Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dr. King, please don’t feed into the Anti-Gay American Idol Conspiracy.

When the show ended, I actually breathed a sigh of relief. America seemed to have voted for some old fashioned values by casting enough of the nearly 100 million votes towards Kris to cause him to win.

~ Dr. Alveda C. King, pastoral associate for Priests For Life and niece of the late Dr. King

Citizen Wifey is a big fan of American Idol. Due to the show coinciding with our dinner time, I’ve been catching a peek or two this season. Everyone knows about Adam Lambert being one of the top singers. This guy evaded the “Gay” question for the whole season of American Idol. It was obvious that this guy was gay. I don’t know why he didn’t just say he was gay. Ellen came out and she has her own t.v. show. Rosie O’Donnell came out and she had a cush job with “The View”. Clay Aiken finally came out and he’s kicking it on Broadway. The only place where Gay’s aren’t wanted is the military. Adam was going to go into the music business. Has anyone heard of an artist by the name of Elton John?

The voting on American Idol is not like the Presidential Election. In the Presidential Election, we actually see people voting on machines. In the America Idol voting, all we hear about is the amount of people that called in. Do we have proof that phone votes were even counted? Ryan Seacrest tells us that X amount of people call in every week…..says who? How do we know they aren’t pulling the strings behind the voting? Think about all the previous scabs (from previous American Idol Seasons) that lasted longer than they should have. But let’s say that the phone votes counted. I believe Adam would have lost due to lackadaisical voters and Danny Gokey voters.

#1) People thought he was a shoe in and they didn’t vote.

#2) Once Danny was booted off his votes went Kris Allen.

Those are two possible scenarios that went down on vote night. But this theory of “Christian Americans” voting to sabotage Adam is foolish. With all the issues we face in America, this is the last thing we need to discuss. Surely Dr. King could come up with something of more substance than this? But first, I need her to tell her kin folks to stop acting up.


Max Reddick said...

You are right. I don't think anyone decided not to vote for him because he is gay. Hell, if that was the reason, he would have been voted off a long time ago because even Stevie Wonder could have seen that.

I think Dr. King is projecting her own prejudices on the American Idol voters.

And just like you, I was forced to watch American Idol by my wife and daughter. It usually stops holding my interest after the black people get voted off.

Citizen Ojo said...

Max - You are my dude... People don't understand when you tell them your wife is holding you hostage with these t.v. shows.

the uppity negro said...

Um...not married like you two, but I remember my mother used to hold me and dad hostage when "Desperate Housewives" first came on.

But, living in Atlanta most of the school year, we hear about every little fart that the Kings make down there. It's really some bullshyt if u ask me. I mean, I've lost a lot of respect for both sides of the argument. I mean, Bernice somehow lost her marbles along the way cuz she's out there with Eddie Long.

And then the fact that they can't get the estate together with Dexter and the fact that the King Center is a HAWWWWWWT MESS, they're not making any money and MLK's sister is still alive and she's a mess in her own right--i mean these are the people that invited Rick Warren to speak at Ebenezer for King Day services this past year--and he SUUUUUCKED!

I think that response, however, is evidence of really how many conservative bass-ackwards people think.

the uppity negro said...

Oh gawwwwd, I clicked on her blog.

That's some evangelical bullshyt!!!

Citizen Ojo said...

Uppity - Citizen Wifey still complains about our trip to the King Center. It isn't Taj Mahal but when folks are fighting over money and not spending it you get what you get.