Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who is the joke really on?

The other day at work black women were forwarding this email around. Apparently they thought the picture (above) in the email was funny and they all started laughing. I was laughing too – to keep from crying.

If this keeps up Obama is going to have to "church" hop

The remarks by the Rev. Michael Pfleger (pastor of predominantly black St. Sabina’s Catholic Church), came from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ, the same church where Senator Barack Obama attends.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Discrimination Olympics

Lately there seems to be bad blood between supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama.

In one corner you have – Senator Clinton has white women that will fight until the ends of the earth.

In the other corner you have – Senator Obama has everyone that HATES Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Her supporters (white women) have been complaining that Hillary has been attacked because of sexism. They claim that if she was a man or a black man, she wouldn’t be dealing with this abuse. They also claim that the media and Obama are the reasons for these attacks. I never thought I would see the day when a white woman thought being black would give them an advantage. Harriet Nelson must be rolling over in her grave right now.

I don’t know what Hillary or her supporters are smoking, but it must be some good stuff. Her stupid comments and poorly planned campaign might be the reasons she is talked about negatively. How can a woman that wins “white male” votes in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia be suffering from sexism? Do white women really have it worse than black men?

Maybe Fox Television should turn this into a sporting competition? White Women vs. Black Men for the lowest common denominator. While Hillary and company are doing the puff, puff, pass lets look at the numbers.

Median family income for both black and white families has increased over the last 30 years, but income gaps still persist.
Between 1974 and 2004, white and black men in their 30s experienced a decline in income, with the largest decline among black men. However, median family incomes for both racial groups increased, because of large increases in women's incomes. Income growth was particularly high for white women.
The lack of income growth for black men combined with low marriage rates in the black population has had a negative impact on trends in family income for black families.
There was no progress in reducing the gap in family income between blacks and whites. In 2004, median family income of blacks ages 30 to 39 was only 58 percent that of white families in the same age group ($35,000 for blacks compared to $60,000 for whites).
Black children grow up in families with much lower income than white children.

White children are more likely to surpass parents' income than black children at a similar point in the income distribution.
Overall, approximately two out of three blacks (63 percent) exceed their parents' income after the data are adjusted for inflation, similar to the percentage for whites.
However, a majority of blacks born to middle-income parents grow up to have less income than their parents. Only 31 percent of black children born to parents in the middle of the income distribution have family income greater than their parents, compared to 68 percent of white children from the same income bracket. Odds of exceeding parental incomes are better for black children from other income groups, but are still substantially lower than those of white children in the same circumstances.

White children are more likely to move up the ladder while black children are more likely to fall down.
More than one third (37 percent) of white children born to parents in the middle income group move up to the fourth or fifth quintile, compared to only 17 percent of black children whose parents have approximately the same levels of income.
Startlingly, almost half (45 percent) of black children whose parents were solidly middle class end up falling to the bottom of the income distribution, compared to only 16 percent of white children. Achieving middle-income status does not appear to protect black children from future economic adversity the same way it protects white children.
Black children from poor families have poorer prospects than white children from such families. More than half (54 percent) of black children born to parents in the bottom quintile stay in the bottom, compared to 31 percent of white children.

The above report (dated 2007) was completed by Julia Isaacs of The Brookings Institution, using overall income trends based on Census Bureau data showing a direct match of the family income of parents in the late 1960s to their children's family income in the late 1990s to early 2000s.

Incarceration of Blacks
· In twelve states, between 10 and 15 percent of adult black men are incarcerated.
· In ten states, between 5 and 10 percent of black adults are incarcerated.
· In twelve states, black men are incarcerated at rates between twelve and sixteen times greater than those of white men.
· In fifteen states, black women are incarcerated at rates between ten and thirty-five times greater than those of white women.
· In six states, black youth under age eighteen are incarcerated in adult facilities at rates between twelve and twenty-five times greater than those of white youth.

The above statistics are from the Human Rights Watch (

Black Male Health Statistics:

Black men suffer far worse health than any other racial group in America. There are a number of reasons for this. They include racial discrimination, a lack of affordable health services, poor health education, cultural barriers, poverty, employment that does not carry health insurance, insufficient medical and social services catering for black men

Black men live 7.1 years less than other racial groupsThey have higher death rates than women for all leading causes of death. They experience disproportionately higher death rates in all the leading causes of death.

40% of black men die prematurely from cardiovascular disease as compared to 21% of white men.

Black men have a higher incidence and a higher rate of death from oral cancer.

