Wednesday, May 06, 2009

How to love pork, hate flannel pajamas and dislike people that don’t look like you.

And the drama continues……………People have decided to bypass graduations because of the Swine Flu. People are wearing masks because of the Swine Flu. And Illegal Aliens, Mexicans and Pigs are taking the blame for it all. Not a surprise! In America when something goes wrong, it’s always convient to blame “The Other.” All of a sudden the swine flu is a reason to keep the borders closed? Mexicans have been getting dissed all over the globe. They are either being asked to leave countries or being quarantined. The pigs have been having a rough time too. Last week Citizen Wifey was trying to ban pork products in the house. What?!!? Okay it wasn’t an actual ban but she wasn’t trying to eat pork. In my world that means an actual ban on pork. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, where are you when I need you. Tell Citizen Wifey that there is nothing wrong with sausage links!!! This week Citizen Wifey is sniffling and what not. I hope it’s just a late spring cold that’s going around. Last night she was wearing flannel pajamas (BOOO!!!!!!!!!) to bed. It’s the summer time for crying out loud. AMERICA, do you think Citizen Wifey has the Swine Flu? That would be horrible because she is already having a bad week. She almost poured gasoline on a Jehovah Witness. Apparently the girl crept up while she was pumping gas. You can’t sneak up on black folks like that. As I said before, those Jehovah Witnesses move like Jedi Knights. I think they must have followed her home because they left magazines on our front door. I wish they would’ve watched the weather report before they did that. Now I have wet magazines on my doorstep. I digress….. I’m getting off my point. I am changing the name of Swine Flu to H1N1. I’m lobbying for the pigs because someone has too.

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