Thursday, April 29, 2010

I’ve finally heard what everyone else has been talking about. Poor Whitney!! Rick James didn’t lie when he said “drugs are a terrible thing!!”

Say it ain't so

Just to make Whitney feel better I’ll re-play this classic Bobby Brown joint.


Max Reddick said...

I'm pullingn for Whitney. I really am. But I must admit that it looks like her best days are behind her. I'm not sure if she is still using or not, but drugs certainly took a toll on her life, her career, and her talent.

Anonymous said...

You bitches need to BACK OFF!! I don't hear you hating a-holes going there with those WHITE female skanks and nasty hoes like Brittany or Lindsay gotsomebloHan! Or Amy Crackhouse because you all are too damn busy feeling 'sorry' for them or 'praying they overcome' or fight their 'disease'. Disease my A##!! Please if you all want to hate on her then come right out and say it but how f**king DARE you bitches keep attacking her for a problem that is HER business and not yours. And for something white celebrities especially female ones get coddled for hateful bitches!!

Citizen Ojo said...

Max - I concur, it's quite sad.

Anonymous - Wow! Thanks for telling me how you really feel. I see you have issues with white women?