Friday, June 19, 2009

Idiocracy in Minnesota

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is talking stupid again. I believe she thinks she can follow in Sarah Palins footsteps or is that moose tracks. She wants to be a big shot in the Republican Party but I don’t see it happening. But she always says the dumbest things (Click Here). Her latest statement deals with the 2010 Census.

Bachmann says that her family will not be filling out the 2010 Census because the Constitution doesn't require her to provide any information beyond how many people live at her residence. Huh? She had implicated ACORN as an organization that will be involved in obtaining Census data. ACORN, Black Women on Welfare, Affirmative Action, and Black Quarterbacks are favorite whipping posts for some Republicans. Acorn got it real bad during the 2008 election.

I was under the impression that the U.S. Government was in charge of the Census. Now President Obama is outsourcing??? First IT jobs going to India and now we can’t go door to door asking questions? Many of the claims placed against ACORN have not been proven to be accurate. Either way, Obama should keep the non partisan Census and the ACORN organization separate. But that doesn’t mean you give the census takers a hard time when they show up at your door. This woman is an elected official and she talks out the side of her mouth constantly. Citizens of Minnesota….is this the best you have to offer politically?

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Max Reddick said...

This lady is absolutely insane. It truly frightens we that people as crazy as she is can get themselves elected to office. It truly frightens me that the people of Minnesota took a look at this lunatic and decided that this is who we would like to represent us in Washington.