Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another typical unwed mother for the Republicans to complain about…….oops, my bad.

What happened to the wedding of the year? Does Alaska sell contraceptives made out of moose skin? Does her mother still only support abstinence only education? What is really going on?

Michael Steele, when they said you had your work cut out for you they weren’t lying.

Bobby Jindal needs a personality transplant. He seems like a nice enough guy but so is the guy that delivers my mail. His response to Presidents Obama’s speech put me to sleep. He sounded like he was reading a bedtime story. Typical Republican responses... pull yourself up by your boot straps, bad Government, etc etc. It’s hard to pull yourself up when you aren’t wearing boots. What I don’t like about the Republicans is that they are in denial. I always said that they have an image problem. They don’t know how to connect to certain groups in our society. There are groups that they don’t even try to connect to. Gov. Jindal shouldn’t be all that proud to use the response to Hurrican Katrina as an example of how Government can fail you. Citizens were left for dead by a slow Government response. The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency was unqualified and out of his league. People still haven’t been able to rebuild their homes. Not to mention that the city had crime and educational issues before the water came. Gov. Jindal is the same guy that wants to turn down unemployment benefits. And this is because they are in the stimulus package. I know he has political aspirations but come on dude??? People are out of work and losing their jobs. The Republican response to all issues: Tax Cuts For The Wealthy….

I didn’t want my blog to be a cheering section for Obama. Sure I voted for him. But I also changed from Democrat to Independent because of the 2008 campaign. I want to hold all politicians accountable. On some issues I am liberal….moderate…..and conservative. I just can’t see myself as a Republican. The black Republicans that they have seem so removed from the daily lives of most black folks. Because we are all black doesn’t mean we should always agree. But there has to be some common ground…….somewhere!!! Pandering to the far right does not impress me. It actually turns me off. The Republicans need to stop bragging about being the party of Lincoln. They also need to stop bragging about how far the country has come with the election of the first black president. After running all those race baiting ads during the 2008 campaign. They don’t have the right to be proud of this moment. The American people are hurting right now and they need help. They can’t pull themselves up by the bootstraps to get out of this one. Yes American citizens will need to make sacrifices. But ultimately the Government will come up with the plan to get us out of this mess.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

When did Kunta Kinte have time to play the slot machines?

I was bumrushed at the barbershop yesterday by Jehovah's Witnesses. They rolled up on me like gangbangers. Car real slow… know the rest. I was trying to get inside so I wouldn’t be there all day. But they got me!!! So now I’m walking into the barbershop with Watchtower magazines. Magazine(s)……that is plural. The driver told me that she was going to give me one magazine but it was like they multiplied in my hands. It’s 7:15am and I’m carrying around magazines. All I wanted was a haircut!!! Anyway, I just needed to vent, this is my real post (below).

Joe Jackson must have really messed up his kids. How in the world could someone co-sign for this? Marlon Jackson, formerly of the Jackson 5, is involved in an investment deal for a Vacation Resort. Sounds nice huh? This resort would have a Casino and a Golf Course with a Shopping Center and some Condominiums. Drum roll please…… top it off there will be a Slavery Museum involving a replica of a Slave Ship. I bet Disney's Animal Kingdom never thought of this concept. You can visit a slave ship and play golf all in the same day. Or you could shop before you visit a slave ship. Better yet, you can play blackjack and then go visit a slave ship. There are so many slave ship variations so why limit yourself. The problem isn’t the slave ship and museum. It’s when you mix it with the fun in the sun. It downplays the importance of the slave ship and what it represents. I not mad at the guy for having an entrepreneurial spirit but not like this. Using a slavery theme to attract tourists is as classless as you can get. Add in the fact that this is going to be built in Nigeria. Built on the same location where slaves left for parts known and unknown.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alan Keyes throwing salt in the game….Again!!

“I would still be picking cotton if the country’s moral principles had not been shaped by the Declaration of Independence,” "Obama has broken and rejected those principles — he has taken the slaveholder’s position.”

~Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes is back committing verbal black on black crime again. I don’t know why he won’t leave President Obama alone. Is this about jealousy? Maybe he has a crush on Obama and this is the only way he knows how to express his emotions? Either way this has to stop. Black folks have been raining on Mr. Obama’s parade all week long.
Ron Christie can’t tell the difference between satire and racism. And Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele is trying to make the “Hood” stand up. Can’t someone send Keyes back to…….I don’t know? The guy moved from Maryland to Illinois to run against Mr. Obama. I guess he would be considered a carpet bagger? Keyes has been running for public office since 1988 and in 2008 he ran for the office of President. That’s 20 years of not winning any political office. What keeps this guy coming back again and again? Is he for real or does he just like the limelight? And why does he look like a black raccoon? There are so many other ways for blacks to become famous. Hasn’t he heard of VH-1?????

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Photo of the Week: Girl, I got jokes!!

President Barack Obama and Governor General Michaëlle Jean, Canada's first black governor general, meeting at the airport.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What does apeish behavior have to do with the stimulus package?

~Gregory Moore, Columnist for the San Antonio Informer

Before I’m placed into the “black bogeyman to white America” category along with Rev. Al. Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson. I have to be honest with you for a moment. Sometimes “some” black folks blame all their dilemmas on racism. You can’t blame “The Man” for your woman catching you cheating. “If the White Man didn’t mess up the economy I would still have my job which means I would have been at work instead of home having sex with Keisha.” It just doesn’t work like that. But there are times when things are done and said that reek of Racism.
The NY Post apparently has a beef with Obama. I’m shocked and surprised because Rupert Murdoch is the owner of the NY Post and Fox News (sike!!). We all know how Fair and Balanced Fox News is. Apparently cartoonist Sean Delonas thought that his editorial cartoon featuring a dead monkey was going to be a big hit. It involved two policemen, one with a smoking gun, looking at a dead monkey. One policeman says to the other, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.” I guess it was one of those “you had to be in the room when he was drawing it” kind of joke. The cartoon took reference to that humongous chimpanzee that was shot in Connecticut.

By the way – why would you own a 200 pound monkey??? I’m pushing around 195 and I need to lose weight. Whatever happened to people having a fish tank? Oh that’s right; they have Sharks in those fish tanks now.

Anyway….I’ve been seeing a lot of editorial cartoons with President Obama lately.

His ears are big (okay they are).

His lips are big and purple (hold on one minute) big and purple?

Did the cartoon Obama just get through smoking a black and mild? Is this a case of black folks overreacting or are the excessive features of black men being drawn for laughs? Now we throw a monkey in the mix and it starts to stink. The image of a monkey has always been associated with black folks (particularly black boys and men) by racists. Coincidence!! Really, because I’m trying to find out what King Kong has to do with the stimulus package?

Apparently Sean Delonas has a history of having his cartoons criticized. He portrayed WNBC-TV anchor Sue Simmons as a drunk. I don’t know if she is a drunk or not but she has a mouth on her (listen here).

The NY Post Editor-in Chief, Col Allan, has said that the cartoon was a parody of a current news event. Saying, “It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy.” This is the part where someone usually says WTF?? But this is a family friendly Blog (wink wink – hi mom!!). The reasoning behind this cartoon and the lack of a credible defense proves that this was made in bad judgment.

I know that racism is alive and well. The concept or notion of a post racial America is as far-fetched as a horse with wings. Everyone was not going to be happy with the new president. President Obama only had 41% of white men and 46% of white women that voted for him. Post racial would have given him over 90% at least.

This is the time that people of all races need to be vigilante. We need to call out organizations and institutions that promote and endorse racist behavior. We might not be a post racial society but actions like these are ugly and have no place in our modern society. This type of tabloid journalism is beneath a so called "true” news organization.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How the Economy ruined my marriage and almost got me killed

Based on a true Chinese Love Store

I should have called this: How does a man have time for 5 mistresses? I know I know… I’m still trying to figure this out!!!!!!!!

A Chinese businessman decided to hold a contest. Not just any kind of contest but a very unusual contest. This was a contest to see which mistress he would get rid of. Even the Chinese have felt the brunt of this bad economy. This businessman was struggling financially and he could not afford to keep all his women.

