Saturday, July 11, 2009

I learned this last week: They only love you when you’re on top.

Watching the Michael Jackson saga last week made me think about our society. Last week was an indictment on how we view celebrities. It seems as if we build them up and tear them down. We all have watched the transformation of MJ throughout the years. We watched him go from Big Nose and Afro MJ to Smaller Nose and S Curl MJ to Unrecognizable Nose to Straight Hair MJ. We will never know why he made the changes. Maybe he was self conscious about his looks? This debate will continue on as the MSM dissects MJ the man. I saw Bill O’Reilly debating Al Sharpton on MJ’s blackness. Really??? When did Bill O’Reilly become concerned with black issues? The Media liked MJ when he was a Global Star. But then something changed.

The change was his behavior. MJ’s behavior by normal standards was well….um…ah….not normal. A black man that owned a Zoo; a black man that had a monkey for a pet; a black man that slept with little boys; a black man that dressed his children up in costumes. Need I go on? Sure we laughed at all the MJ jokes. And we did think he was slightly off but we didn’t stop listening to his music. So how did he go from World Star to Pariah? My girlfriend Nancy Pelosi won’t even let them debate the Michael Jackson Resolution in Congress.

Last week on t.v. everyone was MJ’s right hand man. Everyone knew him and they couldn’t wait to tell us. Even Joe Jackson was getting love on black radio. This is the same man that beat his children if they didn’t get their dance moves right. Now he is Father of the Year? When I heard black men calling into Rev. Al Sharpton’s show to support him, it made me nervous. I wonder how their children turned out? What will the people that made money off him do now? The gravy train is going into a Trust. You can’t just pull money out of that like an ATM. I wondered did anyone ever tell him no? Did anyone have his back? Did the Doctors really care or did they just keep the prescriptions coming? Did the bodyguards care or did they just look the other way? Did the lawyers, producers, and managers care?

Sure we have more pressing news going on right now. Yes we should move on and get back to Healthcare and the Economy. But that should not make us forget about what we learned last week. What should be forever burned into our memories. “They only love you when you’re on top.”


lincolnperry said...

Well citizen, but based on your pic there Mike should have audition as Willy Wonka!

Max Reddick said...

Yeah, I was a bit confused last week myself. Couldn't keep my scorecard straight. Those same people I saw deriding Mike not too long ago, were now in his corner. Suddenly, he went from a has been to the comeback kid.

But I hear there is a hefty bill left to pay in LA, and the LA mayor is asking all those who supported Mike to chip in. We'll see just how much people love Mike shortly.

Citizen Ojo said...

Lincoln Perry - MJ said he wanted to be Peter Pan...

Max - AEG the insurance company should have flipped the LA bill. But they won't. It's too late to pass the hat now. All the celebs are gone.

RiPPa said...

It was an interesting week indeed.

I know one thing: people can say what they want about Joe Jackson, but whatever he did back then paid off bigtime.

Maybe I'll write about that one.

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

I agree with what u have said!!!! GREAT BLOG!!!! Thanks for reading!!!

Kiyyah of the af girls!

Citizen Ojo said...

Rippa - I'll be interested to see your Joe Jackson post. I don't care for the guy myself but it should be interesting. The questions I always ask myself: Does the end justify the means??

Kelly, Nina, Kiyyah - Thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime!!!