Thursday, September 03, 2009

How to alienate your former future mother-in-law and make some cash on the side.

Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin have more in common than being related. They both have been screwed by Levi Johnston. Someone has cleaned up Levi Johnston and now he looks like a new man. He went from looking like Cooter to a “broke” Rob Thomas. What a difference a haircut and some cash can make. Now Levi is singing like a jail house snitch to anyone who will listen. The first stop on his gab tour is Vanity Fair. In the olden days (just 3 years ago) people would have rushed out to pick up Vanity Fair. But due to the recent discovery that print is dead, I’m sure that people will try to read it on-line. Opps…they are only giving a teaser on the magazine’s website. I guess they want people to really pick up their magazine after September 8. Now you have to make a Labor Day decision. Do you spend your last money at the club on September 6 or save your cash to buy the October issue of Vanity Fair?

To the beer and beaver trapper set, Palin is like an Alaskan version of Jacqueline Kennedy (before she married that Onassis dude – because you know how “they” feel about foreigners). In some circles she is a popular figure that can draw a crowd like a moth to a flame. To the people that can’t stand her, (the educated right wing set, most black women I know, extremely liberal white woman), she is a pretentious hillbilly. Citizen Momma has questioned her educational background due to the number of undergrad schools she attended. Sometimes finding a good school is like trying on a pair of shoes. Palin just happens to like a lot of shoes (five different colleges in six years). So what can Levi possibly tell us that we don’t already know? He didn’t have a problem in 08’ when he was in the public eye. I guess hanging with Cindy McCain and flying on private jets has its perks.

I know you are probably saying “Citizen, you are being hard on the kid.” I don’t hate him for trying to make an extra buck. We are in a recession so I understand him telling his business for a limo ride and a new suit. I just don’t want to hear it or read about it. I already know Sarah Palin is a fraud. No new news there!!! Her lack of professionalism and inept way of getting her point across is glaring. She is the kind of person that skates through life on good looks and personality. Like the girl in your company that wears her skirts too high. On Monday she was working in the mail room and on Thursday she is team lead in the Marketing Department. I know you are probably saying “Citizen, you are being sexist.” Nope!! I am all for gender equality. Ask Citizen Wifey!!! My problem is when a Constitutional Lawyer (President Obama) is being compared as an equal to someone that bounced around from school to school trying to find what sticks (Somewhat Governor Palin). I knew Palin wasn’t about much when I first laid eyes on her so I don’t acknowledge her as a legitimate politician. So Vanity Fair won’t be getting any money from me. Sorry Levi, I’m not mad at you, but your subject material is kinda weak.

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