Thursday, April 29, 2010

Somethings "Just Not Right?" The Citizen Family debates Queen Latifah.

I was at a cookout and the topic of Queen Latifah’s new movie came up. One individual (a man) said he didn’t like to see her in romantic roles. Either it had something to do with Hip Hop or the fact she was playing against Paula Patton. I can’t remember which one exactly but the Paula Patton “Love Triangle” is unrealistic. I think Latifah is an attractive woman but something is not right about her playing someone’s love interest. I think it has to do with her sketchy dating history (or the lack thereof). You never see her with a man or hear about a man in her life. Well…….Maybe she plays for the other team. But if that’s the case then just be upfront about it. When I look at her I can’t tell what she wants or likes. That makes her confusing to me.

Side Note: Citizen Wifey said “It’s none of my business who she dates. And why wouldn’t Common get with Latifah. He was with Badu and he is currently with Serena Williams.”

My response to Citizen Wifey’s “Side Note”: “Get your own post.”

I wonder is my opinion based on the fact that I’m a man? When women see this movie will they wonder about her sexual orientation? In the end, does it really even matter?

I’ve finally heard what everyone else has been talking about. Poor Whitney!! Rick James didn’t lie when he said “drugs are a terrible thing!!”

Say it ain't so

Just to make Whitney feel better I’ll re-play this classic Bobby Brown joint.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So you want papers? The “1st Real Americans” probably want papers from us too.

Arizona’s new immigration law has become the talk of America. To be Mexican or not to be Mexican, that is the question!!! I originally thought that President Obama passed this law since he is associated with Fascism. Opps…it was the Republicans. This is the same party that supported the wire tapping of fellow Americans (In America). Benito Mussolini should be beaming up from Hell with pride….oops did I say that?? I don’t know where he is. He might be in Heaven with Tupac and Biggie (Ghetto Wishful Thinking).

I find it hilarious that white folks are going to be tasked with identifying who is or isn’t illegal. That’s just asking too much from them. Does the average white person really know the difference between Adalberto and Rodolfo? Sure my brother-in-law is white but he knows his minorities. Being married to a black woman has given him plenty of practice. Now take a white person from a predominately white town in Arizona…um…...err…...nope!!!

Let’s look at a juicy part of this bill

Unlawful Transporting

Specifies that it is unlawful for a person to do or attempt to do the following if the person knows or recklessly disregards the fact that the alien has come to, has entered or remains in the U.S. in violation of law:
a)transport or move an alien in Arizona in a means of transportation;
b)conceal, harbor or shield an alien from detection in any place in Arizona, including any building or means of transportation.

Uh Oh! I guess you need to know who you are rolling with before you hit the streets. You have to check every person that looks like their Mexican before they get in your car. Light skinned black folks; don’t trip because you will need to show your license too. Or will they have to carry papers like the Jews did in Nazi Germany? I hope they make them pocket sized so they can keep them in their wallets and purses.

I understand that some illegal aliens have caused problems with their criminal activity. I even understand that the increase population (births and people sneaking over the border) has put a strain on resources. But let’s keep it real. These folks have been used for cheap labor since they stepped on U.S. soil. They cook, clean, and do menial labor while working for chump change. People didn’t have a problem with them cleaning their homes and cutting their grass. But the moment they wanted to “Come Up” (to be like the people whose trash they were taking out) and get a piece of the American Dream (as advertised by blonde women on television). It became a problem that needed to be fixed. True!! Something needs to be done about the illegal alien problem but isn’t this too extreme? The Obama Administration needs to be proactive and look for a solution on the illegal alien problem (Sike!!). Like everyone else before them they will probably keep kicking this down the road.

I keep hearing black folks being indifferent to this issue. Once again this is a bad look for “us” because we never learned the concept of building coalitions, but that’s another conversation for another time. Black folks will start paying attention when they start passing laws for Haitians and other “Dark Skinned” illegals.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hateful Things Traveling Exhibition and Race and Ethnicity.

For information on booking Traveling Exhibits, including scheduling and hosting costs, contact the Museum Office at or (231) 591-5873.

Dr. David Pilgrim is the founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum located at Ferris State University. The museum uses objects of intolerance to teach tolerance. The museum's web site is

He who can control image controls minds and he who controls minds has little or nothing to fear from bodies ~ Lerone Bennett

"Saturday Night Live" spoof of Steve Harvey guest hosting "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".

This might be funny for Kenan Thompson but it's a bad look for Steve Harvey. Harvey has been known to mispronounced words on his radio show but this is different. I wonder if it's because both shows have different audiences? His radio show audience is accustomed to him butchering names and sentences. The "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" audience is slightly different. Don't expect Thompson (SNL's lone black man) to put up the suits and mustache yet. Harvey is taking over hosting duties for Family Feud this September. Thompson will have plenty of new material for the fall.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Music Showcase – Mid Spring Edition

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have an Anger problem. But you might have one too.

