Monday, September 21, 2009

My Open Letter to Lil Mama.

Lil Mama aka Niatia Jessica Kirkland

I know last week was a rough one for you. I wanted to talk to you about this sooner but I needed to get my thoughts together. I know being from New York you were excited to see your fellow New Yorkers representing at the MTV Video Awards. But under no circumstances should you jump on stage while people are performing. If that was the Wu Tang Clan, you would have gotten your tail whooped!! You know they roll 20 deep when they are on are stage. One time I thought GZA was performing but it was the hype man that holds the gold chains. You are a young lady coming of age and you need to display the class that comes with that. People have eluded to you being manly but I don’t see that. I see a tom boy that needs to find her inner woman. I suggest that you talk to Oprah Winfrey because she seems to know any and everything about being a woman. She knows about marriage too but I find that odd since she has never been married. But I digress…

Lil Mama, I also want you to think about using a different name. Your name is an Oxymoron and that is not cool for an entertainer. Even Biggie Smalls started calling himself Notorious because of his command of the English language (people in the hood are going to be mad about this......I got jokes people). I hope that you take this constructive feedback and actually use it to your benefit. I don’t listen to any of your music and don’t plan to. But I hate to see a black girl lost.


Citizen Ojo


P.rofessional H.ater D.egree said...

The one thing "Lil Mama" needs to open is book. Learn how to be a woman first and then quite possibly a rapper...this chick is talentless and loud for no reason. She should rename herself "Lil Talent" or perhaps "Lil Magic [from In Living Color] because she damn sure can't rap or properly judge a talent competition. Jay-Z should have tossed her off stage and then ended her career by blacklisting her with MTV/BET, just like "Jayonce`" does with all of their enemies [see Chris Brown, Latoya Luckett, etc].

Either way, stick a fork in, what's this chicks real name? Doesn't matter, she's done.

I am the same person who commented on Kandi not being capable of giving good fellatio. Look for more of my hate mongering in the months to come! Down with all this faux celebrity-ism.

Eb the Celeb said...

There is always a problem with the mindset who feels they have no relevance unless they act as if they are 10 years younger than their real age.

She had no longevity before that stunt and that basically just killed her career forever.

Here is a perfect case that "any publicity is good publicity" is a lie.

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

LMAO@Black girl lost. Yeah she definetly is. I'm still pissed at her for throwing shade at the tranny who was competing on ABDC, talking about

"You were born a man but you want to be a woman so you need to act as such."

Um Lil Tranny how bout you take your own advice hun. ugh...and she gets a FAIL!

Citizen Ojo said...

P.H.D. - Beyonce has enemies??? I thought she was like bambi? The "lil Magic" refrence is a classic!!!!

Eb the Celeb - Thanks for stopping by. Actually if she wasn't on America's Best Dance Crew I wouldn't know who she was.

Introspective Goddess - So tell us how you really feel about Lil Mama....ha ha. I know she comes off a little manish but I think there is a girl in there somewhere.