Friday, January 29, 2010

Who is Goivanca Ostiana?

Top Albums and Songs by Giovanca

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

COMPLICIT – How Greed and Collusion made the Credit Crisis Unstoppable by Mark Gilbert.

The following Book Review has been sponsored by FSB Associates

The rulers of the exchange of mankind’s goods have failed. There must be an end to a conduct in banking and in business which too often has given to a sacred trust the likeness of callous and selfish wrongdoing.

~ President Franklin D. Roosevelt

For every crisis there is a critique. The crisis that led to our current economic situation is no exception. We have been informed of what happened but we’re still shaking our heads. Anyone that works in Banking/Mortgage/Wall Street has been made out to be the scapegoat (whether right or wrong). So if we know who the culprits are, why isn’t anyone in jail? To me that means we really don’t know what happened. But if more books like Complicit are written we just might. Mark Gilbert, bureau chief for Bloomberg News in London, has written a very detailed book on the crisis. With so many books out there, sometimes it’s hard to separate them. What makes this book different is Gilbert’s approach to the subject matter. Because he is based in the United Kingdom, he provides the view “from across the pond.” Because we live in America, sometimes we are short-sighted to the world around us. This economic crisis didn’t just make ripples in the Midwest but the Far East. Factors in China have more influence on the U.S. economy than we can imagine. Gilbert provided a behind the scenes look at this “Global Economic Crisis.” I liked his detailed approach in explaining financial terms and processes. I always feel that’s important because most people don’t know about financial instruments (as proven by these floods of bad mortgages in America). As for the title of the book, it matches the content perfectly. If you felt that this crisis could have been prevented, you’re correct. If you felt that people were motivated by greed, you’re correct. If you didn’t believe in bank regulation before reading this book, afterward you will be a staunch supporter of it. I especially recommend this book for students with majors that involve international subjects. Overall it was a good read.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girl Talk, the next phase of Hip Hop???

Gregg Gillis a.k.a. Girl Talk specializes in artist mashups and digital sampling. Read Here!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guest Commentary: Lessons from the crisis in Haiti

Many of the people that follow my blog love to give their perspective on issues. I love the feedback (positive or negative) and want it as much as possible. One of my followers (a real life person that swore me to secrecy about their identity) had to get some things off their chest regarding Haiti. So straight out of the Chocolate City here is an Anonymous Follower (It really is an actual person).

There are other articles on Haiti like the ones below. But these are a good start for the more deeply interested reader. They really put into context the issues at hand – deeper than CNN will ever choose to divulge and investigate.

Impoverished Haiti pins hopes for future on a very old debt

Haiti Is Cursed by Our Ignorance

To make it very plain - my personal reflections - contrary to what we are led to believe, descendants of slaves on this continent are not poor by choice. We (in this country and other countries/islands on this side of the Middle Passage) don't struggle with crime and criminal justice, the worst health rates, the poorest economics, and lowest education rates because we "can't do any better" nor because "that's just what it means to be Black in America"... NO! Instead, it is because for 15 generations, for 400 years, we worked on this continent with no pay - and that pay has YET to be provided.

You know, there's something funny about money that we often fail to recall - even after the death of its owner, it lives on. Herein, for 15 generations (400 years), income would have been generated, but it never was... and therefore, it was never passed down. Therefore, the wealth that would have been had is now absent. The lessons about wealth management and resource management that would have been had have never been learned (of course until very recently - though now, we are 400 years behind!). The armies we would have built... The well capitalized investment banks we would have owned and successfully operated... The productive [food bearing and real estate property bearing] land we would have owned... The vertically integrated systems that we would have created to ensure our independence and dominance as an ethnicity in this country based around the 7 needs of life (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, communication, relaxation, and education)... The organized social networks that allow us to leverage our human capital, social capital, financial capital and political capital.... NONE OF THESE have been created [yet], and it is for these reasons that we as descendants of slaves continue to suffer, and quite visibly.

