Friday, May 29, 2009

The Zo & Tigallo Music Showcase

Detroit-area born, DC-area based musician Zo! and rapper/singer Phonte of the group Little Brother join together for Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80’s, a collection of 80’s cover songs.
Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

“Lost” is off the air for the summer and hopefully “Desperate Housewives” will be cancelled. Eva Longoria you are hot but your show is not. Until “The Closer” or “Eureka” comes back on the tube, pick up a book this summer. “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins is a 5 year old book (that’s young in book years) but apparently the premise is timely again. I just received word on this book myself so I can’t give a review. I’m currently reading “Scratch Beginnings Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream”. Hat tip to blogger Average Brother for putting me on to it. With the loss of newspapers and the popularity of tweeting, texting, sexting….whatever else is the latest hype. We need to read more. These youngins out here especially need to read more. Put down that gat and pick up a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Of Villains and those who love them

The Republicans will have you believe that we have captured Super Human Terrorists. The only people that escaped Federal Prisons on the regular are cartoon characters and movie criminals. Some of the folks in county lock up are scarier than Taliban. But I know Dick “Defending my country until I die” Cheney has to do his scare America tour. He decided that he wanted to get ahead of public opinion. If I had his approval ratings, I would be talking to anyone who would listen. I wouldn’t let President Obama and the Democrats frame my legacy. But this fear mongering is getting old.

Let’s review the non-threatening individuals we currently have in our penile system:

The Bloods

The Crips

Mara Salvatrucha aka MS 13

Aryan Brotherhood

Mexican Mafia

Black Guerilla Family

Terrorism involves the use of violence to create a state of fear. This is done to intimidate or coerce individuals/institutions in order to gain control. We have neighborhoods in America that are as violent as Mogadishu. This is because of the gangs that terrorize the neighborhoods. On one side of the planet, you have terrorists obtaining money from the sale of opium in Afghanistan. On the other side, you have a gang that obtains money from the sale of cocaine from Bolivia. I’m pretty sure the groups above think they have the same clout as the Taliban. So why do we separate them from Middle Eastern terrorists? The discussion of putting terrorists behind bars in America is a false argument. Why? Because they are already here.

I thought he was going to pick Judge Marilyn Milian(The Peoples Court) but I guess he should have picked Judge Mathis (Judge Mathis Show) instead.

President Barack Obama announced Federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor as his Supreme Court Nominee. Just like Jennifer Lopez, Judge Sotomayor is Puerto Rican and from the Boogie Down Bronx. She is not a Butter Pecan Rican like J Lo but I’m giving Puerto Ricans from the Bronx shout outs today. The Devil, the dummy, the bigot and the adulterer have already started attacking her. Oh my bad……you know them as Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Pat Buchanan, and Newt Gingrich. They hit her with the usual assaults i.e. un-intelligent, reverse-racist. Anytime a racist white person wants to discredit a minority they yell reverse racism. Anytime a prejudice white person wants to discredit a minority they call them unintelligent. This ignorant thinking makes them feel better about themselves. The Republicans are reminding minorities, that in America no matter how much education or prestige you have, we are still like dirt to them. So I knew there would be some negativity surrounding this pick but I didn’t expect it from black folks.

I spent yesterday listening to “black” talk radio and I was blown away. I knew that some races have difficulties living together but I didn’t know it was this bad. I heard black folks refer to Latinos as illegal aliens, criminals, baby makers, and job-stealers.

Side Bar: My girl Nic Nic sent me this info: Los Angeles Gang Targets African Americans

I always thought that Selma Hayek was HOT and that George Lopez was funny. I never had a hard time getting along with other people. Citizen Momma taught me to treat other people the way I wanted to be treated. This is from a woman who had her high school burned down by racist white folks. Disgruntled black folks are mad because President Obama did not select a black person. They feel that because 90% of ”US” voted for him he needs to pick black candidates. Not just for the Supreme Court but for everything!!! Cabinet Position……get a black!!! Secretary Position…..get a black, Supreme Court Position…..get a black, Ambassador to Planet Vulcan…..get a black!!!. If they had their way, the Obama Administration would look like the roster of the Washington-Homestead Grays. Only a few black folks called in to defend Obama and the Latinos. Are minorities going to spend their time on earth fighting over scraps? I once heard that the Devil likes dissention. He must be extremely happy right now…….oh and Rush Limbaugh too.

