Saturday, July 25, 2009

How an Illegal Alien and an Uppity Negro told me to Circle My Wagons.

I knew it!! I knew they would be demanding an apology from President Obama regarding his opinion about Dr. Henry Gates unlawful arrest. It was only a matter of time. That’s how it works in America. Most black men that speak their minds end up dead or painted as “out of the mainstream”. That’s why most black men go to their office jobs and don’t say anything. Who wants to go from $50,000 a year to being homeless? Look at all those black folks that worked with a large percentage of white folks during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. They went to work with Obama T-Shirts, Pins, Hats, Bumper Stickers and Bobble Heads. They even tried to debate their white co-workers. Fast forward to now: you hear them calling Rev. Al Sharpton’s show talking about how they were illegally fired. You knew you worked along side the cast of Deliverance so don’t come crying now. Al can’t march for you right now because he is busy. The Rev. Jesse Jackson is looking well rested these days. Maybe they should give him a call. But I digress…

So now President Obama is coming close to Backpedaling like Carmelo Anthony fighting the Knicks. I said he is coming close black folks!!! That means he’s on the cusp!! I know a lot of Obama supporters are out there and they would love to rip me to shreds. But Obama shouldn’t have called that raggedy officer. Screw the officer and the police horse he rode in on. Screw the officer and the Cambridge Police Department. Screw the officer and any black officers that are quick to stand up for him. Let’s be real about something. Did Dr. Gates probably break bad with the officer….YES!! He is a college professor. Of course he didn’t like being arrested in his own home. You know how arrogant some of those PH.d folks can be (Davida, Shana, Brian, Vida and Dennis, just in case you are reading this, I’m talking about other black PH.d’s). Gotta clear that up before homecoming in October. Anyway…the white cop was getting pissed that this black man was showing out. The cop didn’t realize that black men don’t have anywhere else to holler and hoot. If we do it in the streets, we catch a case. If we do it at work, we get fired. If we do it at church, we get holy water thrown on us. I always say if you want to know what a black man is really thinking, come to his house around 6pm at night. That’s when he is off work and in the privacy of his own home.

So on Wednesday night, President Obama was trying to school us on Healthcare. He was trying but doing a real poor job. He needs to shut down the Republican rhetoric. That’s what’s killing him in the streets. Because people haven’t seen anything yet, it’s easy to scare them into believing the worst. It’s like getting ready for a blind date and your friend is telling you how ugly your date will be. Sure you tell your friend to shut up but you can’t stop those ugly thoughts in the back of your mind (“what if my date is ugly?”). He needs to hire the PR people that helped Bush dupe America about the war in Iraq..oops…Iran…oops.. Afghanistan…opps…Pakistan…oops.. Saudi Arabia??? Anyway… he is wrapping up his spiel and he gives Lynn Sweet the last question. Lynn Sweet, one of my favorite journalists, is the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times. The reason I like Lynn is because she is always asking questions about race at inappropriate times. Maybe she should have hosted CNN’s Black in America. Maybe because she is from Chicago and she is use to asking tough questions. Who knows why she does what she does but I like it!!! The black reporters were probably sitting around going “if he calls on me I need to ask something that will show that (fill in this space with whatever black magazine or television station you know of) is concerned with questions of substance.” So no questions about the Real Housewives of Atlanta or if he bought Maxwell’s new album (we know you did 1st Lady Michelle Obama….don’t front). While the black reporters are sweating, Lynn Sweet is getting it in!!! Too bad for the prez because he was almost out the door and on his way to watch “Burn Notice.” To his credit he did say that Prof Gates was his friend. And I do believe he gave an honest assessment with what facts he had.

Fast Forward to now: The President is calling that raggedy officer and talking shop. Screw that!!! The boys at Cambridge are circling the wagons Mr. President. All this cooler heads need to prevail talk is for the birds!!! Wild haired Bev Smith was right doggone it!! She was talking on CNN, at Times Square, on Wednesday and she said it right. (Disclosure: not the exact words but close to it) “Some black folks don’t know they are still slaves”. Why are we always apologizing when we are done wrong? After the Dr. showed the officer who he was he still was arrested. Hours later the charges were dropped!!! So why was he arrested in the first place? I’m not trying to make Gates out to be the next Stokely Carmichael because this brotha is not as pro-black as he would like you to believe. But wrong is wrong – even if the officer was black and the homeowner was white.