So in essence, even we here in USA, are STILL all in the same boat as our neighbors who we see suffering daily in Haiti - veritably, a slave boat. Never forget this. This means that regardless of how many doctorates we earn and billions we generate in this 'new post slavery world' - realize that your ancestors worked (just as Haiti's ancestors did), and they were never rewarded for their efforts. And further, to this day, we live in a prosperous country that chooses to give $800 Billion to bankers, but never thought once about a start to a meaningful retributive action towards the descendants of those who were never given their fair share. Of course, we shouldn't expect such 'retributive' actions from a half African-half White man who is NOT a descendant of slaves - his allegiance isn't to descendants of slaves - none of his ancestors were sold, shipped, raped, beaten, worked for free, antagonized and suppressed for 15 generations, and then offered 'affirmative action and welfare' as a proposed means for advancement... Meanwhile, there are families and corporations and governments, who, to this day, are still "living well" off of the money and estates and shares that 'never died' even after the slave masters have died. Now going into the 3rd and 4th century, they are still investing their profits, with centuries of compounded interest that were initially procured hundreds of years ago. They are still being afforded better lifestyles, and continue to pass those profits (protected) to their descendants.

President Jean-Bertrand Aristide recognized this perplexing disadvantage that European-enforced and -endorsed slavery put upon its African descendants. But he chose to take some action -and did so with great support from his people, as a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED official. Yet, our government (led by Bush) deemed it appropriate to remove Aristide from office and place him into a remote location (reportedly Congo). Such an egregious sin and injustice that we allowed to happen...

If we do not forget this history, one day, unified and organized, we will rise. We will and can be the strongest people again. We will begin to take meaningful steps towards seizing and procuring what was owed to each of our ancestors, plus compounded interest, and it will be distributed back to us for generations. But for now, I'll stop this little letter, and I will resort to a more passive call to action (for now). Tell your children to tell their children: we should never forget the debt that is owed to descendants of slaves... never forget.

(Anonymously submitted)

Monday, January 25, 2010

White Hope on the Hardwood.

Here we go again!!!! Racists are STILL losing their minds in the “Age of Obama.” White folks were told the world would end once a black man became president. Well….the planet is still intact but you can’t tell some white folks that. They are hell bent on either getting rid of Obama, sending black folks back to Africa (except for Professional Athletes because they generate revenue) or building upscale houses/condos on the moon (you know Tyrone and them can’t afford to fly in space). Don “Moose” Lewis has decided to start a Whites-Only professional basketball league that would represent 12 Southern cities. Don’t say Huh? You heard me right!!!! Lewis is forming a 12 team basketball league with all White Players in the south. So now black folks have ruined basketball? I didn’t know white folks were that mad at the non-defense playing NBA anymore. I knew all those kids leaving college early would water down the game but all this….really??? Lewis wants the league to play fundamental basketball – the type played when the sport was first invented. That means no more behind the back passes - just straight chest passes!!

Lewis is really serious about this. He said the following:

"There's nothing hatred about what we're doing, I don't hate anyone of color. But people of white, American-born citizens are in the minority now. Here's a league for white players to play fundamental basketball, which they like." – taken from the Augusta Chronicle online

Lewis also wants to start a team in the city of Augusta, Georgia. I personally find that funny because that is my wife’s hometown. Ah! The jokes I had with this one when it first came out. No person with common sense and a heart would want this in their town. Don’t get me wrong!!! I think this would probably be a hit in Jena, Louisiana. But for Augusta it would be bad for business (i.e. the home of the famous “Masters” Golf Tournament). Also I think Lewis will have a hard time getting good players. You would have to really be desperate to have a semi-pro career in order to play in this league. The All I Hate Is Negroes League All American Basketball Alliance will survive based on advertising - via local business and corporate sponsorships. I would love to see what company would support this. If Lewis wants to start the league in June, he has a lot of work to do. He says he only wants “natural born U.S. citizens with both parents of Caucasian race to play in the league.” He will have to go looking for the “Whitest Players” in the country. That’s not going to be easy. The best white basketball players play like the black ones. Sometimes they even try look like black folks too (don’t front - it’s true).