(FYI) Remember he still has a wife to take care of.

The businessman brought in a judge to weed out the competition. One of the talents that the mistresses had to show was how much they could drink. I don’t blame a guy for originality. Do we really need another contest where people are singing? So before they could get started, one of his mistresses was cut before the first round. Apparently she was deemed ugly by the judge. The businessman didn’t know she was ugly? Well they do say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well as you guessed the axed mistress didn’t take rejection well. She decided to get revenge on her lover and the other mistresses.

(FYI) I forgot to mention that all the mistresses knew about each other. Wow!! Amazing, Right?

So how does she get revenge? She tricks the mistresses and her lover into going for a drive. What happens next doesn’t seem logical but it’s true. She drives them off a cliff and she is the only one that gets killed!!!

Kids: This is why it is important to always wear a seatbelt.

In the end the man lost all his women (no surprise). I guess the ride off the cliff took the shine off the romance. His wife also ended up leaving him (no surprise). The businessman shut down his company (surprise) and gave the parents of the dead mistress financial compensation.

This love story was based on an actual event. The names were not given to protect the innocent.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Devils in the Details: A Call for Action on the Latest Unemployment Rates.

"600,000 jobs lost in January would be equal to every job in Maine."
~White House spokesman Robert Gibbs

The US economy formally began to enter a decline, or a recessing period, in mid-2008. However, the housing index, which many use as a gauge of the US economy, peaked and began to decline in mid-2005. Since that time, US corporations have reported lowered earnings quarterly and they've reported lower earnings guidance for future quarters. Resulting from these gloomy announcements, investors have lost confidence in US corporations' ability to produce large profits, so they've pulled out their investment dollars. In the banking industry alone, the crisis was even gloomier because individuals and businesses began defaulting on their loans, which led to their eventual demise and greatly contributed to some of Wall Street's largest firms closing their doors. This massive withdrawal of money from investors around the globe that had been pumped INTO the US economy, gave US corporations access to less money to use to run and expand their businesses. These global investment decisions translated directly into a loss of employment. In our current economic crisis, we have seen a tidal wave of unemployment. Reliable jobs and Stalwart companies have fallen by the wayside.

The most recent data on employment reported the most dismal numbers.
--- Almost 600,000 jobs were lost within the last 30 days here in the US. Apparently, that's equivalent to the working population of the state of Maine. Unfortunately, the demographic realities of that numerical equivalency do not compare, as we now see the impact of unemployment and underemployment has most disproportionately afflicted African Americans.
--- There was a 12% increase in unemployment amongst Blacks from Dec. '08 to Jan. '09.
--- Out of the 11.6 million unemployed Americans as of Jan. '08, there are presently 2.2million unemployed African-Americans; herein, 18% of unemployed Americans are Black, even though we comprise only 11.5% of the working population.
--- As of Jan. '09, 12.6% of Blacks are unemployed - a higher unemployment rate per race than that which is found in any other racial group in America - while only 7% of whites are unemployed in the US. Herein, Blacks are almost 2 times more likely to be negatively impacted by unemployment in this current recessionary period.
--- Most astonishingly, since Jan. '08 (1 year ago), unemployment amongst African-Americans has risen 38%!

One group that has not gotten the same acknowledgment as the unemployed is the underemployed. I am talking about workers that are working jobs where they are overqualified. College graduates from a year ago, working minimum wage jobs. Recently laid-off workers re-employed at lower paying jobs. Former full-time employees that are currently working part-time jobs. The mainstream media glosses over the fact that more American's are working part-time jobs. This is not just to knock out a credit card bill or for extra spending money. These part-time incomes are supplements to what a worker was already bringing home. With private sector businesses cutting jobs at historical levels, many career workers are now starting over... at the bottom. We have a wave of high level educated workers that now have to compete for jobs with low wages. Carowinds Amusement park located in Fort Mill, SC recently started hiring for seasonal jobs. They have had one of their largest applicant pools in recent years. They had workers with MBA's and workers with 10 plus years experience. Last week you were an associate vice president and now you are working for Nick Toons Café.
Now add this dilemma with Middle Level Workers losing their jobs as well. You have managers (such as someone's boss), the Analyst down the hall or the human resources person. These workers were making just above entry level pay but were not making executive level pay. Right there in the middle and now they have to start over again as well. It's an eye opener when you go from company provided medical benefits to using an emergency room as a clinic. The middle class was already getting pinched by rises in the cost of living. Now if the people making six figures are struggling, then the guy making fifty thousand a year is in deep trouble.