I don’t think that some black folks were really ready for a “Black President”. I think they had this warped idea that a black president would come riding a white horse (notice the horse is still white….ha ha just joking) and save the day. The black president was going to clean up the streets and give “us” power. After we received our 40 Acres and a Mule X 100, we were going to live happily ever after. Black America, as your minster says on Sunday……The Devil Is a Lie. It’s time for us to get real. I understand that some black folks are going to say “Well every other minority group has the president’s ear.” And you are correct!!! Jews, Latinos, Older Americas even Gun Lovers all have groups that lobby for their interests. The Key Word is “Groups” that lobby. The “others” have groups that specialize in dealing with politicians and law makers. And no I’m not talking about Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. I like Cornel and Tavis is okay but they play the role of outside agitator. They are still mad because Obama didn’t acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King in a speech. Damn….that was last year people!!!! A group that can lobby for blacks has to be part of the establishment not outside of it.

Obama never told “us” that he was an anti establishment person. Actually he is quite the opposite. Obama has made it this far because he knows how to work the establishment. All of his moves are calculated with a hint of pragmatism. Obama doesn’t walk into a room that he can’t walk out of. He is not going to exact revenge for past social ills. He will make political moves that help move his agenda. You can believe that Judge Sonia Sotomayor is a calculated pick that already is paying dividends for Mr. Obama. In this pick, you get a WOMAN and a LATINO AMERICAN. And if the Republicans give her a hard time, they will alienate Latinos (unlike certain minorities they vote in large numbers……a possible good look for the Dems).

Sure I would love to see a black woman on the Supreme Court. But I remember when Clarence Thomas was going through his nomination process. “We” stood by him and watched the Republicans destroy Anita Hill’s character. And what did "we" get in return for “our” loyal support? Not a damn thing!!! So when we talk about getting black people in high positions, we need to be very careful. Some people are black in color only. I’m still disappointed in this brown on black or beige on black or butter pecan on chocolate hate. We do have or differences but we have similarities as well. Those similarities should be used to help us find common ground. The same threats that are against black folks are against Latinos too. There are many debates that are worth having and I believe this is one of them. Do you?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dr. King, please don’t feed into the Anti-Gay American Idol Conspiracy.

When the show ended, I actually breathed a sigh of relief. America seemed to have voted for some old fashioned values by casting enough of the nearly 100 million votes towards Kris to cause him to win.

~ Dr. Alveda C. King, pastoral associate for Priests For Life and niece of the late Dr. King

Citizen Wifey is a big fan of American Idol. Due to the show coinciding with our dinner time, I’ve been catching a peek or two this season. Everyone knows about Adam Lambert being one of the top singers. This guy evaded the “Gay” question for the whole season of American Idol. It was obvious that this guy was gay. I don’t know why he didn’t just say he was gay. Ellen came out and she has her own t.v. show. Rosie O’Donnell came out and she had a cush job with “The View”. Clay Aiken finally came out and he’s kicking it on Broadway. The only place where Gay’s aren’t wanted is the military. Adam was going to go into the music business. Has anyone heard of an artist by the name of Elton John?

The voting on American Idol is not like the Presidential Election. In the Presidential Election, we actually see people voting on machines. In the America Idol voting, all we hear about is the amount of people that called in. Do we have proof that phone votes were even counted? Ryan Seacrest tells us that X amount of people call in every week…..says who? How do we know they aren’t pulling the strings behind the voting? Think about all the previous scabs (from previous American Idol Seasons) that lasted longer than they should have. But let’s say that the phone votes counted. I believe Adam would have lost due to lackadaisical voters and Danny Gokey voters.

#1) People thought he was a shoe in and they didn’t vote.

#2) Once Danny was booted off his votes went Kris Allen.

Those are two possible scenarios that went down on vote night. But this theory of “Christian Americans” voting to sabotage Adam is foolish. With all the issues we face in America, this is the last thing we need to discuss. Surely Dr. King could come up with something of more substance than this? But first, I need her to tell her kin folks to stop acting up.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bob Johnson, you low down dirty conniving scoundrel snake in the grass….the next time you screw Charlotte make sure you wear a condom!!!