The wife and I had Ayofemi over for dinner last Friday night. Generally I don’t like being “Told” in my own house but this time it was needed. She called me out on some of my BS. I was telling her how America duped us into believing that we could have it all. How we were told that a degree was going to cure our ills. And that our employers were going to take care of us until retirement. We were sold on dreams of homeownership and a vacation to Disney World. If we just did everything right, we would live happy lives (Keep in mind I’m sweating profusely while I’m ranting.) I go on to tell everyone at the dinner table that I’m angry. I even tell them that the middle class is Angry and we are tired of being duped. And then out of nowhere Ayofemi asks me who am I mad at?

Side Note – Uh Oh!!!

I didn’t have an answer to her question. I just sat there stammering and sweating. I really wanted to run down a list of names but I couldn’t. All of the names and places that were rolling around in my head and I couldn’t even spit them out. As everyone sat staring at me, I realized that I have a problem. It’s not just my problem; it’s an America’s problem. We are all “Angry” and we don’t know who to be “Angry” with. So we shake our fists at the person that is the easiest to blame.

America has a Tea Party that complains about how the Government spends money but where were they when Bush 2.0 was in office. What does being over taxed have to do with a poster of Obama fashioned to look like Hitler? If you look at them when they are protesting, they look so confused and angry. And that’s how I looked when I was talking to my dinner guest. Sure I can blame the banks for me being laid off. I can blame the politicians for high gas and milk. I can even blame Jay Leno for ruining NBC. But all it does is make me angry. And I spend my days looking for someone to blame. Why? Because someone is at fault for my problems and they must pay!!! Or so I thought…..

The reality is that life isn’t fair and nothing is promised. Sometimes people treat you right and sometimes they screw you over. Life is about getting back up when you get knocked down. It’s not about you wallowing in self pity. Instead of me blaming people for my problems, I need to find solutions for them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Passing of Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal

Keith Elam (aka Guru) died Monday night, after falling into a cancer related coma last month. Guru was known for being ½ of the iconic Hip Hop duo Gang Starr. Gang Starr consisted of Guru rhyming over DJ Premier Beats (classic beats!!). He was also an accomplished solo artist. As a solo artist, he was known for blending hip hop and jazz on the Jazzmatazz Albums. Guru was 43 years old.

Keith Elam, thanks for my personal memories -

The Moment of Truth
Hard to Earn
Daily Operation
Step in the Arena
Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr
Jazzmatazz vol. 1 and 2

I remember pre-Freshmen summer orientation at my undergrad. My homeboy was playing “Dwyck” the whole time. He had the “Horny Horn” Remix that you rarely hear people play. That song was a classic. In my humble opinion, Guru had the best verse out of all the MC’s on that song. They don’t make Hip Hop like they use to. If I drank, I would pour out some liquor for this dude. I don’t so instead I’ll poor out some Gatorade.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Who said that Too Short wasn’t a family man?

Last week I learned a few things. I learned America is so broke (no surprise) that flying into space will have to be outsourced. I learned Oprah was allegedly involved with a white man (no surprise – but if you have a joke please insert here ________________). I also learned that there is nothing like the bond between a mother and daughter.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Bizarre Case of Daddy Dearest

I talked about this horrific event in my last post - How Did Things Get So Bad So Fast. I don't know what to make out of this latest twist. I just want to know where is the "REAL" Dad????

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hide the money ya'll, there are poor people around!!!!

Why is the mainstream media acting like Billionaire Bob Johnson (aka - one of the seven princes of Hell) is close to Thousandaire" status?

In 2003, he survived a divorce settlement of $400 million and even lived through watching his ex-wife marry the judge that presided over their divorce proceedings.

Side Note: That whole event would have put me 6 Feet Deep.
The famous anonymous former colleague quotes, that the media always uses for these stories has Johnson being a “poor investor.” Not Bob Johnson, the great trailblazers of American business?? With all the Hotels, Gaming and Asset Management business he shouldn’t be having any problems.
Oh wait? Yeah, I forgot about the Charlotte Bobcats. This was the NBA Franchise that was going to bring glory back to the Queen City. The NBA thought Charlotte N.C. would be getting a well-heeled Negro. Instead we got a cowardly coon that snuck out of town like the last NBA Owner. Or as this experiment is unofficially called: “When affirmative action goes horribly wrong. “
Johnson was losing around $20 - $25 million per year on the franchise per media estimates. Maybe that is why he raised ticket and concession prices. It was becoming cheaper to sit in a parking garage uptown while listening to the game on the radio.
What does all this mean? At this point it is too premature for all of this sensitization. Sure I laughed with pure joy when one fellow blogger said: “Karma meet Bob Johnson.” But then I realized that Bob Johnson won’t go out without a fight. I’m sure he has something in the works to help him sure up some of his loot. Even if he was relegated to Millionaire status, he would still be a Millionaire. And that is a million more than what I have in the bank.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Music Showcase – Black Rock N Rolla

The 54

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thomas the Apostle aka Doubting Thomas would have loved this.

