Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So you want papers? The “1st Real Americans” probably want papers from us too.

Arizona’s new immigration law has become the talk of America. To be Mexican or not to be Mexican, that is the question!!! I originally thought that President Obama passed this law since he is associated with Fascism. Opps…it was the Republicans. This is the same party that supported the wire tapping of fellow Americans (In America). Benito Mussolini should be beaming up from Hell with pride….oops did I say that?? I don’t know where he is. He might be in Heaven with Tupac and Biggie (Ghetto Wishful Thinking).

I find it hilarious that white folks are going to be tasked with identifying who is or isn’t illegal. That’s just asking too much from them. Does the average white person really know the difference between Adalberto and Rodolfo? Sure my brother-in-law is white but he knows his minorities. Being married to a black woman has given him plenty of practice. Now take a white person from a predominately white town in Arizona…um…...err…...nope!!!

Let’s look at a juicy part of this bill

Unlawful Transporting

Specifies that it is unlawful for a person to do or attempt to do the following if the person knows or recklessly disregards the fact that the alien has come to, has entered or remains in the U.S. in violation of law:
a)transport or move an alien in Arizona in a means of transportation;
b)conceal, harbor or shield an alien from detection in any place in Arizona, including any building or means of transportation.

Uh Oh! I guess you need to know who you are rolling with before you hit the streets. You have to check every person that looks like their Mexican before they get in your car. Light skinned black folks; don’t trip because you will need to show your license too. Or will they have to carry papers like the Jews did in Nazi Germany? I hope they make them pocket sized so they can keep them in their wallets and purses.

I understand that some illegal aliens have caused problems with their criminal activity. I even understand that the increase population (births and people sneaking over the border) has put a strain on resources. But let’s keep it real. These folks have been used for cheap labor since they stepped on U.S. soil. They cook, clean, and do menial labor while working for chump change. People didn’t have a problem with them cleaning their homes and cutting their grass. But the moment they wanted to “Come Up” (to be like the people whose trash they were taking out) and get a piece of the American Dream (as advertised by blonde women on television). It became a problem that needed to be fixed. True!! Something needs to be done about the illegal alien problem but isn’t this too extreme? The Obama Administration needs to be proactive and look for a solution on the illegal alien problem (Sike!!). Like everyone else before them they will probably keep kicking this down the road.

I keep hearing black folks being indifferent to this issue. Once again this is a bad look for “us” because we never learned the concept of building coalitions, but that’s another conversation for another time. Black folks will start paying attention when they start passing laws for Haitians and other “Dark Skinned” illegals.


Constructive Feedback said...

Indeed Ojo - you and other progressive-fundamentalists have the "moral high ground" on this one.

After all this nation was "stolen" and it enslaved both of our line of ancestors.

Unfortunately your moral supremacy comes at a price. You see - according to the scholars at LSU - people who "look like you" have been "profiled". They are posing as "the unemployed" as the competition for unskilled positions heats up.


Oh no Ojo - I beat you to it in your question "So you are saying that just because Blacks are impacted by illegals in the unemployment space this should trigger civil rights violations"?

You see Ojo - I've thought about that. I choose to make a list of CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS that those who are cherry picking this one look past.

Do you think that the call for the National Guard in Chicago has some civil rights violations in the backdrop? Does the wanton murder of Black folks need to be labeled "civil rights violations" for them to be so? Why have there been more activities focused upon AZ than ORD Ojo?

You see "protecting your permanent interests" is tough. Especially when you are held to delivering comprehensive solutions.

Citizen Ojo said...

Constructive Feedback - Where have you been? You haven’t verbally assaulted anyone in awhile. You weren’t vacationing with the Tea Party were you? I see you are back labeling people again. I never considered myself a progressive-fundamentalist but if you need to call me that to prove your point so be it. Our fellow bloggers will be surprised to know that you mentioned the word “Moral”. That proves that you do have a sense of right and wrong and possibly a heart………ha! Ha! Just jokes…. “maybe”……..ha!

My problem with this bill is that it’s an invitation for racial profiling. I heard a bill supporter say on t.v. that the police can tell the difference between an illegal immigrant and a legal citizen by the type of clothes they wear. Now how foolish it that? People carrying around documents to prove that they are residents of a country sounds like a police state to me. That doesn’t sit well with my Libertarian side. The Civil Rights aspect of racial profiling doesn’t sit well with my Liberal side. The possibility of lawsuits that will create a financial mess due to payouts and payoffs doesn’t sit well with my Conservative side. In short this is just a bad piece of legislation.

I also see that you didn’t forget to take your usual dig at “uneducated poor black folks.” I didn’t make the unskilled level of blacks part of this post because that is not the main issue. That is another story to the whole immigration puzzle. It’s not complicated. If a company can get over by paying a worker less and not providing health insurance they would. They would do that with “Educated” employees if they could. They don’t because a “learned” person knows better.

And I also see that you changed the subject of my post to steer the story in a direction that sets you up to take your verbal shots and run out the ring. How we went from Arizona to Chicago is beyond me. I’m sure all the citizens of Chicago don’t care for their city or parts of their city to be under a police state. It’s just a bad look in general. But the Mayor, Police, Politicians….hell maybe even the dog catcher have no clue on how to stop the violence. Someone has to protect the citizens from these individuals that persist in creating a hostile environment by illegal actions. It’s actually sad that Chicago has arrived to this point. I don’t look at this as a civil rights issue. This is a crime prevention issue. An extreme crime prevention issue but a crime issue nonetheless. The problem will come in when the National Guard is posted up in the “hood” telling people to come in and come out. That’s when we will arrive in the civil rights territory for all and any issues that might come up.

I’m all for comprehensive solutions – that has never been an issue with me. I just want to have realistic dialogue and debate and for people not to assign others labels that don’t actually fit them.

Constructive Feedback said...

Yes my dear friend Ojo - you got me.

I refuse to take a NARROW VIEW on this issue of Illegal Immigration. Doing so allows certain people to Cherry Pick. This is their main strength in debate. Making indictments.

[quote]My problem with this bill is that it’s an invitation for racial profiling.[/quote]

There is abundant racial profiling going on throughout this nation only not just with the police. The tepid response to certain assaults upon Black people that transpire on a regular basis in Charlotte or Atlanta has an element of "racial profiling". Change the ASSAILANT - watch the response change as well. Last summer the same Civil Rights people who can out daily in front of the "Cracker Barrel Restaurant" when a White man beat up a Black woman were no where to be found 2 short weeks later when 4 Street Pirates murdered 2 young Black mothers, forcing them to strip naked, raping them and then shooting them in the head.

I am not sure that "racial profiling" is the core problem in this illegal immigration debate. Some believe that they are on the "right side" as they look upon "The Fugitive Slave Law 2010". The only problem is that the comparison is shallow. All of this is merely a ruse used by those who see their quest for population engineering thwarted by those who are calling out the obvious.

In forcing them to develop a COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION and holding them accountable for the damaging results - especially to the Black community - we will move them off of their high ground.

I failed to mention that while indeed Blacks are losing out to illegal immigrants in the unskilled labor ranks - someone needs to call out the fact that despite today our schools are run by FAVORABLE PEOPLE - they have failed to lift up enough of our people by which they are qualified for jobs that require more educational qualifications.

In summary not only are they positioned to escape blame for this past in squandered education for Blacks over the past 30 years......they are setting up an America that has a growing underclass which will require even more REDISTRIBUTED resources.

What about Mexico's present economic state is desirable for the USA?