I knew this was going to happen. I didn’t need psychic abilities to see this coming. The only good thing about Bob Johnson is that he is consistent. He consistently tries to sell businesses to make money or to keep from losing money. Yes, that’s right folks……The Charlotte Bobcats are up for sale. Johnson has said “He's lost passion” for owning a professional team. Lost His Passion!!!! Does he think this is a marriage? Oh I forgot, this “soulless “troll is already divorced. But wait….because it gets worse. Michael Jordan could possibly be interested in buying the team. This is the same Michael Jordan that was fired from the Washington Wizards. His job title with the Washington Wizards: President of Basketball Operations.

Commissioner David “Little Man” Stern decided he would be on the right side of history with Bob Johnson. He would name Bob Johnson owner of a new NBA franchise and all would be right with the world. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Bob Johnson are tied for the worst Affirmative Action Hires Ever. Charlotte just got through running the last NBA owner out of town. When was the last time a rich White Man left town kicking dust? And no, Bernard Madoff doesn’t count. Stern, Elected Officials and Johnson conspired to provide Charlotte an NBA basketball team come hell or high water. This man lied to the city of Charlotte. He told us all the things we wanted to hear and even played the part. He was like a guy trying to get some play on prom night. I saw through him but like the financial crisis no one would listen (Yes I’m talking about you Citizen Wifey – sorry honey!!).

So here we are:

1) A basketball team with no legitimate star.
2) A broke down basketball player who only has 4 years in the league (yes I’m talking about you Sean May!!!).
3) An owner that would sell his own heart if he thought he could make a buck.
4) A brand new arena with overpriced tickets.
5) A former superstar part owner with questionable prior management experience.

And we are stuck with a team that has a corny name. The Bobcats??? My 3 year-old God-daughter could have given them a better name. Now we have to be reminded of Bob Johnson for the rest of our lives or until the team finally leaves town. They might be under contract to stay in Charlotte but one day they will bounce. History has a funny habit of repeating itself. I wish we could run Bob Johnson out of town but we can’t. Why? He doesn’t live here full time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Momma should have never inhaled when she came up with this!!!

Sometimes black folks try to get creative when they name their children. I can understand wanting your children to stand out. But that’s what academics, athletics and arts are for. We do an injustice to our children when we give them crazy names. Instead of standing out they end up looking foolish.

Case in point: Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer

I am impressed that she was able to be successful with so much against her. A name follows you everywhere you go. Some names open doors and others close them. Personally I’m tired of hearing about black folks giving their children crazy “A” names. People that disagree with me will say I’m under the influence of the white man. That is their opinion and I’m okay with that. But I dare anyone to tell me that naming your daughter after weed and soda is okay!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A White Woman that is a Thorobred? Sorry O.J. Simpson, it’s not what you think.

Meet Elisabeth Martin, the new Miss Kentucky State University. Her election was the largest turnout in the last 10 years for the 2,600-student university. With polls open for 11 hours, Miss Martin received over 100 more votes than her 2nd place competitor.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Two-Faced Catholics……principle or prejudice?

Fact: The Catholic Church opposes the death penalty.

President George W. Bush was Notre Dame’s commencement speaker in 2001.

George W. Bush presided over 155 executions while he was the Governor of Texas. Texas had more executions than any other state!!

Did President Bush receive the same drama when he was going to speak at Notre Dame?

President Barack H. Obama has been catching hell from the time his speaking engagement was announced. Catholics say it’s because of Obama pro-choice stance and his support of expanded stem-cell research. Pro Choice/Death Penalty???? I thought in the bible all sins were the same? Is this another excuse for racists to speak out against Obama under the disguise of something else? Don’t Catholics have other things to be concerned about? There are still grown-ups waking around that were abused by priests. I think Catholics need to get their own house in order before judging others.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Which should we save: A) Black Radio or B) Black Colleges & Universities. Don’t worry if you're wrong because President Obama doesn’t know either

House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers is attempting to pass Bill HR848. You know U.S. Representative (Detroit) John Conyers, don’t you? If you don’t know him, I bet you know his wife Monica. Remember this piece of “Professionalism”. Black politicians working hard for their constituents!!!! Bill HR848 would require radio stations to pay artists (the word artist is used so loosely these days) for songs played by the stations. These payments are separate from the royalty fees the musicians already receive. Can you believe someone gets paid for the song “I’m in love with a Stripper”?

