Thursday, July 09, 2009

Jesse Jackson is on the case of them “Old Bones.”

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Grave Robbers have hit a Chicago cemetery harder than the winds of Lake Michigan. The Burr Oak Cemetery, also known as the first African American Cemetery in Chicago, was rocked by a scandal. Over 300 graves were dug up and discarded in order to be resold. Imagine going to a hotel and your room is already taken. The hotel tried to double their money and booked the room twice. Only in this situation the guests aren’t leaving. The scheme came to an end at 8:30am when the police raided the cemetery. I didn’t see any pictures when I first heard about this. And I was hoping that it wouldn’t be “Tyrone and them” (my one time being optimistic). But then the pictures finally came out and black folk didn’t let me down. Now we are adding Tomb Raiders to our resumes?

The Rev. Jesse “ballcracker” Jackson was at the cemetery putting in his two cents. I’m not a Rev. Jackson fan but I do agree with what he said about the Grave Robbers. He said “there’s a special place in hell” for those accused of this crime. I second that!!! The families that lost their loved ones can’t be made whole again. It’s a sick sad situation.

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KST said...

I have to co-sign with Jessie. This is an egregious display of what happens when crack meets no home training.

I can't imagine how the families must feel.