I’m at the point now that I have to laugh at the racism in America. It has turned into a ridiculous display of ignorance. Birthers, Teabaggers, Psuedo-Militia Men and Anti Health Care rallies have shown why we are behind other countries in our educational system. People in general are afraid of something different but when you have been taught to fear “others” ignorance happens. White folks have historically been told to fear blacks and that they’re superior to us. Check the History Books they have in high school if you don’t believe me. African American history starts at slavery - ends at reconstruction and picks back up with Martin Luther King Jr. We had a busy life in Africa before slavery believe it or not!!! Politicians tell white men that black men are taking their jobs. The media tells white men that black men are taking their women….er….um…well some of that is true. But the point is that racism is sold to the American public by propaganda. It causes people like Lewis to feel that someone is stealing something from him. Black folks didn’t steal basketball – we perfected the damn thing!!! College coaches all over the country are running to the housing projects (i.e. The Hood) to find the “Next Big Thing.” If it’s good enough for the National Basketball Association, it’s good enough for me. Lewis needs to get a map of the world because he is behind the times. If he doesn’t like black folks playing, he is going to be pissed when he finds out about China.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Thought For The Day: You never see Terrorists on Greyhound or Trailways.

I think I’ve figured out something about Al-Qaeda that our National Security Specialists haven’t. Have you ever noticed that Terrorists never ride American buses? They fly on planes and they ride on trains but never a bus. Right now you are probably saying “Citizen, what do you mean?” It’s simple really. Terrorists are afraid of the passengers that ride buses. I know I know – this is the part where you tell me “I’m not right.” But it’s true!!! Have you been to a bus station lately? Matter of fact just stand outside of the joint and you will see. Because it’s cheap to ride - everybody rides!!! And I mean everybody!! You don’t ever see people eating homemade fried chicken on American Airlines do you? Have you ever seen people dressed like vagabonds sitting in First Class? I don’t mean to sound disparaging but I got to call it like I see it. Who knew that the choice transportation for college students was also a Terrorism repellent? If you don’t believe me, go to your local bus station and check it out for yourself.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hating on Pinktoes or Demanding Respect? The Reggie Bush/Essence Dilemma

Beyonce, Monique, Gabriel Union, Michele Obama, Nia Long, Queen Latifah, Jada Pickett Smith, Mary J. Blige, and Jennifer Hudson. Some of the names that come to mind when I think of previous Essence Magazines.

You don’t know how many times I had to hear Citizen Wifey complain about seeing the same people on the cover. So I was shocked when I saw Reggie Bush on February’s cover. It was their Black Men, Love and Relationships Issue. Ooops!!! “Houston we have a problem!!” NFL Running Back Reggie Bush on the cover of a magazine for Black Women????

Apparently many black women had a problem with him being on the cover. The last few weeks the black blogosphere has been on fire about the subject. Black female bloggers were pissed that Essence would put a man on the cover that doesn’t even date black women. I don’t keep up with his women but I did happen to see him with Kim Kardashian. Kim – she of the Armenian Kardashian Clan. Sure she can pass for white and has a monster booty but what else makes her desirable? That’s what black women were asking when the magazine came out. They wanted to know why a guy that chases after “other” women is reppin for the sistas!!!

I have been trying to figure out what to say about this subject but I can’t come up with anything. I will let my fellow female bloggers speak for themselves but it appears that Obama’s Post Racial America is still a myth. You know that women are pissed, when they are bad mouthing a half naked black millionaire on the cover of a magazine (you too Tiger Woods – I know you don’t think so but you’re black!!!). It’s obvious that black women are still pissed when they see a black man with a white woman. The only thing I can say is that I’m married to a sista (so I won’t catch HELL like Reggie Bush). But I do have a question? What are the qualifications for being on a magazine geared towards Black Folks?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Including All of America in the discussion on Race.

"I have nothing against older white men; I'm married to one. And the nation's power structure, often represented in Post op-eds, is white, male and at least middle-aged. But a 21st-century op-ed page needs more diversity."

