathy for us. I believe my ear drums were busted so I could not hear what she was saying to my wife. I still can’t believe my wife didn’t like the appetizers. Who doesn’t like pulled pork wrapped up like an egg roll with bbq sauce for dipping? The evening hit an all time low when other patrons started becoming annoyed and wanted to be seated elsewhere. I haven’t seen white folks move that fast since the movie Titanic. They were grabbing glasses, plates, forks, spoons and any other silverware that wasn’t tied down. I guess subconsciously I didn’t like the way the whole scene played out. It looked like minorities were once again disturbing the tranquility of white folks. I wonder what my fellow patrons were thinking when they moved. Was it…boy that group was loud or….boy those black folks were loud. Maybe it comes from my Black Man Paranoia (sorry there is no cure for it).

Well my wife decided to let the waitress hear about our displeasure. I hate when she complains because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. The waitress said they kept telling them to use their inside voices. When did they do that? Was it after the first drink they served or the fifth? To say my wife is particular about customer service is an understatement. We haven’t been back to one particular soul food restaurant because they ran out of the delicious cornbread the day the restaurant was featured in a major weekly publication. I always drive by the place and wonder what the cornbread tastes like. I’m not the kind of guy that will let cornbread ruin my marriage so I keep on driving. I can only hope that our next experience dining out will be better. If not, Taco Bell has a drive thru.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh...lympics How Could You???

Lin Miaoke sung during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in the National Stadium. (Left) This image received on August 12, 2008, taken from television on August 11 shows seven-year-old Yang Peiyi during an interview in Beijing (Right). Yang who has a chubby face and uneven teeth sung the patriotic song "Ode to the Motherland," that was mimed by pigtailed Lin Miaoke, who was selected to appear because of her cute appearance.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The passing of musician, producer, arranger, singer-songwriter, and actor Isaac Lee Hayes

"The new generation of popular musicians, could use a little more substance like we had in the day." "They're standing on our shoulders. Some of them don't realize [it] because they sample me so much."

~ Isaac Hayes

Music showcase for the week 8/11 – 8/15

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Jackals and Vipers: The Dastardly Deeds of Black Politicians

For full disclosure I have to admit that the Dishonorable Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is my Fraternity Brother. That doesn't mean that I'm going to stand outside his jail cell holding a candle light vigil. Also that doesn't mean I'm going to arrive in a limousine waiting to pick him up like Whitney did Bobby. I have to be honest that I don't feel sorry. I believe he caused all of these problems on himself due to his outrageous behavior. I wish he would do the honorable thing and fall down on his sword (AKA – Quit his job). Even his mother is running out of excuses for his behavior. His mistress is up for perjury charges and his wife was trying not to break down on YouTube. With everything crashing down around him he still doesn't know when to quit. I believe it is safe to say that he is an arrogant scoundrel with no scruples.

The problem I have is with the black folks in Detroit that support him. They are really hurting the reputation of their city. I have never been to Detroit, but after this fiasco I am reluctant to visit. This concept of standing by your politician, even when they are wrong, is symbolic of black voters and black politicians. I remember episodes of Good Times when Alderman Fred Davis was running for office. He was long on talk and short on action but he kept being re-elected. There was one episode where he was running against a younger man. The younger opponent was an idealist that wanted to change the hood. Alderman Davis kept touting the young man's inexperience saying he was untested and unproven. (Segue – Does any of this sound familiar in our current election?) Anyway Alderman Davis ended up winning and the hood ended up losing. It was obvious that he wasn't doing anything for the voters. Were they scared to trying something new or were they easily duped? Also why does it seem when black politicians claim "The Man" is holding them down black folks close up ranks. A politician could have been caught butt naked with a stripper and 2,000 pounds of cocaine and some blacks still would support him. Why do we let our politicians operate on a lower standard and except the bare minimum from them? If a white politician embarrassed their voters with foolish antics, at the next election they wouldn't make the cut. I know white folks in the Detroit area are confused that the Mayor still has supporters.

What is the final breaking point for black voters? What is the line that a politician can't cross? Maybe they can do no wrong and it doesn't matter. Some of us still support R Kelly and he is blatantly guilty. If you knew a person that looked like you, was running around having sex with underage women wouldn't you want to find that individual? Yeah Right!!! We have got to hold our politicians to hire standards. Just because they are black doesn't mean that we give them a free pass. I would hope that all citizens of Detroit would come together and demand that Mayor Kilpatrick leave office. The reputation of their city is at stake. Also Detroit's future progress is in jeopardy. How effective can your Mayor be when he is wearing an ankle bracelet monitoring his movements? Politicians that use the "white man" as a boogeyman are counter- productive and engaging in the lowest common denominator of politics. We, "the voters", should demand better and expect better. If our politicians can't do better, on Election Day they should receive a message.
The message: No Free Passes for Foolishness.

The passing of actor and comedian Bernard Jeffrey McCollough

"This is a very sad day for many of us who knew and loved Bernie. He brought so much joy to so many. He will be missed, but heaven just got funnier."
~Don Cheadle

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

McCain kickin' it at Sturgis

Iraq's getting paid while America’s Middle Class gets played

"Despite Iraq earning billions of dollars in oil revenue in the past five years, U.S. taxpayer money has been the overwhelming source of Iraq reconstruction funds," Warner said in a joint statement with Levin. "It is time for the sovereign government of Iraq, using its revenues, expenditures and surpluses, to fully assume the responsibility to provide essential services and improve the quality of life for the Iraqi people."

- Senator John Warner (Rep) & Senator Carl Levin (Dem)

Detroit just doesn’t get it

"In Detroit, Kilpatrick is a household name. For good, or for bad, people know the family, -The Kilpatricks have established a brand." Warren Gaither, 51, of Detroit.

A brand of what? Trojan Condoms is a brand but that’s not stopping people from getting pregnant. Two newcomers running against an incumbent for the same job, and they thought the established candidate could be beaten? When will black folks learn about how people vote? Running multiple blacks against each other is how you split votes!!!! And Detroit wonders why people from other states laugh at them.

Mrs. McFilthy

I guess this is what they mean by “sloppy seconds.” I truly hope this is not true because Bill won’t be able to live this down.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Music showcase for the week 8/4 – 8/8

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Decorum: It’s not just for Kings and Queens

The problem that some black folks are having with Barack Obama is that they don’t know how the game works. I don’t know why people don’t understand that Obama can’t run for president of the Black United States of America. He is not running for alderman in a 99.99999% African America district. He is running a national campaign for president of the United States. I expect Obama to be heckled but I thought black folks would at least give the man some measure of respect. I thought about putting the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement on blast for acting ignit in public. I changed my mind because they are down with Socialism and I don’t have anything against Socialism. I actually think Socialism gets a bad rap. Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie’s daddy, is talking some crazy stuff about Socialism. I didn’t know it was worse than Communism (which we support by borrowing money from the Chinese). I think I’m starting to see why Angelina doesn’t get down with that guy. Look, I don’t expect all blacks to like Obama or his platform. I don’t expect them not to be critical of him either. What I expect from blacks is to not treat him the way racists would. We need to take a page from Obama’s book and act with some dignity. If you have a problem with him, let it be debated in a respectful manner. Just because other people are acting undignified doesn’t mean we should follow their lead.