Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Michael Jackson Memorial - Commentary from Citizen Wifey & Citizen Diva

Citizen Ojo is at work today and since I am on an unpaid furlough this week, he asked me to post about the memorial service. Thanks to her sidekick, TV Emmy Winning Producer Citizen Diva, for helping with the post.

After a lot of media coverage and past celebrity funerals, you go in expecting one thing and getting another. Citizen Diva, thought we would unfortunately see a circus. Thank God, it was anything but.

“We sold everything we had in our house to get here.” From a woman who traveled with her family for three days on a bus to Los Angeles from Greensboro, N.C. She did not have tickets to the memorial.

From Wifey and Diva: Sistah girl, are you for real? It’s not that deep and please give Janet back her Poetic Justice hairstyle – braids and the baby hair. In honor of Michael, you should have rocked the Jheri curl.

• Citizen Diva: CNN has been covering all angles of Michael Jackson, which is what BET should have been doing. BET is probably going to be showing “Baby Boy” while the service is going on.
• Note to Jessie Jackson and family – we are not at the club, stop posing for pictures.
• Why did they use that photo of Michael on the screen in the Staples Center prior to the service? He looks like a clown.

During memorial
• Casket comes in with the Andrae Crouch singers performing, “Soon and very soon we’re going to see the King.” We known now the King of Pop is gone!
• Citizen Diva: Smokey Robinson clearly sings better than he speaks.
• Citizen Wifey: Cynthia McFadden said that she has never seen 16K people who are so quiet and respectful.
• Citizen Wifey: Citizen Diva, they need you in the production booth utilizing your Emmy-winning skills. We are waiting too long to get started!
• 1:36pm – we are getting started. Michael’s casket is entering the building.
• Citizen Diva: Jermaine got his hair fried, dyed and laid to the side.
• Citizen Diva: Mariah Carey is dressed inappropriately as always and where is Whitney Houston? She is probably sitting up in the house saying, they betta do the same for me or Bobby, the King of R&B.
• Citizen Wifey: Mariah does not sound good and Citizen Diva said, we did not ask for the remix.
• Citizen Wifey: Queen Latifah read an excellent poem by Maya Angelou titled, “We Had Him.”
• Lionel Richie did a good job singing “Jesus is Love.”
• From both: Berry Gordy did a good job. We did not know that the Jackson’s are the only group in history to have the first four songs to go #1. Gordy said that Michael Jackson is “The greatest entertainer that ever lived.”
• Citizen Diva: Video montage is excellent. Represents the man, his art and humanitarian work.
• Citizen Wifey: I think I am going to cry. Stevie did an excellent opening and is singing my song, “Never thought you’d leave in Summer” and “They won’t go when I’d go.”
• From both: Kobe and Magic, good job.
• From both: Jennifer Hudson did good and yes, you are clearly preggers. Congrats.
• Citizen Wifey: Your daddy was not strange, he dealt with some strange things. Amen Rev. Al! Keep it real!
• Citizen Diva: Where are the folks in Gary, Indiana? At a BBQ? They look like they are grubbin’! Note: Citizen Diva is watching CNN with shots across the US, as Citizen Wifey is watching ABC.
• Citizen Wifey: John Mayer, my boy, is doing “Human Nature” on the guitar! Love him!
• Citizen Wifey: Brooke Shields, good job. I almost made me cry in the end.
• From both: Good job Jermaine, Rev. Bernice and Martin Luther III and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (basically sending a message to NY Congressman Peter King); Usher and Sheehan, you betta sing it!
• Citizen Wifey: Heal the world – I’m crying. It’s just now hitting me that MJ is gone.
• Leave him alone! That’s right Marlon. I forgot there was a twin brother that passed away.
• Paris, very moving.

In closing, this was a very respectful and dignified memorial. No foolery, coonery, album promotion, etc. May Michael Jackson rest in peace. As L.A. Reid said, "Turn down the chatter and turn up the music!"


V. Walker said...

I will ALMOST agree with your observations except for Usher. He put on a show. Didn't like him making a performance of it. I didn't believe him!

uglyblackjohn said...

I thought the whole show was the ish.
I'm not a big fan of Mike - but THAT was a show.
AEG did right what BET got wrong.

KST said...

Great post and running commentary! I pretty much co-sign with the entire post. And thank you for bringing a much needed moment of levity - Jermaine. The Hair. The selling of ones home furnishings? Even Michael is probably saying, "What thee hell?"

Very touching memorial.

Anonymous said...

Citizen Diva was tooooo critical. It was a funeral. Let them celebrate anyway they want too!!!!.
Where is citizen OJO??????