~ journalist Deborah Howell

When deceased journalist Deborah Howell was talking about America's newspapers lack of diversity, she could have made the same statement for television news as well. She could have made the same statement for television news as well. All last week we had white men debating the word Negro. Liz Cheney, Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, was chiding Senator Harry Reid for using the word. All of the time Dick Cheney was in Washington D.C. he probably never made it to U Street. The only black person I ever saw Dick with was Condoleezza “accidentally black” Rice and that’s not saying much. Now we have MSNBC’s Obama’s America: 2010 and Beyond. For the life of me, I can’t tell why Chris Matthews is leading a discussion on race. I don’t personally have anything against Chris Matthews but really….Chris Matthews? When Matthews name comes up I never think about race. When most of these white political pundits talk I don’t think about race. My main concern is with blacks not having a say in the discussion. I think it is disingenuous to have discussions about black folks without black folks around. White pundits shouldn’t be allowed to debate our issues while we stand by watching and listening. We need to be actively involved in the process or it’s not authentic. Sorry folks but that’s how I feel.

So again why is Matthews running the show? And why is Tom Joyner riding shotgun? He is out of his element in this town hall format. Tom is a disc jockey and not a comedian. His problem is sometimes he forgets the former and embraces the latter. I was thinking that this Obama’s America: 2010 and Beyond would be alright…..just alright not great. And in the end I wasn’t impressed. The next black person that mentions reparations needs to be taken outside and beat with a bamboo stick. *NEWS FLASH* we are on our own!!! Black people, no one is coming to save us!!! Katrina foreshadowed that fact. We have to handle our business and do what we gotta do. Aint’ nobody giving away nothing!! Well at least not to black folks. And we need to stop being mad because white folks accuse us of voting for Obama because he is black. That’s not a lie. A lot of black people did!!! That’s why so many black politicians keep being elected year after year. Qualifications? What are those? Track Record? What is that? He or She is Black!! Sounds good to me. This is a systematic problem that is killing majority black cities and will end up being the death of them.

It is hard having discussions on race because everybody goes off on their own tangent. The problem with race is that it’s more than just white folks hating blacks or black folks hating whites. It involves Immigration, Education, Quality of Living, Employment etc. It also means that you need to include Latinos because they will be the 2nd largest minority. Also you need to include Muslims, Asians, and Native Americans etc. You can’t discuss race in 2 hours and hope to have a better understanding. Some people just won’t get it in that short period of time. One Latino woman said she didn’t believe affirmative action has ever played a part in her career. Yeah, and I’m in line to be the next Emperor of China.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Music Showcase - East Coast Winter Spell Edition

Water Seed


Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Political Baby Daddy Watch 2010 #Peter Orszag.

President Barack Obama’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget, is our 1st entry for Political Baby Daddy Watch 2010. Peter Orszag has won this dubious honor for doing the nasty and being nasty. Orszag, just had a baby with ex-girlfriend Claire Milonas , a shipping heiress. I know you are probably wondering what’s wrong with this Citizen O? It’s understandable that they probably fell out before the baby was born. I hear you listeners!! But what would make Orszag announce his engagement to Bianna Golodryga, an ABC News correspondent, six weeks after the birth? Uh Oh!! Milonas has to be wondering how did this happen? Well she needs to look no further than Golodryga.

*Side Note* - how does a man that works in finance leave an heiress for a journalist? She must have put it on him because he didn’t calculate the numbers correctly.

The Timeline:
1. Orszag met Golodryga at the White House correspondents’ dinner in May 2009.
2. In a press release, Milonas stated “we were in a committed relationship until the spring of 2009.

You don’t need Miss Cleo to read the Tea Leaves on this one. April Showers bring May Flowers Sucker!!! Orszag saw something he liked in May and before July he was on to the next. Keep in mind - all of this happened while Milonas was pregnant. Now that is just dirty!! If you actually close your eyes (not looking at the participants) and someone tells you this story, it sounds Maury Povich-ish. I guess Obama is going to have to give his “Men accepting responsibility speech again.”

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Shame of the Peacock.

The National Broadcasting Company once was a beacon of shinning light in the television world. An example of some of the networks former shows below.