Anywho…Individuals associated with black radio (local black radio in particular) are concerned because of the financial implications. In other words, black folks can’t afford the prices. I rarely listen to black radio these days. Mostly a little bit of Tom Joyner, some Steve Harvey and a bit of Michael Baisden. We have a local show that comes on Saturdays at 9am. If you can get up at that time, it’s not a bad show. When you take away the syndicated shows (the individuals I listed above). And you take away the shows that provide information on local news. You are left with a lot of bad music. No…let’s make that a lot of terrible music. Sometimes Citizen Wifey sings hooks from these “Hood Nursery Rhymes” that are disguised as songs. The creativity and artistry of music has gone the way of the Dodo Bird.

Black Colleges and Universities are fast approaching Dodo Bird status as well. President Obama wasn’t checking the books when they were balancing the budget. Also please refer to my previous post on HBCU’s. The saving grace for HBCU’s is that they can’t be replaced. People have so many ways of listening to music and news these days. You can go online and download your favorite songs. It’s that wild and crazy internet people!!!!! HBCU’s give opportunities to many black folks and those opportunities can’t be measured on any scale. The tradition and heritage of these institutions have made them cornerstones in their communities. But I am sure that black radio can make the same argument. I will use the internet as my counter argument to their argument. Black bloggers have been doing weekly and weekend radio shows. Is it not possible for current/former radio hosts to have on line shows? Not only can they reach a local audience but a national audience as well.

Now I’m not banging the drum for the banishment of black radio. I’m just getting people to think outside of the box. If this economy has taught us one thing, it’s that we need to have options. When black radio isn’t beefing about what we should listen to: Syndicated Shows vs. Local Shows. Or they aren’t playing straight garbage disguised as music. You have an effective tool to reach the masses. So it is time for President Barack Obama to get in the fight. Black radio and HBCU’s helped him get elected. He might not be able to help black radio but HBCU’s he can help. I generally don’t like to say the Obama owes folks but this time he needs to pay up.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hoopz, Rihanna & Cassie indulging in Soft-core Porn & Nudie Pics…..And Buckeey we can’t forget about you too.

Usually you only see one naked female celebrity photo on a weekly basis. Thanks to Rihanna and Cassie we have multiple photos by two celebrities. Rihanna’s photos were a little on the blurry side. This must have been her first time because her camera work was shoddy. I guess Rihanna wanted us to see that the bruises were gone. But I seriously doubt that Chris Brown was beating her downstairs. Or if he was…..well that’s a Birds and Bees conversation. I don’t know why Cassie decided to show her goods. I forgot that she was in the music business. Maybe she was trying to get her career back on track. It’s hard being an artist for Bad Boy Records. You have to compete with Puff Daddy and whatever group he is putting together annually.

Not to be outdone by Rihanna and Cassie, Nicole Alexander had pre-sex photos, advertising for her sex tape, drop the same week. You probably know Nicole by her other name….Hoopz. Yes, the same Hoopz that was passing saliva with Flavor Flav on “The Flavor of Love”. The “alleged” (Whatever…That’s Her Folks) video looks like she is having sex in my freshman college dorm room. Even a C List Celebrity should be able to get better accommodations then that. Apparently her ex-boyfriend sold the tape to sex tape broker Mr. ZZEE. What type of name is Mr. ZZEE? And is “Sex Tape Broker” an occupation that you can put on a resume? Mr. ZZEE is a one man porn industry. But he doesn’t pay for the production costs of making a film, only sales and advertisement.

Unfortunately when you are cleaning out the drain, other gunk comes out as well. Last on the internet sex carousel but not least….Buckeey. Another “Flavor of Love” alumnus getting down and dirty on video. Shay “Buckeey” Johnson was not able to get the same publicity as the others. Her video will linger in internet obscurity. I don’t even believe she got a paycheck for her troubles.

