Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cheronda Guyton knows how to throw a house party!!!!!!

Guyton, a senior Wells Fargo executive in charge of foreclosed commercial properties, allegedly hosted numerous parties at a bank-owned $12 million Malibu Colony mansion.

How did she do that: Wells Fargo is not showing the home to any potential homeowners.

So that gave Guyton free time to kick it at the mansion without being disturbed. She probably could have rented out the home to lil Wayne for a video shoot. I couldn’t find any photos of Guyton but that name sounds a little ethnic (wink wink to my black folks). I found her info on Linkedin and I was looking to see if I could add her to my network. I know eventually she is going to be fired but man was she working the con game. That’s somebody that I need to know. She might have good advice on dealing with the corporate plantation. I’m all about throwing a party at someone else’s 3,800 square foot home on the company dime.

But as always, the good times don’t last. The neighbors started getting suspicious about all the traffic that was going to the house. It got to the point that they started writing down license plate numbers. Those are the type of neighbors that will give you a full report when you come back from out of town. Don’t let your cousin come by to pick up the mail. They will hold your cousin at gun point until the police show up.

The only bad part of the story: The previous owners of the home were Madoff victims.
Now that does suck!! I feel bad now……..I still want to add Guyton to my Linkedin network.

I would comment more on this story but I can’t as a former employee of Wells Fargo. Before they kicked me to the curb….oops my bad…um…laid me off, I signed some legal documents that said I couldn’t speak disparagingly about them. I tried to talk to the law offices of Screw me, because I signed the papers and Rosenbaum but they said the documents were ironclad. Therefore I can’t really give my full opinion on the subject (wink wink).


Freckles said...

this is hilarious however I feel you. You always want to have someone on your team that knows how to get over it largely.

Citizen Ojo said...

Freckle Face - Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you feel me on that "getting over" part. Other folks do it but they just call it "networking."

Freckles said...

Every link needs a network...

Citizen Ojo said...

FreckeFace - True dat.