Former Shows –
Golden Girls
Rowan & Martins Laugh-In
Knight Rider (The Original)
The A-Team
Sanford & Son
Silver Spoons
Miami Vice
Remington Steele
Third Watch
Chico and the Man
I Dream of Jeannie
Quantum Leap
Mama’s Family
Hill Street Blues
Night Court
Family Ties
Homicide: Life on the Streets
I Spy
The Facts of Life
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Gimmie a Break

NBC was also the home of “Must See TV,” where they owned Thursday Nights from the mid 80’s until the late 90’s. Shows such as The Cosby Show, Friends, Seinfeld, and Cheers were the biggest draws on Thursday. In the mid 80’s The Cosby Show and A Different World was required television in my home. My mama was particular about what I watched but those two shows always got the green light.

Now after decades of greatness look at what’s left?

1. 30 Rock
2. All the Law & Order’s
3. The Office
4. Parks & Recreation.

I can’t put Heroes on the list because that show is on its last leg. Every Monday night I wish for someone to come and finish it off. What was once a promising show has turned into an episode of Passions meets The Incredibles.

How did this mighty Titan end up being so limp? I’m surprised that they haven’t dusted off Saved by the Bell and recreated Saved by the Bell “The Married Years.” Mr. Belding is not in his 70’s yet so he shouldn’t be retired (you know we are in a recession – you can’t afford to stop working). The lack of creativity and imagination has sent this NBC down the crapper. I watched Chuck the other day just to see what it was about. Afterwards my first thought was: you got rid of Southland and kept this?? No offense to the female spy in lingerie but I’ve seen better acting at a church play. You would be surprised what an auto mechanic can do when he is playing the resurrected Jesus the Christ.

The network decided that they would not be bothered with creating 10:00pm dramas (the usual show at that time) and would focus their effort on cheap entertainment. Besides “I Love New York” on VH1, the cheapest shows out are talk shows. Cheap, because 15 white comedic writers from Harvard are less expensive than 15 white dramatic writers from Harvard. Cheap, because there are no changes to locations and the need for different set designs. YES!!! It must have sounded like a splendid idea when the corporate suits came up with it. All they needed to do was put the plan into motion.

Somewhere before this grand decision was made. CBS and ABC were coming on strong at 10:00pm and NBC was getting its teeth kicked in. NBC decide that they would prematurely retire Jay Leno……while he was still number 1 in the late show ratings!!!! Even Jay Z knew he couldn’t retire!! In the Entertainment Field you don’t leave at the top of your game. You wait until your career is half dead and then you resurrect it and do it again. Leno (whether by ego or just plain naïveté) let it be known that he might take his show (his persona) on the road. NBC was so afraid that their “Tonight Show” would get killed by Jay Leno on another network that they caved in. They retired Jay and rehired him to host his own show.

Conan O’Brien was the wacky zany guy that hosted Late Night and was the air-apparent to Jay Leno. He stuck it out with NBC in order to one day be able to sit in Johnny Carson’s chair. It took me awhile to get Conan but once I started to understand him I liked what I saw. I love his self-loathing style of humor and how he is able to make a joke and be the butt of one. Don’t get me wrong because Leno is alright. It’s just that when he tells jokes, you feel like you are watching senior citizen’s performing Shakespeare at the local Denny’s.

So with Conan leaving the Late Show someone was needed to fill that spot. I swear on everything that is right and just in the world. I don’t know how Jimmy Fallon’s name got pulled out of the hat to get the gig. The Citizen Household was shocked when we heard the news. Citizen Wifey was calling foul and was trying to track down Arsenio Hall. I was almost going to cry foul until they said The Roots would be his house band. Because George Lopez and Wanda Sikes were getting their own shows I was satisfied…..for now. I would mention that another black woman has a show but I don’t watch the network she is on.

*SIDE NOTE* It’s 2010 and all the major network talk show hosts look like they did back in the 1950’s. Reality Check Please!!

So everybody plays a game of talk show musical chairs and what do we get after 7 months?

Local Television affiliates (Boston’s WHDH is one in particular) are so pissed off that they are threatening to stop showing the Jay Leno Show. Leno’s ratings are so bad that people aren’t even sticking around to watch the news. Conan isn’t fairing any better. My parents (long time Carson watchers) stopped watching The Tonight Show. My mama doesn’t like Conan and thinks his pants are too tight (don’t judge my mama!!!). Conan was more underground when he was doing Late Night and now they have him all corporate on The Tonight Show. The demographics for both shows are different. Conan will eventually be able to build an audience but he needs more than just 7 months.

