Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hide the money ya'll, there are poor people around!!!!

Why is the mainstream media acting like Billionaire Bob Johnson (aka - one of the seven princes of Hell) is close to Thousandaire" status?

In 2003, he survived a divorce settlement of $400 million and even lived through watching his ex-wife marry the judge that presided over their divorce proceedings.

Side Note: That whole event would have put me 6 Feet Deep.
The famous anonymous former colleague quotes, that the media always uses for these stories has Johnson being a “poor investor.” Not Bob Johnson, the great trailblazers of American business?? With all the Hotels, Gaming and Asset Management business he shouldn’t be having any problems.
Oh wait? Yeah, I forgot about the Charlotte Bobcats. This was the NBA Franchise that was going to bring glory back to the Queen City. The NBA thought Charlotte N.C. would be getting a well-heeled Negro. Instead we got a cowardly coon that snuck out of town like the last NBA Owner. Or as this experiment is unofficially called: “When affirmative action goes horribly wrong. “
Johnson was losing around $20 - $25 million per year on the franchise per media estimates. Maybe that is why he raised ticket and concession prices. It was becoming cheaper to sit in a parking garage uptown while listening to the game on the radio.
What does all this mean? At this point it is too premature for all of this sensitization. Sure I laughed with pure joy when one fellow blogger said: “Karma meet Bob Johnson.” But then I realized that Bob Johnson won’t go out without a fight. I’m sure he has something in the works to help him sure up some of his loot. Even if he was relegated to Millionaire status, he would still be a Millionaire. And that is a million more than what I have in the bank.


msladydeborah said...

Sure you're right!

Johnson and his ex-wife are two individual piece of work.

Val said...

Bob will probably start the Coon Network 2. There's always money to be made in coonery.

But if he does ever file for bankruptcy there will be millions of African Americans laughing their butts off. I'll be one of them. :-)

uglyblackjohn said...

Man you like the Bobcats?
Whatever happened to Grandmama?

Citizen Ojo said...

Msladydeborah - I don't know much about her. I hear she is a businesswoman in her own right. She was trying to start a development project in northern va but the locals didn't want her there.

Val - Bob Johnson has another Network.. Centric. It's target Demo is middle class, upper middle class blacks. Really?? I thought that was what BET was about?

uglyblackjohn - My team is the Washington Bulletts. I don't like this New Washington Wizards name or team. I don't mind cheering for Charlotte but the name Bobcats is a sore one for me...

uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah... I liked the Bullets too.
Back in the day with Wes Unseld.

Citizen Ojo said...

uglyblackjohn - I started watching them when he was the coach.