Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wayward entrepreneurship in a down economy.

I heard the economy was bad in South Carolina (12.5% unemployment rate) and jobs were hard to come by. So I’m not surprised that people would start creating their own businesses. Supply and Demand is the American Way!!! You see something that people want and need and then you provide it. What is one of the easiest businesses to start without much overhead cost? It would be a business where you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money to start. Well a 27 year old woman in Chesterfield, SC came up with the just that type of business. Gwendolyn Lowery only needed to spend money printing flyers because she had the rest of the equipment at her office home. Oh, she also needed money for Alcohol as well.

Lowery was an at home stripper. Because she worked from home she didn’t have to deal with traffic and office politics. So she saved on gas and inter-office headaches. Sounds smart so far right? Well I know some people might have an adverse reaction to stripping but it technically is a job. I don’t know the legal aspects of where you can and can’t strip but I don’t see what’s wrong with getting naked in your own home. I’m sure there is a nudist colony that is agreeing with me somewhere in the world. But before she could be awarded The BET Entrepreneur of the Year Award, she was arrested. So I guess you can’t strip in your home even if you have your own pole (I told you she had all her work tools). Actually she was taken down to the precinct because of her clientele. Apparently she was stripping in front of juveniles (one boy of record was at least 12 years old).

I know that someone is going to say “why are you making light of this situation?” Chesterfield, SC is right down the road from Charlotte, NC (my home base of operations) and of late South Carolina has been hurting economically. In that area crime has increased and college professors have had to take unpaid leave to keep their jobs. If this is the worst story coming out of the area, then I will take it. It beats hearing about the convenience clerk that was murdered in cold blood. While she was irresponsible in stripping for minors, I’m just not willing to recommend the electric chair. Yes it is the sexualization of a woman personified times 100 but remember no one forced her to do it. She made her own decision to set up shop at her house. Most 12 year olds would have gone along with the older kids too (not saying it’s right but it’s real). The older boys have some responsibility as well for attending this makeshift show. But are they going to send boys to jail for looking at a naked woman? We all know how America works. Lowery will take a public beating along with some stripper jokes thrown in.

She doesn’t look remorseful on her mug shot so she is making it hard for people to feel sorry for her. Maybe she needed the money or maybe she did it for pleasure. In the days to come, I guess we will find out why she did it. As for right now we do know one thing. Another South Carolinian is out of work.

Monday, March 29, 2010

When doing the Devil's bidding just isn’t good enough.

"I've never seen Buckwheat as a disparaging character. People love Buckwheat." ~ Corey Poitier

Another case of Black on Black Crime was reported last week down in South Florida. Some dude named Corey Poitier, who is running to represent Florida’s 17th Congressional District, referred to President Obama as Buckwheat. I called him “some dude” because he doesn’t even have a website. I looked hard and long and I couldn’t find any electronic traces of one. All this cat has is a twitter address and a blog. I got a twitter address and a blog!?! How are you running for congress with no website game? How do you put an election banner on your blog and call yourself an official politician? He must have decided to run on some drunken bet by his boys. Poitier, an Economics Teacher in Dade County, was apparently ill prepared for a task of this magnitude. I checked out some tidbits from his platform (below) he is running on and I’ve got bad news for him.

Illegal Immigration: I believe that our immigration laws should be enforced and that there should be no amnesty for those who have entered this country illegally.

Global Warming: I do not believe in man-made Global Warming. I believe that the earth is alive and warms and cools itself at will.

Um……living in Florida he better change his stance on Illegal Immigration. He sounds like he doesn’t live near a large percentage of Latinos. I guess North Miami looks like Wyoming in the Spring? I need people that don’t believe in Global Warming to have some type of documentation (i.e. charts, graphs, figures, an Etch A Sketch…something that backs up your belief. I’m not biased but I saw Al Gore’s movie and he made a good case for Global Warming. Mr. Poitier just says it and it makes it so??

Poitier has his work cut out for him because Florida’s 17th Congressional District usually votes Democratic during Presidential Elections. Oh, did I forget to mention that Poitier is a Republican.

