Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting the 2016 Olympics??? Chicago, that is the least of your problems.

President Barack H. Obama, before you fly over to Copenhagen, you need to take a look at what is going on in your home city. The Olympics can provide name recognition and put a jolt in the economy. But it can't stop the senseless violence. Was Chicago going to sweep this under the rug and then let it back out once the Olympics left town? Black folks, we can do better than this. We can't walk around in denial anymore. But!!! For those that still don't know - the message is now loud and clear! No one is coming to save us!!!!! Even with a Black President we still have to save ourselves.


the uppity negro said...

Lemme give some context to brother Derrion Albert's school.

First of all Fenger high school is one of the lowest performing in the city and a "neighborhood" school if you will. It's out in Roseland and out in the "wild 100s" (pronounced hunneds) and it's one of those schools that "care forgot."

I'm not at all saying that these teens should be excused of their actions because of poverty and a low performing school, however, what happened was a series of redistricting. CPS shut down a high school in the middle of Altgeld Gardens (the PJs) and made it a military academy and a lot of the spill over went to Fenger--which naturally causes a clash in gangs, sects and neighborhoods. So I will say this, honors student may be a bit relative at a school like Fenger.

Moreover, just over 50% of the Chicagoans are against the Olympics.

I'm against it because the Olympic Stadium is only 6 blks from my house...only 3 from Obama's house in Chicago...and I'm quite sure Daley is going to be like they were in Atlanta and start shipping out the undesirables to the suburbs, but oh, he's done that already. This bid for the Olympics has been at least 15 years in the making:

1) All of the projects on State Street are gone along with Ida B. Wells housing projects. 12th Street looks completely changed headed out west. Why? In order to present a clean city and all of the undesirables are now the problems of suburban infrastructures that are incapable of dealing with people trapped in the cycle of poverty.

2) The redoing of LSD and putting up flower pots and median strips on major thoroughfares that cut off whole neighborhoods.

3) Begging the state for money for CTA over the years to bring the mass transit up to par for the IOC.

Meh, the city looks nice, but let the record show, that the neighborhood that the Olympics is supposed to be in is all black--100%, owned by blacks--when property values go up and we can't afford property taxes, whatchu think is going to happen?

I'm over it!

Not to mention, I wonder how's the Bud Billiken parade gonna happen if they get the Olympics since I'm sure the two coincide with times.

P.rofessional H.ater D.egree said...

As Chris Rock famously said..."I love Black people and hate niggas." Well, PHD hates them too!

Before I go on a rant about the senseless violence, I would first like to address your comment about "Barack saving Black people..." I HATE when neocons and uber-enthusiasts of Barry think he is the second coming of Christ. This man can not and will not save all Black folk. He is the President of the US, not the President of Black People. What a joke! Just because he wins, we think that a flood of morals, values, and common sense will invade the space between the ears of "niggas"? Sorry to disappoint you.

Now, to the senseless violence. Terrible. Words can not express how I felt when I saw that video. To see youth running around depraved, maniacal, and bloodthirsty left me speechless. It just shows how far we have fallen. They were coming from school but they looked like a bunch of "niggas". My deepest sympathies to the family and I hope those "niggas" get what they deserve.

Perhaps Chicago should get the Olympics. It will pump money into the city that they can use to build better programs and schools. Perhaps they shouldn't. If the President was from Grand Rapids, would he push hard for the Olympics to happen there? But these back alley brawls have been going on for a long time and finally got exposed.

Black people need to rid themselves of "niggas" because the horrible stench of them brings us all down. I HATE them!

Citizen Ojo said...

Uppity - Thank you for putting this into context. You proved my point that crime was going to be covered up. They would have to in order to build an "olympic village." Once again - who is advising Obama?

P.H.D. - Your Quote "to see youth running around depraved, maniacal, and bloodthirsty left me speechless." I think that says it all. The Shame of a Nation.

the uppity negro said...

Well, I did a blog shortly after Obama got elected, and I think more and more it's proving my point--Obama's just an emperor of a different color still running an empire.

Honestly, both Michelle and Barack lose some "real black people" points in my book because of this move. It's so highly political. Honestly, with Michelle being Chicago born and bred, her ass should know better. She knows about Washington Park and the area around there. I mean it's really like he's putting his stamp of approval on Dailey systematically moving out all of the "undesirables" out of the city once and for all.

I'm seriously disappointed in this political move.


The jobs would be temporary. Given Daley's history of giving contracts to family members (just ask any chicagoan about the parking meters) they's prolly go to someone who has enough jobs and work as it is. Moreover, it's going to displace tons of people who look like me.

I'm not impressed even remotely!

Citizen Ojo said...

Uppity - I remember that post..you need to revise it and bring it out again.

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

this pisses me off cuz i'm sooo sick of people taping these reality fighting matches like it's some form of entertainment then flee the scene when that "entertainement" goes sour. You see this kid get not only beaten but killed with railroad pieces, not offered much assistance during the fight, but is then picked up and put inside a nearby building cuz everybody scared. what the hell is wrong with people?!

if the olympices in the Chi can benefit the minority community and school system then let's do it. But since it probably won't, I honestly would love to see it in Rio.