Although this is an American problem, as we have noted African Americans have been disproportionately affected by this economic crisis. What if 12% of white people lost their jobs? Yet, even in the midst of these worsening realities, we see very few organized actions being done to address this disproportionate racially-defined crisis. Even though there are more than published 1500 articles on the web that reveal these disparities, what actions must be taken to directly impact these disparities in a positive direction?

Now more than ever is the time when we need to support initiatives that will improve the economy. We must invest in Green Businesses, Infrastructure Projects, Small Family and Minority Owned Businesses. Everyone must purchase their products and services daily. NOW, is the time that we (as Americans, regardless of color) must decisively choose to rally together in order to improve the economy. Only then can we raise the standard of living for everyone, by starting at the bottom and pushing up.
Co-Written and Researched by DougMG and Citizen Ojo

Friday, February 13, 2009

How not to make friends in Washington D.C. (a.k.a) when Bipartisanship just won’t work out.

Dear President Barack Obama.

I think it is nice of you to keep your campaign promise about reaching across the aisle. It shows that you are serious about making America work again. But it’s time to get real!!! Relationships don’t always work out the way we want them to. People fall out over money issues, commitment issues, and sometimes stimulus packages. Mr. President, you have bent over backwards like a stripper at a bachelor party. But you have got to face it! The Republicans just don’t like you. Rush Limbaugh said he hopes you fail. Fox News thinks that your wife is the second coming of Angela Davis. And conservative bloggers think that you are a Marxist. It’s just not working Mr. President. Now your pick for Commerce Secretary left you hanging like grandma’s laundry. U.S. Senator Judd Gregg knew your policies before he accepted the job. Now all of a sudden he has “irresolvable conflicts” over the stimulus package. Where has this guy been for the past month? You have been talking about passing a stimulus since last December. He waited until the 13th hour to get brand new on you Mr. President. That is some shady behavior to me. You could be passing a kidney stone and the Republicans would block that. The dream of everyone working together is not going to happen. RNC Chairman Michael Steele is a brother and he is even giving you hell. You are going to have to learn to let it go. You are definitely not going to get any help from Nancy Pelosi. She is what many Republicans hate most………….a San Francisco Democrat. It’s obvious that she is going to make the Republicans pay for the last 8 years. It’s pointless to keep going in this direction. Cut your losses and move on. Mr. President, they are just not that into you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Classism: One of the Oldest Dirtiest games ever played.

Unemployed and Homeless Henrietta Hughes, told Obama her plight at a town hall meeting yesterday in Florida. She was living in a car with her unemployed son. He had lost his job and they eventually lost their home ( know how the New American story goes). Conservative Pundit Michelle Malkin suggested that President Obama set the encounter up. The first thing that Malkin needs to do is call Keith Olbermann. The picture of her that he uses needs to be replaced. In the picture she looks like a rat. She is one of the few Republican minority attack dogs. Not dog in the sense that she looks like a dog because she doesn’t but you know what I mean. But in that picture on Olbermann’s show she looks like a rat or maybe a ferret. She really needs to get that picture changed. I don’t know what she has against Henrietta Hughes. Maybe Hughes is homeless and maybe she isn’t. What we do know for sure is that Joe isn’t a plumber. The Republicans have been milking him like a cow at the country fair. This guy reminds me of hemorrhoids. Like super hemorrhoids that won’t come off with ointments. The Republicans spent the whole 2008 election talking about how they wanted to help the “common folk”. Now they are spending 2009 dissing them. Oh what a difference a year makes.

