Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Commercial For Spirit Airlines


Ben Hernandez said...

Hopefully their planes aren't as low budget and ridiculous as their commercials.

the uppity negro said...

Nightline did a special on them, ummm....night before last. Granted they are cheaper, I'm in the six foot club, and well enough into that I would relish the extra few inches and would just up and pay the extra money.

It's interesting how they do it...

They charge base fee, whatever it costs to fly your person from A to B and start at like $20 bucks to check ONE bag and up to $100 for the third bag--BOTH ways.

AirTran tried that we me and I went off. I had flown back home outta NO and they didn't charge me for my third bag, and when I got to Midway and them #&*$ wanted to charge I said "oh hellllll nah."

I got a car now. I aint flown since 2005.