Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wealthy Black on Black Ignorance

Thanks to the folks at Essence for this one.

Apparently some black folks from Martha's Vineyard are upset with the Obama's pending vacation there. (READ HERE).

I would prefer to crack jokes on Gov. Mark Sanford but when I hear things like this it pisses me off. If the Obama's were to ask me, I would tell them to save their money and go to Charleston.


lincolnperry said...

Dont start citizens, at least in Charleston black folks know they are oppressed!

Citizen Ojo said...

Lincoln Perry -

Yeah, when I was in charleston one time I ran into an older black woman and she gave us the real rundown. I love when old black folks give the news. Anyway, yeah the tourism helps keep the happy happy facade. Shades of New Orleans maybe???? It's still a nice place to visit though.

uglyblackjohn said...

Ah Ojo - You know how some of us is.
We be hatin' on a brotha who did things his way without having to cow-tow to those deemed superior.

Anonymous said...

Toure is the devil - Satan himself, I tell you. He's from an occultic clan of Black people who have been hired as guns to shoot and kill the moral and spirit that uplifts and sustains Black America, by supporting the ideals of those who seek to destroy our people. African Americans, who are already disproportionately disadvantaged, who are last in place in their attempts to achieve a higher social, economic and intellectual status... yet, with each rise, his sole purpose is to seemingly push the riser back down their socioeconomic ladder.

He is no more than an assassin. He is a well trained writer/'thinker' who works directly for the people and entities who advocate such unjust race-based public assassinations. The majority of his work is merely one of many targeted attempts to assassinate any viable, living, and commendable movements towards progress and upwards mobility by Black Americans.

Beware, take note, and observe the trend -- there's an entire 'occultic clan' of these whoremongers... he's just one of many.