Saturday, August 29, 2009

Momma, you are gonna have to pray alot harder.

Citizen Momma sent out multiple emails yesterday regarding Glenn Beck. One email was about boycotting Red Lobster because they haven’t pulled their ads from his television show. Back home Red Lobster is considered “Fine Dining” but I live in a metropolitan area now. So when you say boycott Red Lobster, I’m thinking….I haven’t been to Red Lobster in years. Have you heard of a little place called “Bonefish Grill????” I’m not knocking Red Lobster but there is more than one place in America where you can get scrimps!!!

The other email was a prayer list that had the following in it:

Lord, we ask that people watching TV and listening to evil, hateful and prejudice messages in our Country that their eyes may be opened. Matthew 20:33

We believe that the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil and the evil will perish now. 1 Peter 3:12

There were a lot of names on that email list. The email was addressed to Warren Ballentine but we (family, friends, some folks I didn’t know) were all CC’d on it. I’ve noticed that Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh have the amazing power to turn black folks stomachs. I haven’t seen black folks this mad since Jennifer Hudson and La Toya London were kicked off Season 3 of American Idol. The Black Blogosphere scorches the “Unholy Three” on a daily basis. Every week you can find Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh on my fellow bloggers hit list.

Lately Glenn Beck has stepped out of reality with the craziest talk you have ever heard. His intent is to display Obama as an enemy to the White Man (isn’t Obama’s mother white?...yeah I thought so). The Color of Change (doing what the NAACP use to do) has been putting the heat on the people that advertise during Becks commercial breaks. So far some of the advertisers have been jumping ship. But don’t think for a moment that Fox News will pull the show. All of this hoopla and Glenn Beck is still going to work every day. And we know that Fox News isn’t losing any sleep over black folks being upset. It’s extremely odd that a channel that has such great shows, Fringe, House, The Simpsons, can have such crappy news programs. Instead of being fair and objective they are in the tank for the Far Right……let me take that back….the Extreme Far Right. I can see you having one person that is crazier than bat $%& but every anchor and pundit on the air (including guests)? You even have that Negro Juan Williams talking greasy about Michelle Obama. Juan, what did black women do to you???

Fighting, praying or walking around Fox News Headquarters until the building crumbles is all well meaning. Driving away advertisers is very business minded. I applaud The Color of Change for using their network to make noise. I even think that some of these blog posts against Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh are hilarious! But in the end, this is bigger than the Treacherous Three. They have people that follow their every word. The people that are loyal listeners to their shows believe the following:

1. President Obama was born in a hut in the country of Kenya. (Black folks, stop letting people (especially other black folk) refer to Africa as a country. It is a Continent!!!

2. Healthcare reform is code word for “Black Folks Getting Payback for Slavery.” And I will keep saying this until I can’t say it no more. “If White Folks are losing, who is winning?”

3. President Obama’s secret hidden agenda is to turn The United States into Russia. He is plotting to have the Red Army marching down Constitutional Avenue by the end of his 1st administration.

4. Black people are unintelligent and are only in positions of power because of unfair laws that punish white people.

This is an ideology that we are up against. It’s an ideology that runs a profitable institution. This is about changing a mindset that has been in existence since slaves landed in Jamestown. I’m a Christian but I still wonder how we can fight this. I’m pessimistic when it comes to race relations. I didn’t use to be but the years have hardened me. I see a country that is divided by color, class and gender. Beck spends his time pandering to the lowest common denominator just for a bump in the Nielsen ratings. He is trying to chase Limbaugh in order to receive Limbaugh type checks. They are all chasing Limbaugh because he gets paid handsomely for the garbage that he spits. It’s a never ending cycle of greed and ignorance. I am not here to tell anyone to give up the fight against ignorance but I want us to remember this. While we are praying against their works, they have people praying for their success. And everyone believes that God is on their side.


Anonymous said...

whether you believe in God or not,God IS on the side of the righteous. How do you think David killed Goliah? How do you think Obama won? How do you think we overcame slavery? No, it was not done in a day, but the best man won. smile. I expect you to be praying too. Oh yes we can!!!!!!!!!!!
citizen momma

msladyDeborah said...

I'm a member of The Color Of Change. I'm proud that we are doing our part to piss off the extreme conservative base.

I'm also a triple B person. (Black Baby Boomer) who believes that the War Against Black America is one that we are going to have to openly engage. In all manners of ways.

For the moment I'm for praying for our POTUS. Lord knows he needs to have a set of prayers going up every second of every waking hour. There are some very vicious and crazy people who reside in this union. He and his family need the protection that only God can provide.

Don't let yourself become to hard over race relations. This is nothing new in this nation. It is just the same old thing cropping up to see if we can be punked.

Citizen Ojo said...

MsLadyDeborah - It's good to see someone else that believes there is a War Against Black America. I'm not a Black Radical by know means. I know that there are good, decent white folks in America. BUT! There are other white folks that would rather see us dead than be president, or even live next door to them. Those are the ones we will eventually have to engage. Not our choice but just how the cards were dealt.

Invisible Woman said...

great post, great comments