I understand that Poitier wants to look good for his team but swinging on Obama like that is a miscalculation on his part. It might help him at the Florida Republican Cook Out but from the Districts voting history it might not help him with votes. He needs to run as a Moderate Republican if he wants to be taken seriously. Why? Because the Republican’s are looking crazier than crack head’s ice skating. You have Senator John McCain needing Sarah Palin’s help to keep his job (oh how the mighty have fallen!!). Batman never needed Robin to keep his name “Hot” in the streets. You have David Frum getting the axe at his place of employment for speaking out of turn. And Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is still talking loud and saying nothing. I thought the Republicans would eventually get tired of him and run him out of office but I guess they’ll wait until his tenure ends. The Republican’s problem is that the Far Right has got this political party by the throat and they won’t let up. It’s unfortunate because it means that we can’t have a spirited debate based on common sense. All we are left with is scare tactics and a bunch of red faced white folks calling black politicians names. And still no one can tell me what this behavior has to do with Healthcare?

So when I hear about Poitier getting in on the action by taking swipes at Obama, I can only hold my head in shame. It was worse when he tried to explain it away with something a 6th grader would say. Poitier of all people should know how rhetoric can whip people into doing callous acts. Let us not forget the assassinations of our former Presidents, Presidential Candidates and Civil Rights Leaders. When he calls Obama Buckwheat he is aligning himself with the same people that don’t acknowledge him as America’s leader. These are the same people that will possibly do anything to unseat him. Buckwheat, although a character in a children’s t.v. show, was a controversial figure. Buckwheat was originally a she and the character can only be physically described as a “pickaninny.” Old posters showing the black kids in the show accentuated their features by giving them big red lips. The blacks on the show say that they didn’t feel discriminated against so I have to take their word. And sure the episodes might be funny to some people but the imagery is still what it is. Regardless of what side you fall on, it was a poor decision by Poitier.

So with great dishonor and sadness I award Corey Poitier with the “Slave Catcher of the Month Award.” He has earned this for attempting to score points with people that call him “Buckwheat” when his back is turned. For this month I couldn’t think of a better recipient.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Theories on Whiteness

It has been said that worldwide we all share the same 99.99 percent genetic code. Well someone needs to tell these Racists that!!! Author Nell Irvin Painter explores “The History of White People” and defines what whiteness means in America. If this book ends up keeping it real, the author can expect a lot of blow back. I can promise you that this will not make it into your local High School curriculum. The subject matter is more than what some people can handle right now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Passing of Robert Culp

Robert Culp died Wednesday near his Hollywood Hills home, he was 79. Culp was an actor in television shows including “Trackdown” (1957 to 1959), “I Spy” (1965 to 1968) and my favorite “The Greatest American Hero” (1981 – 1983). I Spy was ground breaking for its time because it broke down racial barriers. It was a show about Spies that involved an “EQUAL” relationship between a black and white man. BTW - the other star of the series was a comedian by the name of Bill Cosby. Back in the mid to late 60’s it was a turbulent time in our nation regarding race. Culp could have easily said no to a shared billing with a black man. Instead of being a hater, Culp grew to have a great professional and personal relationship with Cosby. I personally enjoyed watching him act because he was a versatile actor. Whether it was comedy, drama or action he always did his thing. He will truly be missed.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown: Fighting to be the King of Black America.

The leadership vacuum in Black America has left us with an over abundance of understudies. I still don’t know why black folks are running around still looking to be led. We seem to be the only minority group in America that wants to be told what to do. I say screw that!! But apparently I’ve been outnumbered by the mainstream media and some black folks.

On March 21st, Tavis Smiley is black in business with the “We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda.” Smiley is back pushing the concept of an African American agenda but this time it’s in the era of The Real 1st Black President. Smiley is one of Presidents Obama’s fiercest critics when it comes to what’s not being done for black folks. Smiley’s tirade (to anyone who will listen) has caused great angst among Obama’s Fans. Smiley has even been accused of having the “Crab in a Barrel” mentality when it comes to Obama. Smiley says that his issues with Obama are not personal but the location of today’s event tells a different story. The Black Agenda event is being held at Chicago Statue University which is in the President’s hometown of Chicago. I guess he couldn’t secure a spot on the White House lawn. The participants for this event have also publically disagreed with Obama. Smiley has Jesse L. Jackson Sr., Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson and Julianne Malveaux stopping by to put their two cents in. And just for good measure he invited Chicago’s own the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Once again C-SPAN is going to broadcast the event so black folks all over America can tune in. It ain’t Soul Train but it should provide great theatre.

