Monday, January 23, 2012

Fox News viewers turn on Juan Williams and you thought NPR was bad!!!

“How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negroes?”
~ Samuel Johnson

The folks on the left already thought Juan Williams was suspect and now they are clowning him on the right.  Williams fancied himself as a black man that couldn’t be pegged into a neat little circle.  He wasn’t too far right and he wasn’t too far left.  But when NPR gave him the boot, Fox News scooped him up with the quickness.  NPR known by the far right as a “Bastion of Liberalism” and Fox News known by the left (notice I just said the “Left”) as the “Epicenter of “Conservative Thought.”  Williams worked for both organizations at the same time before NPR ditched him.  And I think he thought that it gave him “Street Cred” in the “I can’t be pigeonholed” category.  But it was an act that he was ill prepared to pull off.  His views angered black folks and liberals alike.  That made him sort of like a “Black Best Friend” to the Right.  Or at least that was until he moderated the Republican Primary Debate in South Carolina. 

After the Debate, a Newt Gingrich supporter thanked him for “putting Williams in his place.”  Uh Oh!!  Where have we heard that before?  In just about every movie that ever featured a racist person or old video footage of racist southerners talking about the Civil Rights Movement.  But by today’s standards she wouldn’t be a racist….she would be called a “Concerned American Citizen.”  In this “New” America, racism doesn’t exist and there are only “Those that work” and “Those that beg”!!!  Or as those crazy hippie kids camping outside say: the 1% and the 99%. 

So what was it that Williams said to upset the good folks of South Carolina?  What were the questions that he asked that made Republican voters want to break off a piece of leather in Williams John Brown hind parts?? 

So instead of Juan Williams playing his role, he wanted to show that “he couldn’t be pigeonholed.” Too bad it didn’t work out for him that way.  Although he may think he can’t be labeled, a Gingrich supporter let him know exactly who he was.  And based on the cheers that she received when making the statement, a lot of people feel the same way.