Black men are 5 times more likely to die of HIV/AIDS.
44% of black men are considered overweight

24% are obese

Black men suffer more preventable oral diseases that are treatable

A higher incidence of diabetes and prostate cancer

A high suicide rate. It is the 3rd leading cause of death in 15 to 24 year olds

The above info is from Mens Health

Being a white woman never looked this good huh?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Music showcase for the week 5/26 – 5/30

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

The Assassination of Barack Obama

Don’t be surprised!!!! You should have seen this coming. This is the same person that makes up mathematical equations like a mad scientist. The same person that rallied “uneducated” white men and women behind her to fulfill her agenda. You are probably asking, what is her agenda? The media pundits and prognosticators have been trying to figure it out for weeks. Finally we know what it is. She told us the plan in South Dakota. Senator Hillary Clinton is waiting on Senator Barack Obama to die. It doesn’t matter how it happens - just as long as it happens. Maybe he will get hit by a garbage truck while taking out his trash in the morning. He might get electrocuted while putting a ceiling fan in his bedroom. Whatever happens, it can’t be anything that leads a trail back to Clinton. No sniper bullets, car bombs, or poisoned Philly cheese steaks. If it’s too obvious everyone will know that Clinton was involved. She has to cover her tracks carefully with this one. One slip up and she is suspect numero uno.

She could frame her husband for the dastardly deed. I’m sure for her to be president, he will do the bid. She can send him a kite on Presidents’ Day just to show she cares. Maybe one of her African American supporters will take the fall. Bob Johnson is the perfect fall guy for a task of this order. Bob “pimping ain’t easy” Johnson has extended experience with being around felons and criminal activity. Have you seen the rap videos on Black Entertainment Television? They are like a “how to” kit for being a pseudo gangster. He rubs shoulders with all the big time “hood” supa stars. They can give him the street cred he needs to become a prison soldier. In the end she is probably going to do what any self respecting Democrat would do, and blame the Republicans. John McCain was in the military so of course he is a good suspect. She can plant evidence that speaks to his mental capabilities. Something that will make it look like he had a Vietnam flash back and went crazy. Whatever she plans on doing, she is going to have to do it quickly. She doesn’t have much time left because the deck is stacked against her. My only advice to Obama is get a body double. I hear that some guy on Saturday Night Live does a good impression of him. Maybe you should see what he is doing for the next few months. Whatever you do, make sure that the guy is down with the plan and is willing to take the risks. R Kelly’s body double ended up pissing on some girl in a sex video and look at what’s happening to him.

For all I know she might try to take me out for posting this to my blog. I have a surprise for her though. I have a video tape of Bill Clinton and a stripper named Cinnamon that will be distributed upon my early departure. I plan on having it sent to one of the major news networks. I heard BET has a news section, (I haven’t seen it – it’s actually harder to find than justice for Sean Bell) but I can’t afford for the tape to end up in the 106 and Park rotation. Obama until then…… watch your back, protect ya neck and don’t drink any moonshine from West Virginia.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cry me a Lake Michigan

When I was a child, my mother would beat me (white folks call it spanking) if I did something I wasn’t suppose to do. That leather belt and my father’s backhand introduced me to rules and regulations at an early age. I learned early that “no” means “no” and if you break it, you bought it. I wonder, is it too late to beat the leaders of the Michigan Democratic Party?

In 2007 the Democratic National Committee stripped Michigan of its 156 delegates, because they decided to move their primary to Jan. 15, 2008. Apparently they were upset that Iowa gets all the attention with their caucuses. Michigan acts like the ugly daughter that’s mad because the good looking daughter gets all the attention. Why does every state get “penis” envy because Iowa gets all the attention during a general election year? We only pay attention to Iowa every four years. What else is Iowa known for beside their primary? If you took that away from them, they would go back to being unknowns. Michigan on the other hand is known for cars and crime. They already have a niche, so they don’t need any attention. Every year when the crime statistics come out they are always talked about. They get attention every year versus Iowa’s four year deal.

Anyway, the defiant party leaders decided that they would buck the current system. Because of the punishment, the votes were not going to be counted in their primary. Therefore, it made sense that the democratic candidates would take their names off the ballot. It makes sense unless you are Senator Hillary Clinton and then common sense goes out the window. Why would a person leave their name on a ballot when their votes wouldn’t count? Maybe she knew something we didn’t? With Clinton and uncommitted on the ballot, the good people of Michigan came out anyway.

