Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thank you and may you finally be at peace

The voice of late night (Ed McMahon), the actress/bombshell (Farrah Fawcett) and the greatest entertainer of all time (Michael Jackson) passed away this week.

I think the biggest shock to everyone was Michael Jackson. He was only 50 years-old. I thank him for giving us timeless music that generations will enjoy. May he finally be at peace and rid of all of the name calling and judging. Thank you Michael.

-Citizen Wifey


Max Reddick said...

Well said, Citizen Wifey.

Mr. Soul clap said...

I second that comment. We will all miss him very much! May God bless his family during this time.

Anonymous said...

He was great! He always surprised the world with new and better videos and songs and he is still surprising us. Yes, may he rest in peace.