Bernard Madoff is at home chillin after pulling off the greatest ponzi scheme in the history of America. If I steal a candy bar, I will probably get 20 years. As complicated as a ponzi scheme is, Madoff would like for us to believe he was running the scam by himself. Yesterday we learned that Mrs. Madoff cashed 15 million dollars out of her husband’s brokerage firm before he was arrested. If you see Citizen Wifey pulling out all our money from the bank, you call me because either we a leaving town or she is leaving me. But Mrs. Madoff didn’t leave her husband. So what does that mean? I smell a family hustle going on. I wonder if the money is in the family flour jar. I am still trying to figure out why he isn’t in jail. It’s not because the judge overseeing Madoff’s investment firms liquidation was arrested. Apparently the guy beat his wife because she came home late. He apparently has some absence issues. So here we are waiting for the beginning of his criminal fraud case to begin. The man is an economic threat and he still runs free. This is another case of the wealthy and well connected getting over again.

My job just announced that they would not be giving bonuses this year. But don’t think for a moment that the CEO is taking a cut in pay. The low man on the totem pole always gets screwed. That’s the way our society is. This is why some people are so afraid of the government getting rid of capitalism. Under capitalism anything goes. The rich can continue their gluttony and lust. Meanwhile the rest of us “common folk” have to fork out money to failing banks. We have to keep working for companies that don’t give us bonuses. And watch wealthy pundits argue on t.v. that we don’t need a stimulus package. We always had classism in America but this is a whole new level.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forget about Black Folks being slighted…who was the dummy that asked Obama about A-Rod?

We are in a financial crisis of biblical proportion and a reporter wants to know what President Obama thinks about A-Rod? Black folks, is that the best question we can ask? Are you kidding me!!! We complain about not getting the opportunity to ask the big questions. And the first time we do……………………………....A-Fraud? This whole black press corps thing is getting out of control. Why can’t someone get President Obama and the National Association of Black Journalists in a room together so they can hug it out? The next time a black reporter asks President Obama a question, I hope it’s not “what do you think about the Wu-Tang Reunion?”

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The plight of the Black Actress: Outsourced by Hoochies

Last night my wife wanted to watch For The Love of Ray J to see what it was about. I didn’t have anything else to do so I watched it with her. These are the times that I wish I could see into the future. Why Lord, did I watch this show? How do these women have the time to chase Ray J around? I didn’t even know he was a celebrity? The last song I heard him on was with Lil Kim. That was the “black looking” Lil Kim and not the current one that looks like a Chinese woman. Ever since The Cosby Show and A Different World left the air, black folks have been throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. Besides Everybody Hates Chris, I can’t think of any other shows that are worth watching. On the flip side…..Earlier we watched Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. Two black female actresses Aunjanue Ellis and Kimberly Elise were in the television program. Ellis played the wife of Ben Carson and Elise played his mother. It was an excellent program with very good performances by talented actresses. Now juxtapose that with women doing splits for Ray J. I hardly ever get to see Aunjanue Ellis in movies or television. She is a good actress that doesn’t get quality roles. Maybe black actresses should go on Flavor of Love. It seems like that’s the only way they will be seen.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

So much for a Year End Bonus.

One of Mexico’s top antidrug officials was murdered less than 24 hours of accepting the position. Nothing else can be said after that.......I'm speechless.

Benjamin Jealous, why don't you drink a tall glass of Shut Up!

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous has been running around telling anyone who will listen. That regardless of President Obama’s status as the first black president he intends to hold him accountable for his promises about civil rights.

Whatever!! This handpicked Julian Bond protégé hasn’t even been in office a year yet. I guess he is trying to make a name for himself. His first job should be making the NAACP relevant again. You have the Atlanta NAACP supporting Michael Vick and the Philadelphia NAACP President criticizing Donovan McNabb. When did the NAACP become ESPN?
Every time they send something to my house I throw it away. What is their agenda for the new millennium? I can tell you shilling for Hillary Clinton ain’t going to cut it.