According to Lori Hansen Riegle who had a post on The Huffington Post, titled Michigan's Fake Primary Produced Fake Results - May 1, 2008.

· 45 percent of Democratic voters cast their ballots as “not Clinton” - 40% voted the “Uncommitted” line and 5% voted for one of the remaining candidates that were not viable.
· An additional 27,694 voters did not have their votes counted, most of these likely due to “write-in” votes – anyone writing in Obama, Edwards or Richardson’s name had their ballot ruled invalid and discarded.
· “Uncommitted” won more votes than Clinton did in major cities such as Grand Rapids, Detroit, Flint, Saginaw and Ann Arbor. The “not Clinton” vote also won in Wayne (the state’s most populous county), along with several other counties. If write-in votes had been counted, the results would likely have tipped against Clinton in several more cities and counties.

Now if you think this is new to the citizens of Michigan, think again. Déjà Vu!!!!! In 2004 Terry McAuliffe, then the head of the DNC, threatened Michigan leaders with losing half their delegates if they move up their date. They took the threat seriously and backed downed. I guess Howard Dean, current head of the DNC, isn’t scary enough. The funny thing is Terry McAuliffe, now a senior aid to the Clinton Campaign, is now trying to get Michigan’s votes counted.

The Michigan Democratic Party leaders cheated the citizens by not following the rules. They should be punished and their punishment should be used as an example for other states to see. The fact that the rules are being side stepped for political purposes is a troubling sign. In the future will more states try to go after early dates? How early can states go before it gets out of hand? Will people one day end up voting on Halloween because they want to show up Iowa? One thing is for sure with the Michigan Democratic Party track record. We will be doing this all over again in 2012 and Iowa will still be the prettiest girl in the room.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Mailman cometh............late?

On May 20th, 2008 I received this flyer in the mail concerning the governors’ race in North Carolina. As you can see on the flyer, the date has clearly passed. The person in the photo is the elected democratic nominee for Governor. At first, I thought it was a Republican trying to be cheap by sending dated material for the upcoming General Election. I started to read the flyer and the person that sent the flyer was one of her previous democratic challengers. I wonder if he was trying to get one last shot off before he rode away into the sunset? The first black mayor of Charlotte and other black politicians have supported her. The “sure I have black friends” endorsements didn’t impress me enough to vote for her. Black North Carolinians: Before she shows up at your church on Sunday trying to get that vote. You might want to ask her about Right Stuff Food Stores Incorporated. It might not be anything but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Music showcase for the week 5/19 – 5/23

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The BIG Black Vote

If you have been watching television pundits talk about voters in this election, you have been watching a one-sided conversation. White voters are always described as Church Going Folk, Gun Toting Folk, Soccer Moms, Blue Collar Workers, Wine Sipping Elitists, White Woman Baby Boomers and NASCAR Fans. Black voters are described simply as..... Black Voters? Blacks are viewed as a monolithic race that spends a bulk of their time in Churches, Barbershops, Beauty Salons and any store that sells Barack Obama, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr t-shirts. Why do we only get the "barbershop vote" category, when white folks get so many to choose from. One of my childhood buddies played soccer back in the day. He was light skinned but still qualified as black. I have black folks at my church that hunt wild animals. They even asked my wife to come out with them sometime to hunt. She has a problem deer hunting, but geese and ducks are okay. Bambi touched her heart but Daffy and Donald get no love. There are plenty of black folks that have blue collar jobs. The list would be too plentiful to name if I sat here thinking about it. Don't get me started on wine drinkers either. Black folks drink more than just Thunderbird and Olde English.
Why can't we get some diverse categories too? Why do I have to be lumped in with 45 year old Tyrone, who is a first time voter because he thinks there will be a BBQ on the White House lawn if Obama wins. I have been voting ever since I was old enough to vote. I'm not trying to sound like I'm bragging, but all black folks don't look alike (except between the hours of 6pm and 6:15pm on the local news) and we don't all act alike (except on Def Comedy Jam). You have blue collar blacks, white collar blacks, church going blacks and ones that go to Bedside Baptist with Rev A. Larm Clock.
The media and the Hillary Clinton Campaign have dismissed us as Jim Jones-ish followers who have drunk from the Thelma Evans kool-aid and will follow Barack Obama to the end of the earth. Clinton will tell you that white folks are only voting for her because she is a rooting tooting, drinking, gun carrying, good ole girl. Laura Bush is from Texas and even she doesn't walk around like Calamity Jane 2008. Now you have Calamity Jane 2008 and Pecos Bill (formerly known as the 1st black President) running from state to state giving white folks the wink and nod about voting for the "big black man". He's not going to win, he is not "your" kind of people, he doesn't relate to how "you" live. Basically giving people permission to not vote for a black guy because well - he's black. Then they will tell you that blacks only vote for him because he is black. Also that black folks and uppity white folks are not a strong enough coalition to send a Democrat into the White House. That's really funny because black folks helped put Pecos Bill in office. He didn't even get a large percentage of white male votes when he was running for office (not that many Democrats running for President, do but they don't talk about that though).
After all these many years of standing by the Democrats in record numbers this is how black folks get repaid by getting played. This is another example of why we need an independent media view from a minority stand point. Sorry BET, but having Lil’ Jon interviewing skrippers at The Players Club on Middle Eastern Affairs won't cut it. We need a news program that can ask the questions that the "mainstream" media won't.

