Monday, April 05, 2010

How Did Things Get so Bad so Fast?: A Casual Gang Rape

I don’t know what father’s tell their sons about rape but they should tell them that “Gang Rape” is still rape. The age of the girl doesn’t matter. Rape is still Rape. I guess that this conversation isn’t going on because I keep hearing of girls being gang raped by boys. The brutal 2007 Dubar Village gang rape and torture of a mother and her son. The Richmond High School girl that was raped in 2009 as people just casually stood by watching. Could they have been that dumb to think that it was part of a performance from the drama department? Twenty or so people involved in the rape of a 15 year old outside of a school dance. When did things get so bad that gang rape has become casual?

“Oh, Jimmy what are you doing tonight? Mom, the fellas and I are going to gang rape Sally after the game. Okay honey; don’t forget to wear your scarf.”

Just when you think you can’t hear another story that turns your stomach inside out. When you believe you can’t be shocked and stunned anymore because you have heard it all. From the depths of Hell comes a story out of Trenton, New Jersey that makes you question the humanity of your fellow citizens.

Adults and juveniles were arrested for gang raping a 7 year old that was offered up to them by her 15 year old step-sister. I know I said step-sister but the word sister is still in there somewhere. The parents of the children also have two younger kids. It’s amazing that the 15 year old didn’t take all her siblings out for a gang bang.

So in this community a 7 year old has to watch out for male predators and her sister too? When did things get so bad that gang rape has become casual? Why didn’t decent common sense and morality kick in when the 7 year old was offered up on a platter? Where were the adult that was supposed to put an end to this underage freak show? Oh right I forgot, they were getting their rocks off with a 7 year old girl.

How did the 15 year old even know these miscreants anyway? Why would she take her 7 year old sister with her? What evil possess a girl to sell out her own family? What evil posses a man to have sex with a baby? Is this why whites are so afraid of black and brown skinned men? I want to have children one day but I am terrified of having a black girl. I won’t always be there to protect her from men that hate her very existence. Who will look out for her when I am not there? Can I count on my fellow citizens? Can I count on my fellow black men? Can I count on my fellow black sisters? Or will everyone just casually stand by?


Jem said...

What’s really interesting to me in the wake of the Erykah Badu “Window Seat” video is this concept of group-think and how people go along with the “group” to avoid rocking the boat or seeming “different” from the rest of the group. In many ways, it’s the mob mentality at work. If you’re already a person lacking in morality, you are certainly more prone to doing things that the rest of us “normal” people find irreprehensible. And to top it off, the building where this child’s family lived had nearly 30 people the police picked up on unrelated arrest warrants. Goes to show you what kind of community she lives in and how that neighborhood has been long forgotten/overlooked.

Jem said...


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Citizen Ojo said...

Jem - Thanks for stopping by. I think these communities have become so infested with negative behaviors that their moral compass is broken. They don't know right or wrong - left or right. They are in survival mode and if it doesn't help them then they don't want to be bothered with it. Sure not everyone is like that but in a mob you can't hear the voices of reason.

Nik said...

I was just reading this on another blog, I mentioned on there that I'd seen snippets of this crime on tele, but I couldn't stand to hear the disgusting details.

What kind of male finds a 7 year old attractive enough to force himself upon her?! I echo your sentiments in regards to being afraid of having a Black daughter, who'll protect them when we aren't around?

That's why when people ask me why I don't have kids yet and I'm 26 years old, I don't hesitate in asking them, "Why don't you ask me why I'm not married yet?" I don't want to do it alone, a strong father is needed to let my girl know that she's loved and there are at least two people in her life that will die/kill for her.

Anonymous said...

I was home with my folks over the weekend detached from reality. With one eye on my fam' & the other on my machine I saw the blogosphere explode with this story. Never stop to read about the story ... I had a chance to this morning & I'm brimming with quietude. I truly have no words. Disgusted.

@Ms. Nik "Why don't you ask me why I'm not married yet?" I don't want to do it alone ... " Word.

Citizen Ojo said...

Nik - People really ask you why you don't have kids at your age? Why are people in such a rush to get people married and knocked up? The people that raped the 7 year old were once kids. The 7 year old is still a kid. Kids are alot of responsibility. I wish more people knew that.

Mr. TramueL - "I'm brimming with quietude." I like that one...
Yeah it's bad but the other rapes I mentioned in the post were horrific as well.