Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wait Till I get my Money Right: Difference #37 between PWI's and HBCU's

Over 200 Alabama University student-athletes used their scholarships to obtain free textbooks for other students. The NCAA has identified athletes in football, women’s track and field, softball, baseball, gymnastics, women’s basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, tennis and men’s and women’s golf. This would not have happened at an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Don’t get me wrong because we would have taken advantage of the scholarships like Alabama. But there would have been a big difference in how the books were distributed. We would not have given away books for free. We would have charged students for them.


Max Reddick said...

HAHA! Yeah, you're right. The bookstore would have been scratching their heads trying to figure out where the books went while in the meantime some enterprising brother or sister is setting up shop in their dorm room. We knows how to hustle!

Citizen Ojo said...

Max - True dat!!!

Tasha said...

LOL @ Max. That is so so true!