Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bag Lady

While on Vacation for our Wedding Anniversary. The lady cleaning the hotel room threw away my wife's shower cap. If you’re not married to a black woman, you might not understand the significance of that. I thought my wife was going to call up the National Guard for this “National Emergency”. We needed to shower up to eat and we didn’t have time on our side. Tick Tock Tick Tock… Well I saw my wife do something that was ingenious. She took a plastic shopping bad and used it for the shower cap. Don’t get me wrong, because it made her look like a Broke Butterfly McQueen from “Gone With The Wind”. These are just jokes people!!!!! But she did look like her though.....

But it got me too thinking: did Patricia Bath, Sarah Boone, and Sarah Goode start out that way? They were Black female inventors’ and patent owners that had created out of necessity. For a minute I was looking at something special! My wife invented a shower cap that you could carry groceries with.

Since we've returned from vacation, you would think she would be finished wearing the plastic bag. When we went to Target, she said she couldn’t find a shower cap. Hey it sounds odd to me but I’m not going to argue with her about it. You know how black women get about their hair.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha !Haaaa!!!! That is why some black women like the natural look. Water can't mess up a Fro. I guess I would be upset too, the thought of my hair getting wet.
Glad Citizen wifey didn't bring the house down- how could you have explained that to the police. Then you would not be able to blog.

Anonymous said...

LOL...that story was hilarious because I've definitely done the same thing before.

Just last month a torrential downpour occurred when I was on campus. And when I couldn't find a grocery bag...I turned a ziploc bag into a cap for my head. There was no way I was going to let my hair get wet!!

Gotta be resourceful - kudos to Citizen Wifey.