Don’t ask me what Fallon is doing because I only watch for:
a. The Skits
b. The Roots
c. Whoever is performing with The Roots
Occassionaly I have to sit through a guest or two but I will say he is getting better with his interviews.

So after 7 months of getting their heads handed to them, what do they do? They try to make everyone go back to what they were doing before the move. If that’s not the dumbest thing you ever heard. It’s like shoving the baby back up in the mother because the Doctors didn’t like what they saw. This is the same network that brought you Homicide: Life on the Streets??? Oh, but it is the same network that brought you Manimal (which I did watch by the way).

Now they are saying that Fallon will come on at 1:00am in their new line up. That doesn’t make sense to me. If Leno starts at 11:30pm (Eastern) he will end at 12:30am. That means Conan would start at 12:30am (which would actually be the next day) and end at 1:30am. Oopps.. I forgot about poor Carson Daly. He usually comes on after Jimmy Fallon. His show Last Call would now come on when people are getting up to go to work. His new audience would be people that went work at 5:00am and mothers feeding their newborn children.

So what happens next? Conan has put his foot down and said that he aint movin!!!! Unfortunately for Conan, Leno is okay with moving back to his original spot. Fallon is just hoping that he doesn’t end up coming on at 4:00pm. And Daly is too scared to say anything. This has turned into a PR nightmare for NBC and they deserve all of the bad press. They sacrificed quality content for quick and easy. How do you forget how to make good television? I’ve shared my opinion about what I think happened. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

With Friends Like These Who Needs Republicans.

This guy, he was catapulted in on hope and change, what we hope the guy is. What the fuck? Everything he’s saying’s on the teleprompter. I’m blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little laundromat in a black community not far from where we lived. I saw it all growing up.”

~ Former Governor Rod Blagojavich

‘A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.’

~ Former President Bill Clinton

One of the reasons I left the Democratic Party was the presence of “Soft Bigotry.” You saw it when Obama was running for President in 2008. White Democrats loved Obama when he spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Four years later he was labeled sexist/unqualified/foreign/ (the list goes on and on). Hilary Clinton helped to fan the flames of bigotry in order to win the presidency. Even after White Democrats acted like they didn’t know Black folks were part of the party, Blacks still stuck with the Democrats. I guess in order to vote for Obama you had to dance with the devil.

Obama endorsed Blagojavich for Governor of Illinois. And this is how he gets repaid. Blago gets in trouble with the law and all of a sudden he is Avon Barksdale. Give me a break!!! There is truly only one way to find out if he is Black. Ask his wife what’s going on in the bedroom.

Clinton was unceremoniously labeled the “First Black President” and he rode that all the way to the White House. But here he is again making some off-hand remark involving Obama. Clinton showed his natural tail in South Carolina along with lacky Bob “Pimping Ain’t Easy” Johnson. Clinton has proven that he is just another peckerwood that was smart enough to get an Ivy League education.

A fellow blogger that I respect and admire mentioned that Black folks are too sensitive. Sensitive and Paranoid yes!! But that is another conversation for another time. Both Clinton’s proved during the 2008 Presidential Campaign that they weren’t above using race to win. Black folks calling foul on Republicans and turning a blind eye to Democrats is counter-productive. Blacks can’t get so accustomed to blaming Republicans that they don’t hold Democrats accountable as well. I’m not jumping on the Michael Steel band wagon to fire Senator Harry Reid. But when it’s dirty – it’s dirty. I believe in calling foul on both sides and not playing favorites. What about you?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bigger and Blacker in 2010

If we are in Post Racial America, why are books like “Barack Obama and the Jim Crow Media: The Return of the Nigger Breakers” being written?

Last week TV and Radio Host Glenn Beck said the following in discussing the 2010 Census:

“African-American is a bogus, PC, made-up term. I mean, that's not a race. Your ancestry is from Africa and now you live in America. Ok, so you were brought over -- either your family was brought over through the slave trade or you were born here and your family emigrated here or whatever but that is not a race.”

Last weekend Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid apologized for remarks he made in 2008.

