Thursday, June 25, 2009


Looking at black radio within the United States many people seemed to forget exactly how Black radio assisted the recording artists and independent labels. In the beginning Black radio was concerned about the health and growth of independent Black owned labels and worked closely with them, at times in complete partnership, to create events, shows, in stores and remote broadcasts benefitting both parties. As revenues grew and more stations became popular the attitude of owners, sales people and eventually disc jockeys became more and more financially directed. What once was partnership creating revenue for both sides became a mandatory free show, promotion, in store or event FOR the station. Disk jockeys became PIMP jockeys and wanted money in advance of hearing the music that was offered to them for possible airplay. Research techniques were initiated to offer “scientific” excuses for not playing a song, while new systems were put in place to make the journey to the radio station more difficult.

~ Music Specialist Allen Johnston from

Most of the music I listen to these days isn’t played on black radio. The Rap they play these days is the worst piece of crap you ever heard. How many women that look like strippers (or they might actually be strippers working before they go to their night jobs) can you put in a video? And how many dances can a person come up with for a song? The R&B now is no better. No romance in the music whatsoever.

This is an actual chorus to a song:

Girl you know I-I-I
Girl you know I-I-I
I've been feenin' Wake up in the late night...dreamin' about your lovin'
Girl you know I-I-I
Girl you know I-I-I
Don't need candles or cake just need your body to make good
Birthday sex Birthday sex
It's the best day of the year, girl
Birthday sex Birthday sex
It feels like, feels like... lemme hit that...g-spot g-spot

And people want to know why I don’t want to have a daughter. I don’t want this guy trying to get into my house!!! No wonder people in middle school RIGHT NOW know more about sex than when I was in middle school BACK THEN. If I ever want to try something new with my wife in bed, I will make sure to stop by Kennedy Middle School for some pointers.

So I mostly listen to my I-Pod and NPR. I think the destruction of black radio is a sad state of affairs. Is it a calculated orchestrated plot? I’m not ready to buy into that one yet. We caused some of this destruction on ourselves (yes we did black folk!!!). Either way we are now going to reap what we have sowed. But all is not lost. This is the time for black folks to think outside the box. With Satellite Radio and Internet Radio we don’t have to wait for the other shoe to drop. And hopefully this time we can make it what we want instead of letting someone else tell us what to do. The worst thing that ever happened to Rap was when studio executives started telling black folks how to be black.

Article: Black Radio Speaks with Forked Tongue

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