On April 17th, the Rev. Al Sharpton’s organization is having their National Convention. Sharpton’s organization – National Action Network will implement a 12-Month Action Plan that emphasizes accountability. Sharpton won’t admit this but that’s an obvious dig at Smiley who is known for pushing agenda’s without any follow up. Sharpton has been portrayed as being Obama’s lackey for showing up at the White House for photo ops. Critics are wondering why he won’t hold Obama’s feet to the fire regarding black issues. I guess the 12-Month Action Plan is suppose to silence the naysayers and pundits. Sharpton has Warren Ballentine, Marc Morial, Dr. Charles Ogletree, and Ben Jealous coming to his National Convention. The participants for this event have been supporters of Obama from early on but they do have some issues with some of his decisions. Many of them err on the side of diplomacy and want to work with Obama to get things done. It probably won’t be as sexy (television wise) because of boring Ben Jealous but Sharpton is advertising an Action Plan.

Last month Smiley and Sharpton fell out over this very issue. Smiley was popping his gums on Tom Joyner’s Show questioning “Black Leaders” that don’t push Obama on a black agenda. It’s obvious that Sharpton was upset because when he called Smiley the same day he didn’t pull any punches. The exchange created a back and forth that became the talk of the negronet and more recently the mainstream media. In the beginning, it was funny and good for dinner table talk. This thing has been drawn out (mostly by Sharpton.....yep they talked about this on his radio show for 2 weeks) for too long now. I’m starting to wish that they had of talked about this behind closed doors. The last straw for me was when they both started quoting the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. took a lot of whoopings in his life in order for blacks to currently act like fools. He didn’t want the job in the beginning and I don’t blame him. Trying to save black folks from THE MAN and themselves must have been hard. It’s easier giving an angry crack riddled goat an enema. All of his sacrifice and some of us won’t even come out to vote for our own interests. MLK took the job because of something that the rest of us will never understand. He did a good job with it too. He fought for everything that he preached about and ended up dying for the cause. Ever since then, every black dude within a whisker of civil rights wants to take his spot. The Rev. Jesse Jackson was auditioning for the job but he proved to be a major disappointment. MLK = Civil Rights / Jackson = Ambulance Chaser. I don’t know if Shirley Chisholm wanted the gig but because she was a woman that meant her chances were slim. Yes, Civil Rights aren’t all that civil....sexism is everywhere.

So in 2010 what do we have? You have Sharpton and Smiley positioning to be the future power broker for all of black America. They might not have wanted it (but I would be lying if I didn’t think one of them did) but their actions have given notice that they are ready for the crown. But what does it mean to be appointed “King of Negros” by the mainstream media? The world is changing and black folks in 2010 are a lot different from black folks in 1960. We are not a monolithic race that can be lumped into one package. The problem is that sometimes the callers on black radio give listeners the opinion that we all think alike. This promotes mass advocacy that includes rallying behind events concerning black folks. The mainstream media then takes this and runs with it. Then anytime an issue happens with “Black America” they call on the loudest black person in the room. Don’t get me wrong because there can be some positives that come with black advocacy. A good thing is when people demonstrate against police brutality. But a negative thing would be people supporting Tawana Brawley. There are times to come together for a common cause but we really don’t need one person to beat the drum. We have groups like The Color of Change to create a conscious spark that can lead to something bigger. Unlike the dated National Association for the Advancement of Color People, Color of Change uses social networking to mobilize people. But if you have noticed, no one from The Color of Change has stepped out into the spotlight to audition for MLK’s spot.

I sometimes wonder what MLK would think about all this positioning to be his successor. It seems like everyone wants the prestige but do they really want the discomfort from it. MLK’s children suffered from his being gone often and his early death. His wife was left alone to raise their children. He made very little money so his family wasn’t rich when he died. His cause wasn’t about having a radio show or selling books but something greater. He is one of America’s greatest sons and what he did will never be duplicated. So why are we still trying?