1) Why isn't the Republican Party attempting to reach out to blacks? This is the perfect time for the Republicans to reach out to black folks in order to change their image. Why won't they use the abuse and neglect by the Clintons as an example of why blacks should give them a look. They seem content of being the party of "white" men instead of a "multicultural" party. The world is changing and those that can't adapt will be left behind.

2) Why does Barack Obama need to pay off Hillary's debt? This is a dumb concept that must have been thought up by a crazed Hillary supporter. If Hillary Clinton is broke that is her own fault. She was the favorite to win this whole thing, but now she is the underdog. Voting on the war, feeling they were entitled, and poor planning is the reason why she is behind and almost broke. Hillary reminds me of a punch drunk fighter that doesn't know when to quit. She keeps calling herself Rocky but she isn't the Italian Stallion. She reminds me of Apollo Creed when he tried to fight Ivan Drago. Remember what happened to Apollo Creed......

3) How will the Democrats put all the broken pieces back together? I'm tired of all these pundits that want this campaign to go on. Are you people stupid??? This has been a very destructive process that has worn down both candidates. Hillary has looked more like a racist as the days go on and Obama looks like he has been rode wet and put up hard. After Obama won in the majority white states, Hillary has put the word out that white folks don't vote for Obama. The sad part is that some white folks are buying what she is selling. When Hillary is not drinking with the locals, she is crying that the media is sexist. White women have united behind Hillary's war cry and they are ANGRY! I haven't seen white women this upset since Ally McBeal went off the air. White women are looking at Obama as if he was O.J. Simpson with the knife and those Isotoners.
I was listening to a reporter talking to an African American minister and I could not believe what I heard. The minister said if Bill Clinton was on fire he wouldn't even give him a glass of water. A minister!!! When a man of God won't show you love, you are in trouble. My mother (a self claimed #1 Obama supporter) who was a Clinton fan back when he was in office has changed sides. I come from a family of Democrats that have supported the party since JFK was in office. In the living room, we have an autographed picture of my parents with Former Governor Chuck Robb. Usually when black folks have a picture of a white person it’s the one with the "white Jesus". My mother, who is upset with the way the Clintons are running the campaign is fighting back. She sent an email containing a letter for us to send to the Democratic National Convention complaining about the Clintons. It actually involved a court case that the Clintons are involved in that no one is talking about. I've seen my mother go head to head with a white woman before and it wasn't pretty. I don't worry about the Clinton supporters hurting her but I do worry about her hurting them.
Do you really think black folks will come out in large numbers if Hillary steals this election? Our voting record is already spotty at best. The younger voters of all nationalities (1st timers) will feel like they have been robbed as well. They might not come out to vote either. Black folks have been the backbone of the Democratic Party. When white men and women have voted against their best interests, blacks have stood by the party religiously. Don't dismiss us because you think we are small in number. Remember that they have local elections as well.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Music showcase for the week 5/12 – 5/16

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

CASE # BC 304174 Did you know?


When I read this tidbit of foolishness I think of Rowan & Martin's Laugh - In skit with Sammy Davis Jr. "Here Come de' Judge"....

Clubbin with Ma' Dear

Math has always terrified me since I was a youngster. My parents even sent me to summer school one year because in my house, a "D" is not passing. Well actually it is, but who am I to argue with my daddy's backhand. I was trying to do the math on a made up scenario and it really confused me. If I am 34 and if I became a grandfather when would I have had a child? Most people my age that I know have little infants and 2 year olds. It boggles the mind, It boggles the mind. Please don't let Bill Cosby find out about this... he will go nuclear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does triumph look like tragedy?

