Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Barack Obama didn’t raise the Dead. They were already among us.

The mainstream media wanted us to believe that RACISM was dead (Someone better ask Dr. Henry Louis Gates if they don’t know). But then a man by the name of Barack Obama decided to run for President of the United States. Black folks always joked about a black president. Dave Chappelle did a skit about it on his former show. Jamie Foxx even played former British Prime Minster Tony Blair. Chris Rock played an Alderman running for president in a movie. Morgan Freeman played the president in a movie where a meteor was going to destroy earth. So in black peoples’ minds, black presidents were always associated with comedy or the destruction of the world. Black folks really didn’t think there would be a black president. Little black boys and girls would say the wanted to be president and their parents would say “you sure can baby.” The parents didn’t really mean it but who wants to break their kids’ hearts? Black folks didn’t even take to Obama at first. Who was this Will Smithesque character trying to be the leader of the free world?

In the movie Ghostbusters I and II, there were ghosts running all over New York. First it was one ghost and then all hell broke lose. The MSM would like us to believe that RACISM is dead like a ghost. But just like the movie RACISM is popping up like those ghosts in the move. The 2009 racists have lost their minds and they are coming out the woodwork. When black folks were singing and Latinos were dancing there were no problems. A black man wants to be President of the United States……problems!! But we can’t blame this resurgence of hate on Obama. He’s got too many other issues that he will take the rap for.

Racists, Race Baiters, Angry White Men, and Angry Black Men that wish they were white are all up in arms. They believe the world is going to end. They fear Affirmative Action or any progress for minorities. Patrick J. Buchanan was actually asking to see Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s LSAT scores. Apparently he doesn’t believe she is as smart as everyone says (including Yale University). I guess every minority in college snuck in while the registrar wasn’t looking? I went to college with someone that was enrolled during 3 Consecutive Presidential Administrations. Maybe that’s who Pat was talking about? You would think that most white folks would be okay with us by now. Nope!! Racists don’t even want us swimming in their pools in 2009! I thought, it was because of the loud music and sexy dancing. But no….they were afraid that the pool would turn into Tea!!!

All our favorite hate groups are on the rise. So the racists have gone back to multi-tasking. Judges, Lawyers, Cops by day and Klansmen by night. The racists were already upset with black athletes marrying white woman and now Obama. But don’t think because Obama is in charge that he is excluded from the attacks. If there was a dog named Obama, walking down the street, the racists would kick it just because. The racists also say nasty things about his children and wife. They have Blogs and Websites that rip his family on a daily basis.

SIDE NOTE: The funny thing about the internet is that everyone is a tough guy behind a mouse pad.

But is all this really new??? We can’t lay all of this at the feet of Obama.

What makes this foolishness distressing is that black folks have been duped. If I hear another black person say, “I can’t believe this would happen in 2009” I’m going to throw a brick at my television. Black folks are running around like no white person has ever called them the “N” word. Black parents are doing their children an injustice by shielding them from RACISM. Just because you live across town doesn’t mean you can raise your children like your neighbors. Don’t be fooled by this pseudo resurgence of RACISM. These “old ghosts” weren’t really dead but were here all along. RACISM can’t die. It is part of our American Fabric. RACISM has learned to adapt and change over the years. Its main goal is to make minorities complacent by them thinking it doesn’t exist. And from the looks of things it seems to be working.


the uppity negro said...

Well, I've never claimed racism was dead. But I've only had one time where I truly experienced what I believed to be true racism in trying to cross enroll in a class at Vanderbilt University during my post-Katrina days back in Nashville.

That aside, not gonna lie to you, if I encountered real racism, I'd be a bit astonished and it would be a real wake-up call for me. Sure I'm used to the weirdo looks and stuff sometimes from random white people, but nothing that's blatant "Omg, you're a racist!"

And often times, I've alleged we pull out the "racism" card (note: not the race card) and we will cry racism, when it may just be either a simple prejudice or even sheer ignorance. Just because my host mother from last summer remembered the name Mykala Jackson and just knew I knew who she was talking about and she meant Mahalia Jackson and totally pooh-poohed it when I looked at her like "For real"; or better when she informed me at the dinner table with the whole family that "hip hop was from the prison culture" I didn't at all think she was a racist, or prejudiced (although she did proceed to tell me she had black friends and I couldn't help but chuckle) but just dumb and flat out ignorant.

She hadn't been around a helluva lotta black folks, and most of what she saw was on TV when it came to urban black culture. The few blacks that did live in the suburbs, suffice it to say had "assimilated" into white suburban culture--one of the few places I'm sure no one really sees color and may in face be post-racial.


I think I stumbled onto a blog topic. But I'm clearly out of the running for a few more weeks till I get the MacBook back.

But, yeah, for some of us that don't run into it as often, it's still a shock. I mean, as time progresses, more and more are growing up in ethnically mixed settings, so for me, I really went to school with white kids--and Asians and Latinos all of which were significant populations of the school.

Now one could do an interesting study as to how the high honors and IB classes were rather monochromatic and as you went down the honors scale down to regular classes, they were ALL colored with nary a white person in site--annnnd how weirdly all the black kids in the IB and Double Honors program some how ended up with regular classes by senior year--hell, it was only two blacks males by the time we graduated and no blacks in the IB program. But still, I did band and had a colorful array of friends.

Just different times.

Citizen Ojo said...

Uppity - Maybe I am behind on the times. I have lived in mixed neighborhoods all my life. Went to school with alot of black folks / went to school with alot of white folks. I guess my generation was different. Public Enemy was BIG when I was coming up. Al Sharpton was wearing track suits. It wasn't anything for a white person to say the N Word. Maybe a fight started afterwards and maybe the white folks got away when they said it. I still think we are getting soft....