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I received an email from Clout Media on a Black Female Filmaker. Black women don't get their due in the film industry so I was interested in the subject matter. Independent filmmaker Stacey Muhammad's latest film explores depression and the overall feeling of sadness that plagues many black women in this society of all ages, social and economic backgrounds. Her film seeks to connect the state of mental health amongst women of color to the lingering effects of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and a trauma experience that has been passed on from one generation to the next. Her most recent short documentary film, I AM SEAN ,black boys speak, won the Best Short Film of the year award from the REEL SISTERS of the Diaspora 12th Annual Film Festival and Lecture Series.

Out of Our Right Minds - Trauma, Depression and the Black Woman from Stacey Muhammad on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guest Post: Calling Bullsh** on BET

Today’s Guest Blogger is an accomplished Author and Journalist. She is also a fellow Johnson C. Smith University Alumnus. Without Further Ado……….Cheris F. Hodges.

Long ago, I gave up on BET and this was before Nelly's credit card swipe.

I had such hate for this network that as a teenager I watched everyday, that when Bob Johnson bought the Charlotte Bobcats, I was so disappointed. And I live in Charlotte and enjoyed the Hornets.As I grew up, I saw that BET was not for me. Black women on this network were portrayed as objects. Big booty girls, breasts and thighs.

I was more than that. My friends were more than that. And I had a young niece that needed to grow up knowing she was more than that. So, I said f**k BET. That's not my black. That's not entertaining either. Teen Summit had disappeared, BET News was gone and then they fired Tavis Smiley.

Bob Johnson sold BET for $3 billion and Viacom didn't come in and overhaul things. The network simply got worse. Even with a woman at the top. Deborah Lee didn't do anything to change BET. Now she's hosting black women leadership talks? Bullshit.

The network has long come under fire for its music videos that critics say perpetuate racial stereotypes of African Americans and demean women. In 2008, a group called "Enough Is Enough" protested outside of Lee's home for more than five months.

"I just still feel like, as much as we've tried, it's still a heavily male dominated music genre," Lee said, describing her feeling after the 2009 awards show.

She said her thoughts turned from the show to the scene in Washington, where Lee has mingled with first lady Michelle Obama, presidential senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, domestic policy chief Melody Barnes and other African American women at the center of power. Then, Lee said, she took out her Rolodex of successful black women and phoned Essence's Beauty and Cover Director Mikki Taylor, political commentator Donna Brazile, journalist and author Gwen Ifill, actresses Tatyana Ali and Tasha Smith, and others.

This is like the Klu Klux Klan hosting a forum on race relations. For damned near 20 years, BET has fed society the worse images of black women. Now, you want to talk about what's wrong? Too little, too late.

The network's most vociferous detractors, such as lawyer and blogger Gina McCauley, found the entire thing ironic, and called it a PR stunt. "What are they leading? Black girls to a life of objectification?" asked McCauley, who was not at the event.

Nothing more needs to be said. BET, give it up. No one is falling for this. Obviously, your ad revenue is the only thing that's falling.

March Madness? The U in ESPNU stands for Urban.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The public schools are rotten but it ain’t the apples on the teachers desk!!!

Where did all of this foolish talk of firing bad teachers because of poor student performance come from? The Public School System has been horrible for awhile now (if you listen to the mainstream media). All I hear about locally is parents complaining about busing and schools. On the flip side, I hear politicians complaining about teachers. It’s the never ending circle of dog chase tail. This is the part where John and Jane Q. Public Citizen shakes their heads and wonders how did things get this bad? I don’t know the when but the how is not hard to figure out. Yes there are bad teachers and yes some public schools are underfunded. But why are we not talking about the KIDS!!!!

Yes, the kids!!! Politicians (i.e. Mayors, Congressmen, State and U.S. Senators and School Board Members) dance around this subject every time education is brought up. I guess they are afraid of their poll numbers dropping. Because as we all know, a politician loves their polls like a stripper. If someone hasn’t told you by now, these kids in school are bad as shiggidy!!! They are like future criminals, and prostitutes in training. But don’t take my word for it – ask your local teachers. I talk to people that teach in public schools and they have frightening stories that would scare Stephen King. I know a teacher that had her car vandalized by a student. Another student actually told the same teacher to suck his D*#$! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – things done changed!!!