So what does your resume look like?

After a 99 day stay in prison, embattled former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is back on the streets. But it wasn’t a long homecoming because he was on his way to Texas. Apparently his family has left Michigan and they are starting over in Texas. The location however is undisclosed. What? Is it Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock, Houston….what is the big secret!!! I lived in Abilene for a minute so I know a little something about Texas. It’s a huge state so the Kilpatrick’s could be anywhere. Don’t worry though because we can find them by process of elimination. We know that they lived in Detroit (a plethora of black folks) so they probably didn’t stray too far from home. It would be hard for them to leave Detroit and then live in West Texas. I am guessing they are living near Dallas or Houston.

Mayor…..uh….that dude Kwame already has an interview lined up. He never really needed my help. He still has his supporters in Detroit who stand by him. When he was being released people were shouting “We love you, Kwame. Detroit loves you baby!” What idiots would say something like that? Mayor….er….that guy Kwame wasn’t in jail for Freedom Fighting. This guy had his law license revoked and he still has to pay $1 million dollars in restitution to Detroit. Some black folks will never get it. When a black politician keeps money in his freezer….(they say: he’s just keeping it safe from bank foreclosures). When a black politician is caught with a stripper…(they say: he’s just helping her get home). Ah whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do feel the need to give him one piece of important advice. Dude, get rid of that beard. Didn’t Eddie Murphy look clean coming out of jail in 48 Hours? Take a hint guy!!!!

On the flip side: Kwame Kilpatrick’s former top aide, Christine Beatty, must pay $100,000 to Detroit plus jail time. At last reported Beatty had "$6 and some change in her bank account, per her attorney.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Some people will do anything to get a day off from work.

State Senator Robert Ford is sponsoring a bill that would require cities and counties in South Carolina to give their workers a paid day off for Confederate Memorial Day. Sen. Ford's bill won initial approval from a Senate subcommittee yesterday (CITIZEN OJO SAYS: NO SURPRISE HERE). Sen. Robert Ford is a black democrat (OJO SAYS: I’M SHOCKED). Roughly 10 of the state's 46 counties recognize Confederate Memorial Day (OJO SAYS: I THOUGHT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE – SURPRISED!!!). It appears that they took a quote from a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The member, Ron Dorgay endorses the bill whole heartedly and then goes on to say race relations have moved far from hatred but he hopes Ford's bill brings more understanding of the state's past.” "Even in school systems, they don't teach the correct history." What??? For years black folks have been complaining that schools don’t teach history correctly and now white folks are saying the same thing. You can find the rest of this story on Fox News online. Just go to their webpage and type in “Black Man Will Do Anything To Keep From Working.”

Recommended Reading For This Month:
BEFORE THE MAYFLOWER A History of Black America by Lerone Bennett, Jr

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

2009 RPO Minority Business Expo

You've done your research, so you know that every new contact you make can change your future. Whether you are a business owner, business manager, or responsible for making business decisions for your company, you can benefit from attending the 2009 Minority Business Expo.

The New Chairman of the RNC and what it means?

People are still talking about Michael Steele and will black folks vote Republican now. I don’t know but Rush Limbaugh isn’t helping him.

Tom Daschle out - Kwame Kilpatrick in…………..sike!!! I'm just playing.

Has a teacher in your elementary school ever been arrested for being a pedophile? Yes, No, Maybe? This is one of the reasons for a background check. Lately it seems that the Obama Administration has been lazy in their background checks. Nancy Killefer, who was selected for the position of chief performance officer, has also resigned because of tax issues.

It reminds me of when I applied to McDonalds back in the day……………..

Is articulate (check)

Looks clean (check)

Can read and write (check).

Why are these people popping up with Tax Issues? This proves my theory that everyone is not paying taxes. I always knew someone was getting over but I couldn't put a face on them. I knew it wasn't anyone that looked like me. Everyone I know pays taxes, except for Wesley Snipes, because they are afraid of going to jail (except for Wesley Snipes). President Obama has to make sure his people do a better job in their searches. Stop looking for children and dead strippers and follow the money.