And President Obama needs to stop smoothing things over and circle his wagons. When you have G. Gordon Liddy, a common burglar, asking to see your birth certificate you got problems. I saw some white woman on t.v. almost in tears crying over this foolishness. She was swearing up and down that Obama was an illegal alien but didn’t have a stitch of proof. The State of Hawaii (which is still in the union) provided a certified document and it’s still not good enough. E.T. came on this planet for 2 hours and folks were crying when he was trying to leave. Obama has been president for 6 months and folks are crying because they want him to leave. What in the world is going on??? Why won’t these sick twisted individuals leave this alone? Let’s ask the Native American Indians who the real illegal aliens are??? There are people in America that don’t want people to live together in peace. They want Black Folks picking cotton; Latino’s picking oranges, Asians laying railroad tracks and Muslims dead… just like the good ole days when Grand pappy was living!!! And don’t let any decent white folks stand up to defend racism. They get treated like traitors to their race.

So just like they are circling their wagons, black folks need to start circling too. You circle your wagons when you are being attacked. That’s what the settlers use to do in Western Movies when they were being attacked by the Indians. The settlers were probably trespassing anyway but you get the point. Circling the wagons helped them to know where everyone was and gave them a fortress of sorts. Black folks are being attacked on radio, internet and t.v. and we need to get ready to get our hands dirty. I believe in holding the president accountable when he does something I don’t like. And I’m never going to give him a blank check because he’s black. But there is some real contempt going on against black folks in America. There is a war going on and listening to T Pain isn’t going to make things go away. It’s time to Circle Our Wagons!!!

Meanwhile: As we argue over President Obama’s place of origin. Four boys sexually assaulted an 8-year old girl this week. The kicker: She was placed in the custody of Child Protective Services because her parents acted like it was her fault and gave her the silent treatment.
I guess we might have to circle the wagons on our own as well?


Curious said...

Now I'm not saying one thing follows the other but you forget, Lincoln used to do stuff like that just before they shot him and President Obama is a big fan and emulator of the Great Emancipator.

I've been here before and I always enjoy it, even when I disagree with you.

lincolnperry said...

Pres Obama
Should not apologise he is the POTUS for godsakes, thats white folks trying to take him out to the woodshed!

RiPPa said...

Oh please believe I got something coming about that story of the 8yr old girl being raped. But I'm taking a page out of the book this week: I'm waiting for all the facts to come in.

I so fuckin hated that line this week. Facts?!! What facts?!! Rodney King got hios ass beatdown on tape and the while world saw that but yet the cops were acquitted. I guess enough facts didn't come in on time.

If you only know how much I appreciate this blog. I've been steaming for 2 days now and I had to hold back on even writing on this one the way I would havce because, well, I'm trying to get to Black heaven.

"E.T. came on this planet for 2 hours and folks were crying when he was trying to leave. Obama has been president for 6 months and folks are crying because they want him to leave. What in the world is going on???"

That line had me dying!

Damn good post.

Citizen Ojo said...

Curious - Hey, thanks for leaving some words for me. Yeah, of all the Presidents to admire he should be careful. Lincoln caught a bad one. The beautiful thing about this blogging business is that we can agree and disagree and still be civil. Who knows? Maybe there will be something that we can all agree on. But we don't have to go to the White House to drink on it.

LincolnPerry - Pres Obama is a politician so he reads tea leaves. If it will cost him votes, his advisors will tell him to clear things up.

Rippa - Black Heaven is might want to look for another spot. Skip was talking tough on CNN Wed night and now he is talking about drinking a beer with the officer. Better him than me. I have been heated ever since Thursday. The MSM is going to ride this horse out until it turns into glue. We can't get past this because the devil is in the details. When I did this post I was upset but as our President says cooler heads will prevail. Well it's the next day and I'm still upset. Anyway thanks for the compliment.

Invisible Hand said...

Now we got Glen Beck saying that Obama is a racist. The irony... just so sweet.

Bougie Applebum said...

I was good until I saw this -
"E.T. came on this planet for 2 hours and folks were crying when he was trying to leave. Obama has been president for 6 months and folks are crying because they want him to leave. "

Case closed. I don't even need to read anymore. lol You said it in a nutshell. I can ride that comment all the way through Obama's Administration. And just so you know...I'll be itching to use this at the office. But I guess I need to be careful otherwise I'll be one of the peeps that you mentioned - calling into a radio show crying about a job loss.

Good post.

Citizen Ojo said...

Invisible Hand - Glenn Beck, what an odd man. Another white guy that decided to cash in on the "hate" in America.

Bougie Applebum - Depends on where you work. If you work for The Source Magazine....yes Abercrombie &
Thanks for the compliment

the uppity negro said...

I was sans laptop when you posted this...

I didn't know Obama was a Junior....he's never used it!