Damsel of Distress
This article was written by The Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan

This is an amazing story. The Democratic Party has a winner. It has a nominee. You know this because he has the most votes and the most elected delegates, and there's no way, mathematically, his opponent can get past him. Even after the worst two weeks of his campaign, he blew past her by 14 in North Carolina and came within two in Indiana.

He's got this thing. And the Democratic Party, after this long and brutal slog, should be dancing in the streets. Party elders should be coming out on the balcony in full array, in full regalia, and telling the crowd, "Habemus nominatum": "We have a nominee." And the crowd below should be cheering, "Viva Obamus! Viva nominatum!"

Instead, you know where they are, the party elders. They are in a Democratic club on Capitol Hill, slump-shouldered at the bar, having a drink and then two, in a state of what might be called depressed horror. "What are they doing to the party?" they wail. "Why are they doing this?"
You know who they are talking about.

The Democratic Party can't celebrate the triumph of Barack Obama because the Democratic Party is busy having a breakdown. You could call it a breakdown over the issues of race and gender, but its real source is simply Hillary Clinton. Whose entire campaign at this point is about exploiting race and gender.

Here's the first place an outsider could see the tensions that have taken hold: on CNN Tuesday night, in the famous Brazile-Begala smackdown. Paul Begala wore the smile of the 1990s, the one in which there is no connection between the shape of the mouth and what the mouth says. All is mask. Donna Brazile was having none of it.

Mr. Begala more or less accused the Obama people of not caring about white voters: "[If] there's a new Democratic Party that somehow doesn't need or want white working-class people and Latinos, well, count me out." And: "We cannot win with eggheads and African Americans." That, he said, was the old, losing, Dukakis coalition.

"Paul, baby," Ms. Brazile, who is undeclared, began her response, "we need to not divide and polarize the Democratic Party. . . . So stop the divisions. Stop trying to split us into these groups, Paul, because you and I know . . . how Democrats win, and to simply suggest that Hillary's coalition is better than Obama's, Obama's is better than Hillary's -- no. We have a big party, Paul." And: "Just don't divide me and tell me I cannot stand in Hillary's camp because I'm black, and I can't stand in Obama's camp because I'm female. Because I'm both. . . . Don't start with me, baby." Finally: "It's our party, Paul. Don't say my party. It's our party. Because it's time that we bring the party back together, Paul."

In case you didn't get what was behind that exchange, Mrs. Clinton spent this week making it clear. In a jaw-dropping interview in USA Today on Thursday, she said, "I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on." As evidence she cited an Associated Press report that, she said, "found how Sen. Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."

White Americans? Hard-working white Americans? "Even Richard Nixon didn't say white," an Obama supporter said, "even with the Southern strategy." If John McCain said, "I got the white vote, baby!" his candidacy would be over. And rising in highest indignation against him would be the old Democratic Party. To play the race card as Mrs. Clinton has, to highlight and encourage a sense that we are crudely divided as a nation, to make your argument a brute and cynical "the black guy can't win but the white girl can" is -- well, so vulgar, so cynical, so cold, that once again a Clinton is making us turn off the television in case the children walk by.

"She has unleashed the gates of hell," a longtime party leader told me. "She's saying, 'He's not one of us." She is trying to take Obama down in a new way, but also within a new context. In the past he was just the competitor. She could say, "All's fair." But now he's the competitor who is going to be the nominee of his party. And she is still trying to do him in. And the party is watching.

Again: amazing.

Who can save the situation? The superdelegates.

You know them. They're the ones hiding under the rock, behind the boulder, and at the bar.
They are terrified, most of them. They want the problem to go away. They want it handled, but they don't want to do it. They don't want to tell Hillary to stop, because they would likely pay a price for it, and not just with her. They are afraid of looking as if they're jumping on a train that's speeding down the tracks and is about to roll over the damsel in distress.
Which is how Hillary -- and her supporters -- will paint it. Even though she's no damsel, and she causes distress. Some insight from a superdelegate I spoke to Thursday:
It's not math anymore, it's psychodrama. If she can't have it, no one can have it. If she has to tear the party apart, she will.

Nancy Pelosi can't make her drop out. The Clintons think the speaker is for Obama anyway, her San Francisco district went for him 70% to 30%; they'll dismiss her. Chuck Schumer can't do it, he'd offend women in New York. Harry Reid can't do it, he'll offend women, period. If black political figures go to the Clintons and make a plea, they'll be dismissed as Obama partisans.