Reid said the following -

“He believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama -- a 'light-skinned' African American 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.

Let’s face it folks –

What most White folks know about Black folks could be placed in a thimble. White men in the media want to comment on Blacks but don’t know the first thing about us. What in the HELL does Reid know about “Negro Dialect?” That dweeb represents the state of Nevada. After Las Vegas, where are the rest of them “Negroes?” Reid called Obama to apologize and of course he accepted. Sometimes I wish Obama was more “Paul Mooney” and less “Steven Q. Urkel.” But the latter is what appeals to some Whites. They like the appeal of the “Non-Threatening Black Man” or the “Magic Negro” character in Hollywood movies. A “Safe” Black man is more neutered and is less prone to go all “Farrakhan” on them. Anytime a Black person stands up for themselves (i.e. being assertive) they are accused of being uppity. Anytime a Black person does well in their career they are lucky. Anytime a Black athlete does well it’s always because of their skill and not their IQ. I guess if Black folks just keep quiet and don’t ask for much, they will live happy lives. God Forbid if they want to be anything more than a Field Hand. Some White folks have been duped into believing the world was going to end with the election of a Black president. They were expecting Obama to have a fish fry on the White House lawn. And that the Rev. Al Sharpton would be his Secretary of State. America has produced some of the most intelligent Blacks that the world has ever seen. But some Whites don’t think we could run a convenience store correctly.

Glenn Beck reportedly has few Black friends because he is afraid he will say something stupid and offend them. Ha! This terd is apparently confused. He has been saying stupid things since he’s been on television. His employer Fox News is the biggest offender of African Americans/Blacks/Niggers/Coons or whatever else they call us. They masquerade as a legitimate news company while hurling insults at Black folks (i.e. Pissing on me and then telling me…oh no! That’s just yellow rain coming in from Canada). And when they have Black commentators on, they throw cover to blatant Fox News’ racism. On more than one occasion, Fox News Analyst Juan Williams has been referred to as a “House Negro” by other Blacks in the media. The 2010 reality is that Blacks are not a monolithic race but damn…..can we at least call racism when we see it? Black Republican Ron Christie could have a noose around his neck and he would probably say “excuse me, could you loosen this up a bit.” Beck makes money from misinforming White folks by throwing out generalizations and stereotypes. All while under the guise of being an “American Patriot.” If Beck is afraid of Black folks, then imagine how his followers must feel? This speaks volumes for the future of Race Relations in America. Also the popularity of Fox News shows that there is an even further disconnect between the races.

The reason I don’t have any close White friends is not because I’m worried about saying something stupid. It’s because I don’t know if I’ll be able to be myself around them. I don’t want to be the “Safe Negro” around my White friends. I want to be able to be myself. I shouldn’t have to play down my views based on my race because I need to make my White friends comfortable. Most Black folks have to go to their jobs everyday and attempt to fit in. On the other hand, White folks just show up being themselves. Some Whites are so afraid of minorities that the year 2050 has been advertised as the end of the world. If Reid and Beck would take the initiative to learn about Black culture, maybe they wouldn’t make crazy statements. The passing down of ignorance from generation to generation is an epidemic. Black folks have been in America since the 1600’s and all some White folks only know about Lebron James and Will Smith. The key to eradicating ignorance is education - dummies!!! Stop judging Blacks from the criminals on the 6pm Nightly News. Those individuals are not a true representation of the race as a whole. Think about this: Most of us still speak to White folks even after listening to Rush Limbaugh.

The Bottom Line: It’s 2010 and I don’t plan on getting less black so something’s got to give. Either we learn to accept each other or we fail as a nation. Really….it’s just that simple.

lying liars loosely lying lately starring Rudy Giuliani.

