Friday, May 22, 2009

Bob Johnson, you low down dirty conniving scoundrel snake in the grass….the next time you screw Charlotte make sure you wear a condom!!!

I knew this was going to happen. I didn’t need psychic abilities to see this coming. The only good thing about Bob Johnson is that he is consistent. He consistently tries to sell businesses to make money or to keep from losing money. Yes, that’s right folks……The Charlotte Bobcats are up for sale. Johnson has said “He's lost passion” for owning a professional team. Lost His Passion!!!! Does he think this is a marriage? Oh I forgot, this “soulless “troll is already divorced. But wait….because it gets worse. Michael Jordan could possibly be interested in buying the team. This is the same Michael Jordan that was fired from the Washington Wizards. His job title with the Washington Wizards: President of Basketball Operations.

Commissioner David “Little Man” Stern decided he would be on the right side of history with Bob Johnson. He would name Bob Johnson owner of a new NBA franchise and all would be right with the world. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Bob Johnson are tied for the worst Affirmative Action Hires Ever. Charlotte just got through running the last NBA owner out of town. When was the last time a rich White Man left town kicking dust? And no, Bernard Madoff doesn’t count. Stern, Elected Officials and Johnson conspired to provide Charlotte an NBA basketball team come hell or high water. This man lied to the city of Charlotte. He told us all the things we wanted to hear and even played the part. He was like a guy trying to get some play on prom night. I saw through him but like the financial crisis no one would listen (Yes I’m talking about you Citizen Wifey – sorry honey!!).

So here we are:

1) A basketball team with no legitimate star.
2) A broke down basketball player who only has 4 years in the league (yes I’m talking about you Sean May!!!).
3) An owner that would sell his own heart if he thought he could make a buck.
4) A brand new arena with overpriced tickets.
5) A former superstar part owner with questionable prior management experience.

And we are stuck with a team that has a corny name. The Bobcats??? My 3 year-old God-daughter could have given them a better name. Now we have to be reminded of Bob Johnson for the rest of our lives or until the team finally leaves town. They might be under contract to stay in Charlotte but one day they will bounce. History has a funny habit of repeating itself. I wish we could run Bob Johnson out of town but we can’t. Why? He doesn’t live here full time.


NCCU Alumni said...

Sambo of the Year! Bob Johnson is an opportunist with no integrity! How are you going to make history TWICE and not leave a legacy that will set a standard for other people of color to follow? He has screwed Charlotte with Hi-5 (HIV) and H1N1 viruses!!!! Michael Jordan is NOT the vaccine Charlotte needs to combat this disease!!!!!!!

uglyblackjohn said...

Man Charlotte hasn't been hot since... Gran Mama.
But now you know how LA felt with the Rams and then the Raiders.

RiPPa said...

Business as usual I suppose. Maybe somebody in Seattle will purchase the team and move it to the Northwest. It just doesn't seem right that there is no longer a team known as the Supersonics in the NBA, but yet there's the Bobcats?

Seriously, that's like a little leauge name or something.

Citizen Ojo said...

NCCU Alumni - Bob Johnson doesn't even know how to spell "Legacy"

Ugly Black John - Larry Johnson, you think we fell off since then? Well....yeah that's when we had star players...

Rippa - Well they have until 2030 (about that time) and then they can move. By then Seattle would have gone through 2 teams. Yeah the name Bobcats sucks.....

lincolnperry said...

Sounds like the same lie we told BET shareholders in the 90s!