Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is Oprah’s secret? Stedman let me know dude, I got bills!!!!

There aren’t that many black American billionaires walking around these days. Actually there are only two. The Great Oprah Winfrey and that other dude who will remain nameless. I joke all the time about Oprah sending women secret transmissions via her show. Oprah is part circus ringmaster, self help guru, round the way sista girl and hustler. While people are praying that their badges work when they go to the office tomorrow. Oprah is sitting back wondering what the fuss is all about. Forbes Magazine has her net-worth on the rise. She increased her net-worth and rank on the Forbes list. With so many other billionaires falling down or off the list how does she do it? I think I have one reason for her success. I noticed that she hasn’t given any cars away in awhile.

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