Check out this website called Church Rater. You can use it to rate churches in your area or to look up a churches rating. Christianity has come along way. Back in the good ole days, you would go to a church first and then form an opinion. Now with a click of a mouse you can form opinions without even stepping foot in the sanctuary. I have an opinion on this one but I am curious to know what others might think. Check it out and hit me back with your assessment.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tiger Woods wanted White Women so badly and now he can’t get rid of them.

Oh my….

Tiger Woods should have waited until the heat died down before getting back into the “swing of things.” Between juggling a pissed off wife, a heartbroken concubine and the nosey media who has time for Golf? Apparently a blast from Wood’s past has come back to haunt him. No, it’s not mistress number 508 but an elementary school teacher. I thought Wood’s was getting it in early when I first heard about this but it’s not what it sounds like. Le Tigre’s Kindergarten teacher is calling him out on a statement he made in the past. Wood’s was quoted in a book as saying he learned about Racism by being mistreated by white kids in school. The statement was in a book written by America’s favorite literary scholar Charles Barkley.

The statement in Barkley’s book,”Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man” went like this –

"A group of sixth graders tied me to a tree, spray-painted the word 'n----' on me, and threw rocks at me, that was my first day of school. And the teacher really didn't do much of anything."

Wood’s teacher has taken issue with the way the story was told and she wants to set the record straight. And she has brought a friend with her to help get the word out. America’s favorite Feminist Attorney at Law, Gloria Allred is on the case. If you know anything about Allred, you know that Wood’s will need a spatchula to scoop up his balls when she gets through with him.

Don’t forget that Allred already has Wood’s alleged mistress Joslyn James as a client. The same Joslyn James that claims Wood’s got her pregnant not once but twice. The same Joslyn James that starred in the film Big Breasted Nurses (if you are wondering – no this didn’t make it to your local theater). But while the old school teacher is making power moves, his former fickle flames are still in play. His number 1 ranked mistress Rachel Uchitel got a gig working for the television show Extra as a special correspondent (I guess people don’t have a reason to be mad about Luke Russert’s special correspondent gig at NBC now). And a new Vanity Fair article has some of Wood’s jump-off’s telling tales out of school. You have stories of Wood’s being cheap with his women (Subway dude? Really? Golden Corral at least gives you options!!). You have stories of Wood’s expensive shopping sprees with a certain woman (what did she have that the others didn’t – no fair!!). It’s a regular tale of two cities. I would yell for the real Tiger Woods to stand up but he probably doesn’t even know who he is. It’s so sad that Wood’s yearned for love an acceptance from the same women that are now trying to shame him.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Now Michael Steele wants to talk about race? It’s not the “Race Card” it’s the “Late Card.”

“When I talk to senior Republicans in Washington and I ask, why is Michael Steele still on the job? they laugh and say, ‘What, you think we’re going to fire an African American in the age of Obama? Are you an idiot?’” ~ Joe Scarborough

Let’s get something straight. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele might sound like a crazy person on most days but on April 5th he finally was talking straight. On Good Morning America, Steele was asked if because he is an African American, he feels he has a slimmer margin for error than another Chairman would.

Steele’s answer was the following:

“It just is. Barack Obama has a slimmer margin. A lot of folks do. It means a different role for me to play and others to play and that’s just the reality of it. But you take that as a part of the nature of it. It’s more because you’re not someone they know. I’m not a Washington insider even though I grew up near D.C. My view on politics is much more grassroots-oriented, it’s not old boy network-oriented. So I tend to, you know, come at it a little bit stronger, a little bit more streetwise, if you will. That’s rubbed some feathers the wrong way.”

I don’t have a problem with what Steele said. I just think that he is a year late in saying it. The First Black (fill in the blank with any job position) is working with the slimmest of Margins. Do you think that any group/organization heavily made up with white folks welcomed the first black person with open arms? Black folks had to fight to sit in the front of the bus so why would it be any different to be the first head of an organization?