Who do we have to blame for this: These raggedy “A” parents that are giving birth to these miscreants. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to be parents. It just shouldn’t be an option for some people. They should have to go ask permission from some governing source. I know some people will think that’s Republican like but dammit it’s true. These are the same parents that can’t won’t come to parent-teacher conferences. And God forbid if they do come, they are hostile and ready to fight. You can spot their children in the classroom because they’re the ones that can’t read. If a teacher wonders why their 4th grade student dresses like a hooker, they can get all of their answers when the student’s parent finally comes in. I’ve heard stories of parents dressing like they worked at a strip club. I’m not hating on strippers but they could at least dress up a bit. How hard is it to get a pair of slacks and a blouse from Belks? People are just giving birth and hoping that things work out. Parents aren’t reading to their kids and they damn sure aren’t providing structure. These students have too many distractions at home. Students are coming to school wondering why daddy is missing in action or why do different men visit mommy at night. Throw in the lack of parenting and you have the perfect storm.

So until we address the real issues, we will always be talking around this subject. You can fire the teachers all you want to get rid of the bad teachers. You can even implement pay for performance and unfortunately you will get rid of some of the good teachers. But with all this firing going on, who is going to fire the parents?

When the people that made the Rules start to change the Rules then who is following the Rules?



In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a
speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district
wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have
been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and
cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against
him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor,
and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

Ex Vice President Dick Cheney’s (or as my brother-in-law calls him……Darth Vader) daughter has taken up the mantle of pissing in President Obama’s Kool-Aid. Liz Cheney and her advocacy group Keep America Safe (how original is that)are going after Department of Justice lawyers who previously did pro bono work for Guantanamo detainees. Cheney is using a web ad that calls the Department of Justice the “Department of Jihad.” I knew the Republicans were trying to destroy Obama’s credibility among white folks but I didn’t know they had the same plans for Attorney General Eric Holder. I guess the saying is true about hitting two birds with one stone.

Uncharacteristically, Right Wing Lawyers have come out against Cheney in a worded statement that criticized Cheney’s web ad. You know you have messed up when Kenneth Starr is scolding you. The last time we saw him he was trying to prosecute a man for getting Fellatio on the job. So you know he is serious about prosecuting people.

I just don’t understand why people are changing the rules in the middle of the game. Cheney’s illegal alien ancestors (ha ha...okay so it's only funny to me..) created all these laws and now when they don’t work for her she flips the script. Don’t be mad at the Department of Justice. Be mad at your forefathers for writing the constitution.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Doug and Patty EP

What do you have when you mix a Nickelodeon Cartoon and a North Carolina Songbird? You have a project from Carlitta Durand and Vaughn Garcia. Listen Here!!!

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Impressive Imafidon's

How one of the best modern day soul singers is blowing his life away….literally!!!

This past weekend R&B singer D’Angelo was knocked by the cops for soliciting a prostitute for oral sex.

Side Note: How does a man go from getting it for free to paying $40 dollars for it?.....But I digress.

The prostitute was an undercover policewoman for the New York City police department. What was D’Angelo doing in NYC anyway? I thought he would have been on probation from his previous troubles with the law i.e. marijuana possession and a DUI. Why does this man keep getting into trouble? Why can’t he put out a classic like his first two albums? This is frustrating as an admirer of his work. I was listening to his first album “Brown Sugar” when no one else knew who this cat was. It was extra special because we are both from Virginia. His success was a source of pride for folks in the state. Even Citizen Daddy was rocking D’Angelo’s music in his car. I swore to anybody that would listen that D’Angelo was going to change the game!!! Then something happened. I don’t know but after his second album things went haywire. Why are all the talented musicians crazy as cat dookie??? Rick James, Ike Turner, and yes even R Kelly (He who wears a mask in public). If they aren’t locking up women in their basement, they are beating and pissing on them. Apparently D’Angelo has decided to take all the abuse out on himself. In the process, we are possibly losing what would have been a musical legend. This dude needs help. Even if he doesn’t want to save his career, I hope he at least attempts to save himself.

Monday, March 08, 2010

How they had me messed up in the Game!! But I’m back…………….

We had internet problems in the Citizen Household last week so I was out of commission. The Blog and IPod were down. It was horrible!!! When you don’t have internet access you realize how much of an internet crack head you are. I must have looked like Pookie on New Jack City…ashy lips and all. Sure I could have stopped by the public library (until the city decides to close it down due to budget cuts) but I do my best work at home. Besides the library is full of children and unemployed folk and they are all using the internet. The wait time is the equivalent to trying to see your primary physician (without health insurance)!!!