Getting naked is one of our rights as Americans. Well I doubt it’s listed in the “Bill of Rights” but you get what I mean. I personally don’t understand why a person would want to have sex on tape. I personally don’t understand why a person would take pictures of themselves without clothes on. If they wanted attention, they got it. If they wanted to be admired, well that’s up for debate (different strokes for different folks). I don’t know what they thought they would gain but I do know they lost their dignity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Using “The Man” (aka White Man) as your crutch. The over the top debate that is too silly to be real. Or is it?

We are having a heated discussion in the Citizen Household regarding “The Man”. Citizen Wifey says that black men (myself included) need to stop blaming “The Man” for our problems. The term she uses is “stop using the white man as your crutch”. She says black men act like they are back in slavery by making those comments. Citizen Wifey believes black men are capable and we shouldn’t let anyone hold us back. In my opinion Citizen Wifey doesn’t know what she is talking about. I believe in blaming the man early and often. But the man I got beef with is not “All White Men”. I got a beef with “The Man”. I’m not talking about the white coal miner in West Virginia. I’m not talking about the white auto plant worker in Michigan. I’m not even talking about the white oil roughneck in Texas. I am talking about the white men that have power in America. The same one’s that send us to war and play games with our mutual funds. They work us to death on our jobs and lay us off when they need to save money. That is “The Man” I’m talking about. So when I come home and say “The Man” is on my back……he is!!! I went to get my haircut today and my barber said I looked tired. I told him “The Man”. He started talking that Citizen Wifey mess. If he wasn’t a good barber, I would’ve walked out without getting a haircut. Do I blame “The Man” for the weather being bad………….(well they could be more accurate) but nope. But I do blame him for the current Financial Crisis. If you watch the news lately, you will see that other people blame him too. Why do you think laid off workers are protesting in front of CEO’s homes? That’s “The Man” people!!! I told you my wife is wrong! I know we have been taught to believe that “The Man” is one person. Some white guy with white hair that wears an off white suit with brown shoes. “The Man” is a collective group of power brokers. And these individuals play us (you, me, your cousin and them) like a game of chess. I wish that I knew the correct name for them but I don’t. Calling them “The Organization” is so passé’. I like “The Man” better because it sounds more sinister. So the next time gas prices go up….blame “The Man”. If you don’t get a bonus next year on your job….blame “The Man”. Your retirement savings is depleted…..blame “The Man”. It’s not rocket science people!!! Unless you believe Citizen Wifey and think this isn’t true?

Friday, May 08, 2009


Continuing my new segment highlighting local entrepreneurs. I respect the hustle so I want to show the hustle some love. Next up is my brother-in-law Derick Wells.

59 Design Specialties Include:
Marketing, advertising, copywriting, and graphic design.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

How to love pork, hate flannel pajamas and dislike people that don’t look like you.

And the drama continues……………People have decided to bypass graduations because of the Swine Flu. People are wearing masks because of the Swine Flu. And Illegal Aliens, Mexicans and Pigs are taking the blame for it all. Not a surprise! In America when something goes wrong, it’s always convient to blame “The Other.” All of a sudden the swine flu is a reason to keep the borders closed? Mexicans have been getting dissed all over the globe. They are either being asked to leave countries or being quarantined. The pigs have been having a rough time too. Last week Citizen Wifey was trying to ban pork products in the house. What?!!? Okay it wasn’t an actual ban but she wasn’t trying to eat pork. In my world that means an actual ban on pork. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, where are you when I need you. Tell Citizen Wifey that there is nothing wrong with sausage links!!! This week Citizen Wifey is sniffling and what not. I hope it’s just a late spring cold that’s going around. Last night she was wearing flannel pajamas (BOOO!!!!!!!!!) to bed. It’s the summer time for crying out loud. AMERICA, do you think Citizen Wifey has the Swine Flu? That would be horrible because she is already having a bad week. She almost poured gasoline on a Jehovah Witness. Apparently the girl crept up while she was pumping gas. You can’t sneak up on black folks like that. As I said before, those Jehovah Witnesses move like Jedi Knights. I think they must have followed her home because they left magazines on our front door. I wish they would’ve watched the weather report before they did that. Now I have wet magazines on my doorstep. I digress….. I’m getting off my point. I am changing the name of Swine Flu to H1N1. I’m lobbying for the pigs because someone has too.

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