Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Tale of Rebuilding Two Cities

In 2007, a Tornado decimated 95 % of Greensburg, Kansas killing 11 people. Since the event the town has been rebuilding as a “Green Town”. They are planning on becoming the first city in the United States to build all city buildings to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards. Because of their push to make the whole town “Green”, they have attracted national attention. The rebuilding of the town has been turned into a television show. The show is called Greensburg and it’s on its second season on Planet TV.

In 2005, a Hurricane hit New Orleans, Louisiana killing over 1000 people with bodies still unaccounted for. The cities protection system against floods failed due to an archaic design. Therefore over 80 percent of the city was flooded (hence the bodies still unaccounted for). Since the event The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are rebuilding the flood protection system. Keep in mind these are the same people that built it the first time. There are empty lots where houses used to be and some properties are still unusable. Insurance companies screwed homeowners and re-housing allowances still haven’t been provided to homeowners.

So let me get this straight. New Orleans is good enough to host The Essence Festival but it’s not good enough for a Television Show about the rebuilding of the city?

This is what I think: It’s easy to mask problems and not deal with real issues. Just keep black folks dancing and having a good time. New Orleans needs real change and I don’t believe the city is getting it. Or maybe I’m making too much out of this? What do you think?

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uglyblackjohn said...

NOLA effed up by not doing anything different than what was already being done.

Most people assume that whatever is built will flood again.
So why form an attachment for that which will not last.

The other town's leaders were smart (and lucky).
They had the right idea at the right time (it fit's nicely with Obama's green energy plan).