Here we go again!!! Rudolph Giuliani is telling a whopper of a story in this sham of an interview. Where is Jon Stewart when you need him? Little Man George Stephanopoulos came up short on this one. I still don’t know why he gets all these prime interview gigs? This joker’s claim to fame comes from writing books about his life with President Clinton. It seems a quick way to fame is to write a book about Clinton. Gennifer Flowers should have been writing notes instead of giving Clinton felatio. Stephanopoulos should have done his due diligence and called Giuliani out for blatantly lying. How can Giuliani say “we had no domestic attacks under Bush; we’ve had one under Obama”? September 11, 2001 happened while President Bush was in office. Hell, Giuliani made such a big deal about it while running for president in 2008. He said his handling of the aftermath showed true leadership and poise under pressure. I wish people could speak for themselves without repeating the tired party script. Can you imagine if this clown won the Presidency? We would have a Cross Dressing Liar as President and a Jump-Off as 1st Lady.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bringing in the New Year with something Old.

Shout out to @tsboddy for being my muse on this one.

Every New Year some lady makes the news by having the first baby of the year. It’s a silly American tradition that lets some family get 15 minutes of fame for having sex 9 months earlier. Well without further ado – Congrats to Luzerne County Pennsylvania’s 2010 baby, Xavier Pope. The baby was delivered at 3:22pm on January 3rd with a weight of 7 pounds, 14 ounces. Wow!! 7 pounds!! He was heavy… Don’t mind me, I always equate baby weight to a bag of Sugar (roughly 5 pounds). Don’t Judge Me!!

Anyway, this is the 3rd baby for the mother Leda Pope. The 17 year old mother currently has a 2 and 1 year old. Screeeeech!!! Did someone say 17 year old mother? Yep, you betcha!!! This girl (she lost woman status because she’s not 21) has 3 children and is still a teenager. What is wrong with this picture? Opps…my bad. I forgot the times have changed.

We are so accustomed to our youth having babies that we don’t even think about it. We turn a blind eye to it and hope that it never touches our homes. Some of us have relatives that fall under the “Teen Mother” category. How many of us have 40 year old Great Grandmothers in our families? Can you say the word EPIDEMIC!!!

Do you know how I know that we don’t care anymore? The story was in print and online and not one word about her being too young to be a mother. As a MAN, do you know what bothered me the most about this birth? The Father, Boyfriend, Baby Daddy, Sperm Donor was not even mentioned. It was as if she became pregnant by the Immaculate Conception. This is a complete mess but who do you blame? How do you stop an epidemic when you don’t know you’re sick?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some people love bringing in the New Year with gun fire and such…

When you have to ask who a celebrity is that means only two things.

#1 They were on a VH1 reality show.

#2 They are a Hood Celebrity.

Atlanta Rap producer Demetrius Stewart is being held without bond on a murder charge. Stewart, who goes by the name Shawty Redd (I believe it’s pronounced “shorty” but I digress), allegedly shot Damon Martin after a New Years Eve party at Stewart’s home. When I first heard of this I said "Who"?

*Side Note 1*: His home is in the Suburbs of Hampton, GA – 85% White Population. Can't be all that Gangsta.

Unfortunately or Fortunately for Stewart, there were no witnesses to “not” snitch on the incident. That is because the only two people left after the party was Stewart and Martin. It seems kinda odd that there were no women hanging around afterwards. What about all those music videos with half naked women drinking liquor and dancing. You would think a Rap producer’s party would make a Snoop Dogg video look like a Boy Scout Jamboree. Two men alone after New Years still sounds odd…….but I digress.

*Side Note 2*: The homes and cars in those videos are rented. The women are picked from agencies and strip clubs.

I guess you are wondering what will Rap do without this Grammy nominated producer? How will Rap go on living without the Legend that produced such songs as Trap or Die, Trap House, Stash House and That’s My Hood (do you think he was talking about Hampton, GA). What will wanna be gangsters, booty shakers, faux pimps and pimpettes do now?

*Side Note 3*: I listen to NPR so none of this will set me back in the least.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Over 1 Billion White Women Served.

The Cablinasian Nation must be salivated at the mouth with news of Tiger Woods upcoming Vanity Fair issue. The cover of February’s Vanity Fair has him sweating while pumping iron (or maybe he was pumping something else and then picked up the weights when the cameras came). This shirtless Tiger Woods actually looks angry. I wonder what would have pissed him off? Oh, I know...he just found out he is still a N****. When I first saw the cover I thought he was auditioning for Dead Presidents II. Unless they find some way to bring N'Bushe Wright back from the dead, I'm not watching it.