Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Audacity Of Help: Obama’s Economic Plan and the Remaking of America by John F. Wasik.

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Focusing on the restoration of prosperity, Obamanomics relies heavily on humanistic economics – that is, placing social concerns before the altar of economic expansion. Obama came into office knowing the economy would probably contract further, so he didn’t make any pronouncements on growth of the gross national product. Instead of touting numbers, he emphasizes people-centered principles by focusing on health care and education. Having built much of his historic campaign with social capital---the powerful networks of people throughout the country, text messages, e-mail, and the Internet---Obama wants to show how social goals can be combined with capitalism. As he moves to remake the economy, his social capitalism is a stark rebuke of the folly of laisez-faire capitalism. Instead of a free-for-all in which only the well-positioned financial elite would benefit, he wants to create a culture of sharing and responsibility for the entire population.

~ excerpt from The Audacity of Help

Mr. Wasik was able to do what all of Congress apparently doesn’t have the time or smarts to. Reading actual legislation!!!!! Mr. Wasik has provided his readers with the skinny to what’s exactly in these bills that people are fighting over. If you want insight into President Obama’s economic policy, this book is for you. This book breaks down all of the economic legislation passed since President Obama has been in office. We know that there is a lot of “Horse Trading” on Capital Hill. And unless you are an Uber NPR Junkie, you don’t have time to read each bill.

I like that this book explains economic policy in easy to understand terms. That doesn’t mean that Mr. Wasik has dumbed down the book. It means that he gives detailed information regarding each subject. He tells you what economic legislation Congress promised and what they eventually passed. Then he explains how the legislation will affect you. For full disclosure, I’ve read a previous book by Mr. Wasik called "The Cul-De-Sac Syndrome: Turning Around the Unsustainable American Dream". What make his books credible are two things. The first is that he has a background in Financial Reporting. The other is that he always gives suggestions on what could be done.

For all of the President Obama haters out there, this book is not a Pro-Obama book. It’s actually a good read whatever your political persuasion might be.

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