Something else happened last week that took me off guard. I had to defend myself on Twitter in regards to Sexism and Black Male Privilege. A black female follower on Twitter fell out with me over something so ignorant that I’m ashamed to talk about it. Apparently she had beef with a black male Blogger that I’m cool with and because of me mentioning their names in the same sentence I was labeled a sexist pig. Later on I found out that they previously had a run in and had exchanged words (mind you all of this was on the internet). This is a new kind of BEEF!! No guns or knives, just exchanging words with the typing of the keys. My former follower wouldn’t even hear my side of the story because she was so mad. The real problem with all of this…….my former follower is a Minister!!!! Am I going to Hell because of this??? Beats the Hell out of me??? Anyway, that whole ordeal really got to me because I’m a nice dude but it seems that still equals sexist pig on the internet. If you disagree with a female it could lead to being banned or having your name cursed in the streets.

Black Women are so mad at Black Men that our conversations are littered with poisonous words that can’t ever be taken back. We fight over who has the man’s boot on their neck the most….really?? In the Discrimination Olympics, I wonder who is really keeping score? I grew up in a house where Black Women were revered. I was taught that men and women were teammates - in it together. Where did this I’m out for myself attitude come from? I’m not trying to hold anyone back but I want to point out that there is no “I” in TEAM. We now have books out that make black women comfortable about dating outside their race. Is it that serious?? Can’t a black woman marry a non-black man and still want to get along with her black brothers? I don’t care who black women marry but don’t believe the hype by the mainstream media. Every time you open a paper or click on a news website it’s the same gloom and doom story regarding “Black Love.” You would think that President Obama was the last black man left on earth. I have to keep pinching myself just to make sure I’m not dead. But if I am dead, please tell Citizen Wifey that trash day is on Monday!!!

I’m from the school of “just because you don’t see them chasing you, don’t stop running.” I believe that with black folks arguing over foolishness (A Larger Plot Driven by Forces Bigger Than us) we are missing out on the bigger issues. Issues such as Education, Healthcare, Affordable Housing and Jobs are the things we need to be fighting about. I know that there are some bad men out here. But on the same side of the coin there are some bad women. For every Tyrone, Kevon and Malik that did a lady wrong – there is a MiKeisha, LeKeisha, and TerKeisha that did some dude wrong. Heartbreak doesn’t play favorites!!! If I had of let my pre-college experience with black women shape and mold me, I would be a lot different. I would have married a woman so white that she would be translucent! Relationships (whether intimate or platonic) are like riding bicycles. You fall off and you get back on because eventually you will learn to ride (i.e. getting along with the person). To my former follower on Twitter, I hope you get back on your bike again and join me.

Black Hollywood, you don’t like playing with the other kids???

In my last piece on Black Hollywood, I talked about how Vanity Fair didn’t put a sista on the cover of their Hollywood Issue. Then this week, I received photos from Essence touting their Third Annual Black Women in Hollywood Awards. Citizen Wifey is into all the celebrity related things in our house but I was curious so I looked at the pictures. I saw actresses that I haven’t seen since I dreamt about them in middle and high school (don’t judge me…I was going through puberty). I also saw new jack actresses that I’ve never seen in as much as a television commercial. Then you had the usual mainstream stars of stage and screen. I think Zoe Saldana is pretty but she could stand to thicken up a bit……but I digress.

What always amazes me about Hollywood is the /my side/your side/ of the tracks mentality that Black Hollywood has with White Hollywood. Black Actors dream about winning mainstream awards yet always seem to award themselves with the same honors. If we lived in a “Post Racial” world (whatever that looks like), would Essence still need to honor black actresses? Award shows for black actors are not viewed with the same popularity as their mainstream counterparts. Which award will help further Gabourey Sidibe’s career – Essence Magazine’s “Break Through Actress Award” or The Academy Award’s “Oscar”. The award is so meaningful it goes by one name!!! Maybe the Black Women in Hollywood Awards are not about your popularity or how hard you lobby for the award. What if they are about the love and acceptance that comes from your peers? Sometimes with Hollywood it’s hard to tell the difference between acceptance and “The Hot New Thing.” From the photos, it looks like the participants decided to go with the latter and not the former.