So who, I asked, can do it?

White women have been Mrs. Clinton's most reliable base of support and readiest crutch, the superdelegate said. And maybe they're the only ones who can break through, both to Mrs. Clinton and to the country, and tell her to stop. "If it's a man, she goes back to gender: Men are always picking on me, you just don't want women in power. If it's a black, it's You betrayed us, how can you call on me to get out after what I've done for you?"

Sen. Dianne Feinstein made a feint in the direction of stopping Hillary this week. Mrs. Clinton should offer a rationale for her continuing the campaign at this point, Ms. Feinstein said.
The superdelegate mentioned Maryland's Barbara Mikulski. "I can assure you that Sen. Mikulski is 100% behind Clinton," her office told me. The superdelegate mentioned Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Ellen Malcolm of Emily's List, the No. 1 political action committee in the country. "They can say, 'We've stood with you, you've got true grit, but now you have to go."

The question "Who will tell her, who can make her go?" is really the question "Who will save the Democratic Party in 2008?" It cannot be doubted at this point that real damage is being done to its standard-bearer and to all those who will be on the ticket with him.

Maybe the superdelegate is right, and maybe saving the party this year will be women's work. Maybe the Democratic Party establishment, such as it is, men and women, black and white and all other colors, will rise up together. Maybe that would be a perfect rebuke to race-baiting and gender-gaming.

It will be amazing if someone doesn't start up that train, someone doesn't get in the cab, someone doesn't shout, "All aboard!" But then it's been an amazing year.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I woke up pissed and broke today…. The NBA Version

I don’t write because I want to change the world or express myself creatively. I write because I want to rant. Please don’t let that stop you from reading this though. I do have something important to say. Latrell Sprewell a former basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, once said that he needed to make more money because “I got a family to feed.” This was said in a year in which he was supposed to renegotiate his contract. That was also the same year he would have made over $14 million dollars. Now I’ve been to Minnesota but I didn’t realize the cost of living was that high. Then again who am I to judge someone’s financial situation? If a man tells me he can’t feed his family off of $14 million dollars, then I have to believe him, Yeah right!!!! Just remember these statistics the next time you go to sleep at night. Nearly half the world’s population lives in poverty – that means they are living on less than two dollars a day. Sprewell must be related to the Klumps if he needs more than $14 million dollars to feed his family. Baby Whales don’t even eat that much food. This is one of the reasons college basketball is better than professional basketball. No whining and moaning about how much money they make. They play for the love of the game or at least for a scout to get a good look at them. Either way, they play hurt and they play for the honor of their program. Then they graduate - oops I’m sorry - then they leave school early and go to the pros and become another Latrell Sprewell. Don’t get me wrong the pro game has its good points as well but let’s look at this from a fans standpoint. You get up and go to work every morning, sit in traffic on the way to your job, and go to your job put up with crap all day long. Leave work to sit in traffic to come home to a TV. dinner and your only enjoyment is to watch a basketball game where people make millions of dollars and get arrested for public intoxication, beating women and complaining that they don’t make enough money. Just remember when you’re sitting down watching a professional basketball game that 1.1 Billion people will probably be hungry tonight. I told you I didn’t want to change the world. I just wanted to rant.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

North Carolina beats the brakes off of Hillary Clinton

Senator Hillary Clinton got her head handed to her by the South and was slowed down by the Midwest. If her campaign had not decided to use the Southern Strategy on Senator Barack Obama, I might feel a little sad for her. Sike!!! The only house with the word white in it that Hillary will be going to is White Castle. It was good to see North Carolina in play for a primary. The best part about it was that we didn’t sneak ahead like other states just to make a name for ourselves. Don’t think that I’m not enjoying our 15 mins of fame. My relatives from Pennsylvania are asking us how we did what they couldn’t do. I told them that I guess all the racists don’t live in the south. Ha! Ha! just jokes people…

Monday, May 05, 2008

Music showcase for the week 5/5 – 5/9

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Buffoonary Entertainment Television - oh we had such high hopes

“You put all these high-minded, socially conscious programs on and your profits dip, you're right out of there."

- unidentified BET producer

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Once you go BLACK......well you know how it goes.

I never thought that this would be the kind of bombshell that Barbara Walters would drop. For all the Sistas out there, when your husbands go on The View make sure you are backstage just in case. Ha! Ha! Ha!