Monday, September 14, 2009

MLK was robbed in broad daylight and the cops did nothing.

The Tea Party folks Movement held a March on Washington this past Saturday.

They even had the nerve to call it the March on Washington.

They stole the name from Martin Luther King Jr!!!

This wasn’t like stealing rims or a pie off Grandma’s windowsill. This was an all out theft!!!


msladyDeborah said...

That is a shame. But, you know that in order to come up with an original name, that would require them to do some in depth thinking.

If that had happened it might of caused their heads to explode. So, why work hard at trying to come up something that they could lay claim to? If they were really thinking they would become depressed because they would realize that they had to steal something else from some Black person.

Citizen Ojo said...

MsLadyDeborah - Other things have been stolen from us... music, language, culture etc. So I'm not too suprised. I just hate it for MLK.

On a side note - one of these teabagging types wanted to follow me on twitter but I turned them down. I can deal with a moderate Republican that can debate on the merits but not someone that mentions socialism and Obama as the evil of America. We already have health care that is close to a socialist model (that crazy word again) Medicare, Medicaid and anyone who serves in the Military. But we can't extend it to ordinary citizens?? Yeah Right!!!