Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fake Beefs are so Passe.

Exploiting Bristol as an unwed teen mother didn’t stop with the campaign. Back in Wasilla, where Bristol could have been sheltered and given space to rebuild her life, the Palins arranged to send her out like a vaudeville act, traveling the country to talk about teenage pregnancy under the sponsorship of Candie’s, a clothing company known for sexually provocative outfits for tweens. The Bristol “do as I say tour” had a rocky start once she admitted that abstinence was not “realistic”—apparently she was against it before she was for it. Note to mom: When you become the ambivalent poster child for unwed motherhood, you attract off-color jokes.

~Margaret Carlson, Contributor to The Daily Beast & Columnist for Bloomberg News.

Last week America was subjected to a fake media beef involving Governor Sarah Palin and David Letterman. I like David Letterman because of his sarcastic humor. I don’t like Sarah Palin because she is Sarah Palin. I do agree that Letterman crossed the line with that joke about Palin’s daughter. But I don’t believe that he was talking about her younger daughter. I do believe he was talking about Bristol Palin (aka Levi Johnston’s baby momma). She is the only one that is sexually active (that we know of). After looking at Levi’s Facebook I knew he was hitting it. A guy like that doesn’t date virgins. Anyway…I’m all for leaving peoples children off the firing lines. So I will call a flag on David Letterman for aggressive on the field behavior. But I need to throw a flag on Sarah Palin for overexposure. She is going to ride this horse until it turns into glue. She is on radio and television crying about the injustice of it all. Someone should tell her that the line for complaints goes around the block (Native Americans are at the head). She ended the week by basically calling Letterman a pervert. Wow!! Really? Sarah Palin tries too hard to fit into the perceived mode of Republican presidential candidate. With the “Browning” of “Aging” of America the Republicans need to get a new shtick. Palin is trying to run on a 1980’s agenda and it shows every time she opens her mouth. The absolute worst part of this “Fake Beef” is her defenders. They are just as annoying as she is.


RiPPa said...

I think much of the beef is coming from Todd Palin moreso than Sarah Palin. He has a way of sticking his nose in shit. I guess it's the inner part Eskimo/wannabe indigenous secessionist in him.

Anonymous said...

Lets call a spade a spade, they are nothing more than trailer trash!

If she was a poor unwed black mother, she would have been called a baby mama! And some of us would be outraged!

Letterman was being funny, thats what late nite comedians do!

Anonymous said...

President of what? The Palin's daughter made a mistake and they are agreeing to let her stand before the public and make money from that mistake. Yes, she will be critisized. The Palins are folks who probably think they are wise and ARE not. They appear to be poorly advised, thus often looking foolish. How sad. Blame it on John McCann! He should be whipped!

Max Reddick said...

I cannot for the life of me see what the right sees in Sarah Palin. No, David Letterman should not have said what he said, but the Palins righteous indignation is almost too much to bear.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the joke was off-color, but the job of a late night comedian is to be off color. He apologized for it once, and then again. Her apology acceptance statement was unnecessarily long and she ended up bringing veterans and military members into it.

She does seem extremely ill-advised and appears willing to do whatever she can to keep her name in the media until 2012.

Citizen Ojo said...

Rippa - Todd Palin only does what his handler (Sarah Palin) tells him to do.

Anonymous - You remind me of the person that once said "Only in America can a White Woman with a Bachelors degree can be viewed as an equal to a Black Man that is a constitutional lawyer."

Anonymous - Yes this is partly John McCain's Monster but we can't whip him. He already was abused and tortured.

Max - It's because she is an attractive white woman that likes to shoot guns, wear moose coats, drink beer and wags her finger at the Media, and Liberals. That covers the bulk of the Republican base. All that's missing is to hear her call a black person a N*****.

Labellanoire - I wish he would stop apologizing. She is quite dramatic isn't she? She will be talking about this in 2012, 2013,2017...