Friday, July 31, 2009

The drink that Medgar Evers never got.

Well I thought they were going to play a round of beer pong but they decided to keep it professional. It appears that Vice President Joe Biden is good for helping President Barack Obama look less threatening to the “Mainstream.” I never supported yesterdays meeting. This meeting makes light of the arrest of Dr. Henry L. Gates. We still don’t know why he was arrested in his own home? The White House evening pub crawl co-signs that the police can arrest people at will.

Then to top off the evening, Sgt James Crawley gave a press conference!! Like this dude is important or something!!! Another American “Sarah Palin Moment” on the horizon I see. Why does America keep making these Average Joes into stars??? Mayor E. Denise Simmons, looks like someone might want your job.

The embarrassment of the night was The White House scrimping on the food. You can get salty peanuts anywhere….it’s the White House for crying out loud!!! At least throw a steak on the grill!!!


Curious said...

You're right. Since both the families of Gates and Crowley were there, they could have at least made a picnic of the whole thing. It's like when Obama gave Queen Elizabeth an iPod for a gift when he visited her. It's a little on the cheap side.

Citizen Ojo said...

Curious - I thought Desiree Rogers was suppose to handle things like this?

Invisible Woman said...

lol at the last statement. how true....but it was obama's martin moment--food was very secondary i guess. they wanted the men hanging out at the bar vibe it seemed.

md20737 said...

Initially I thought that the meeting was an intimidation tactic from OBAMA. But after time has passed and reading many articles and blogs I think I was wrong.

I thought it was a tactic that Obama was using to make the officer acknowlege what he did was wrong, and that highest law of the US was a black man. He should have done this so that Crowley looked bad among fellow racists. He should have made him give a public apology followed by a list of reasons why he was wrong.

If it was me I would have made the officer as uncomfortable as possible initially to let him know how it feels to be unjustly harrassed & wronged. Than I would have a happy moment to calm the nerves of Amercia. But I would have definitely flexed my power.

Citizen Ojo said...

Invisible Woman - Well if that's what they wanted that's what they got. I'm just saying where were the sausage links!!!

md20737 - He can't flex his power. He tried to be honest when asked about the arrest and look what happened.