I guess what is shocking people is the fact that a Black Republican had the balls to speak out against the groupthink. But like most slaves when they speak out of turn, Steele is about to take a whipping. BUT!!! Don’t think that the next sentences will be my defense of Steele! I could care less about what happens to him. Although it is true that his skin color leaves little room for error, he still needed to bring his “A” game. As RNC Chairman, Steele has looked inept at every single turn. Every time he opens his mouth you don’t know what might come out. His lack of tact is stunning for a politician of his experience. I thought he was going to be a breath of fresh air for a stale organization. I thought he would steer the party in a different direction. Boy was I wrong!! Steele’s Chairmanship has been a case of the cart leading the horse. I wish I could say he was going to complete a full term but I can’t. The Republicans will eventually get tired of him and will cut their losses. I will respectfully have to disagree with Mr. Scarborough. His blackness is not going to keep him from joining the ranks of the unemployed.

Monday, April 05, 2010

How Did Things Get so Bad so Fast?: A Casual Gang Rape

I don’t know what father’s tell their sons about rape but they should tell them that “Gang Rape” is still rape. The age of the girl doesn’t matter. Rape is still Rape. I guess that this conversation isn’t going on because I keep hearing of girls being gang raped by boys. The brutal 2007 Dubar Village gang rape and torture of a mother and her son. The Richmond High School girl that was raped in 2009 as people just casually stood by watching. Could they have been that dumb to think that it was part of a performance from the drama department? Twenty or so people involved in the rape of a 15 year old outside of a school dance. When did things get so bad that gang rape has become casual?

“Oh, Jimmy what are you doing tonight? Mom, the fellas and I are going to gang rape Sally after the game. Okay honey; don’t forget to wear your scarf.”

Just when you think you can’t hear another story that turns your stomach inside out. When you believe you can’t be shocked and stunned anymore because you have heard it all. From the depths of Hell comes a story out of Trenton, New Jersey that makes you question the humanity of your fellow citizens.

Adults and juveniles were arrested for gang raping a 7 year old that was offered up to them by her 15 year old step-sister. I know I said step-sister but the word sister is still in there somewhere. The parents of the children also have two younger kids. It’s amazing that the 15 year old didn’t take all her siblings out for a gang bang.

So in this community a 7 year old has to watch out for male predators and her sister too? When did things get so bad that gang rape has become casual? Why didn’t decent common sense and morality kick in when the 7 year old was offered up on a platter? Where were the adult that was supposed to put an end to this underage freak show? Oh right I forgot, they were getting their rocks off with a 7 year old girl.

How did the 15 year old even know these miscreants anyway? Why would she take her 7 year old sister with her? What evil possess a girl to sell out her own family? What evil posses a man to have sex with a baby? Is this why whites are so afraid of black and brown skinned men? I want to have children one day but I am terrified of having a black girl. I won’t always be there to protect her from men that hate her very existence. Who will look out for her when I am not there? Can I count on my fellow citizens? Can I count on my fellow black men? Can I count on my fellow black sisters? Or will everyone just casually stand by?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Music Showcase – Local Artists from Charlotte, NC

Ida Divine

Jocelyn Ellis & The Alpha Theory

Pradigy GT

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Ex RNC Staffer Allison Meyers, charge your scapegoating to the game.

Allison Meyers, director of the Young Eagles program, was fired by the Republican National Committee for their latest public relations fiasco. Apparently $2,000 was wasted at a bondage-themed night club called Voyeur. I guess the Young Republicans wanted a nice fun filled evening to unwind after a hard day of work. Or maybe they just really enjoy erotic entertainment (Republican sexual repression). The Young Eagles program is for donors under 45 years old but 45 years is too old to be a Young Eagle. Meyers slipped up when she asked a fellow Republican to help pay for the evening and then had the RNC reimburse him afterwards. She tried to put $1,946.25 on her credit card but it just didn’t work out for her. I guess she should have talked to the accountants before stepping out for the evening. You have to wonder why the credit card wouldn’t take for that particular amount. All of that money that the Bush Administration Halliburton made off the war and nothing to show for it? If I was at the RNC back then, we would have been flush with cash but I digress… So now Meyers gets the heave-ho because….well RNC Chairman Michael Steele can’t take the hit for this. He is too high up to take blame for this one. In war, the foot soldiers are always the first to get killed. Generals don’t fight wars because they are ordering the foot soldiers to fight. I hope that Meyers has a backup plan. Or maybe the RNC told her they would take care of her after the fact. Either way she took one for the team. I still find it hard to believe that Meyers didn’t have to answer to anyone regarding purchases. Everyone knows that she wasn’t in charge of the money by herself. They say accountability starts at the top. Yeah Right!!! Some needs to tell Meyers to charge this one to the game.