Thursday, February 17, 2011

A game-changer for children of color?

Listen and learn from people who have already been where you want to go. Benefit from their mistakes instead of repeating them. Read good books…..because they open up new worlds of understanding.

~ Dr. Benjamin Carson

Could this website be a game-changer for black children across the globe? is adding a philanthropic touch to the business of selling black books. For every book purchased on the site, North Paran will donate a book to a child in need. The site’s slogan is Buy One, Give One.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Congressman Chris Lee trying to get that sweet Chocolate.

What do you have when a married Republican Congressman sends flirtatious e-mail messages and a shirtless photo of himself to a woman online? You have the plot for a story on the Lifetime Movie Network. But if the woman was black and the politician was white? You might have the script to a Tyler Perry play!!

Second-term congressman Chris Lee was an up and coming politician from Western NY. The 46 year old fiscal conservative was known for bringing his family to campaign events. And he recently was given a seat on the Ways and Means Committee. But deep beneath the surface, everything about Rep. Lee was not what it seemed.

Yesha Callahan, a 34 year old single mother, put an ad on Craigslist in the “women seeking men” section.

Side Note: I though Craigslist was for buying and selling goods or services? Lately it seems to be used for selling prostitutes and hook ups!! Hold up?! I guess those would be considered goods and services…

Callahan received a response from a Christopher Lee shortly after her request was posted. He described himself as a 39 year old, 190 pound, 6 foot, blond hair and blue eyed lobbyist. Callahan being cautious about the response requested a photo from Christopher Lee. This is where the story gets good!!! I guess we can assume that Rep. Lee (i.e. Christopher Lee) knew that Callahan was Black. And from the photo of her, she definitely is a Sista!!!! What I don’t understand is why Rep. Lee decided to step out on his wife via Craigslist? I’m sure he could find an escort service that provides black women. Was it all these Beyonce commercials that drove him to do this? I know watching all that thickness can drive a man to madness. Or was it that sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry in the movie “Monsters Ball?” Either way, Rep. Lee made two miscalculations after Callahan requested a photo.

First Miscalculation: He sent an actual photo. Why? This was his opportunity to back out and get back to stopping Health Care. He actually sent a photo where Callahan could see his face. Ooops…my bad!! I forgot!! He also sent shirtless photos…. à la Bishop Eddie Long. I don’t understand why these photos are so popular. It seems like people love taking those bathroom shots. I’ve even seen photos of people where the bathroom was dirty (geeezzz!!)

Second Miscalculation: He sent the photos to a Blogger. Rep. Lee did not have a clue that Callahan was an actual Blogger. If he did, he would have been a dummy for sending photos. I think I need to provide this following message for all the non-bloggers reading this. You NEVER EVER EVER send information (i.e. photos, documents, and emails) to a Female Blogger because they will research to verify if it’s true!!!!

Callahan ended up doing her due diligence and found out that Lee was the biggest liar this side of the Mississippi (He’s not in his 30’s and his hair actually looks Salt and Pepper-ish). And the website ended up getting the story of the incident. With a name like “Gawker” you know that your business is about to be on front street. And Rep. Lee ended up resigning before the Republicans would have driven a stake through his heart. Awhile back I would have said Strom Thurmond (when he was living) would be grief stricken by this incident. But we all know now that he liked a little taste of chocolate himself.

What makes this whole incident so weird is not the color issue. Sure I’ve got jokes for days about that. And that is only because of the strained relationship between MOST blacks and Republicans. The speed at which this incident was swept up under the rug doesn’t even phase me. The story broke so close to the weekend that it was Friday night before I received the whole story. I kept hearing people giving kudos to fellow blogger - The Black Snob - for getting the lowdown. I remember when she was just starting out. I never imagined she would be involved in “swirlgate.” What makes this story so weird is that they never had sex. This man possibly/maybe-ish ruined his career and he didn’t even get a taste. In the movie “Harlem Nights” (excerpt shown above) the guy that leaves his wife had sex numerous times with “Sunshine.” “Sunshine” was an attractive black woman that was said to have the best nappy dugout ever. Most politicians that get caught in this predicament have actually done the deed. Rep. Lee has got to be the worst adulterer of the Last Decade!!! This man had his career cut short over a knock bootless affair!!!

On a positive note, we have short memories in America. If the person that takes over for him does a horrible job, he might be remembered for being a great politician. And then he will get a television show on CNN like another famous New Yorker.

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Spending Money.

President Obama will roll out the FY2012 Budget on Valentine’s Day, but will he get love in return? The Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party Members are going to want domestic spending cuts but will that be enough?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Et tu, Taco Bell?

Oh Why Lord!!!!!

Last week college students and marijuana smokers all over America heard the worst news ever!!! Alabama-based law firm Beasley Allen filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell. Why? The Firm said that Taco Bell’s meat is actually “
taco meat filling.”

Side Note: Excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth.

“Meat Filling” would be non-meat substances that have small portions of beef and meat seasonings. “Meat Filling” doesn’t qualify for the United States Department of Agriculture definition of beef. U.S.D.A. Beef is without seasoning and has only 30% fat. Of course Taco Bell said the
lawsuit is not true and they are going to fight it. But they still get a *side eye* for putting Silicon Dioxide in their food.

Silicon Dioxide (aka silica) - Forms as sand or quartz crystals and is extremely hard. It is used to make glass, toothpaste, cement, pesticide, and a food additive that helps absorb water. Silicon Dioxide is sorta harmless but it does have some risk to it. It is dangerous if inhaled (in its powdered form) but I doubt we would see it in powder form. Unless we worked somewhere that used the powdered form or created it. **walks away whistling**

Taco Bell probably uses Silicon Dioxide as a food additive to keep all the ingredients together. I say this crossing my fingers thinking about all the Taco Bell I have eaten throughout the years. When I was a young boy McDonalds was my favorite restaurant. Eating there was a rare treat because we didn’t eat out often. When I left home for college, Taco Bell took my attention away from Mickey D’s. “The Bell” was cheap, service was fast and the food was good. Don’t get me wrong because Burger King briefly distracted me. They sold 2 for 2’s i.e. Two Cheeseburgers/Hamburgers and Two Fries. In college, that was like eating steak and potatoes at a fine restaurant. But I couldn’t deny that Mexican Pizza and those darn Soft Tacos. I finally left McDonalds when Taco Bell introduced me to Mountain Dew BAJA BLAST.
It’s the only place where you can get that type of Mountain Dew drink. It’s like selling crack at only one crack house!!! The agony!!!

So what happens now? If this lawsuit turns out to be true, I will not be able to support this establishment anymore. It would be like staying in a relationship that was based on lies. I usually have beef in all of my Taco Bell products. Sometimes I get Steak but even then they always get the order wrong and give me beef. I go to Taco Bell for the “Real Stuff” and not for some kind of pseudo meat filling. Caramel Color and Natural Smoke Flavor have nothing to do with beef!!!