Thursday, March 05, 2009

Finding Arsenio Hall

Citizen Wifey and I were watching the first episode of Jimmy Fallon’s new show Monday night err……………….Tuesday Morning. Citizen Wifey is not a late night person. She was actually complaining because I didn’t wake her up the next morning. I told her that’s what the alarm clock is for. Anyway, we were watching his show….not for Jimmy mind you. Because I don’t think he is funny. No disrespect to dude but on the scale of laughs he is at the bottom. He can do an impression or two but can he produce gut wrenching laughing…….me thinks not!!! Let me be totally honest with you. I really was watching to see the greatest Hip Hop Group in the world performing as a late night talk show House Band. The Roots……for anybody that doesn’t have a clue. We ended up watching Carson Daly after that but that’s another story. Did I tell you that Citizen Wifey is not a late night person?

Anyway, the show was so so. The skit “Licking for ten” was awkward. It wasn’t bad but it was awkward. I’ve seen women do a lot of things for free but I’ve never seen a woman lick a copier for 10 bucks. I’m just glad that when the guy licked the lawn mower it wasn’t on. I loved the skit “Slow jamming the news”. I could only imagine Tom Brokaw delivering the news with sexy music in the background. I bet his female viewership would have been through the roof.

Citizen Wifey said something while the show was on that had me thinking. She said “where is the next Arsenio Hall”? I mentioned about how we had black talk show hosts after Arsenio but they weren’t funny. Magic Johnson could shoot the rock but he doesn’t need to ever touch an opening monologue again. Citizen Wifey went on to say that Arsenio was the best talk show host ever. I had to correct her because Johnny Carson was the master. I don’t care what color or gender you are. Everyone in modern times is chasing Carson. I actually like David Letterman because his humor is self-depreciating. Conan O'Brien is not really funny but he is so stupid it makes me laugh. Arsenio did have one of the best shows going. He brought swagger to the mainstream and that was a good thing. I was able to watch Wu Tang Clan perform “CREAM,” President Clinton play the sax and Rudy Ray Moore perform "Signifying Monkey.”

Citizen Dad once told me that President Obama is the right person for now. I believe that Arsenio was the right person for his time. I don’t think the fact that we don’t have a black talk show host is a major disappointment. Sure the line to get in after Letterman and Leno is long and probably not filled with many minorities. But we have too many other issues besides complaining about a late night black out. So although watching Jimmy Fallon produced different feelings for the Citizens. Wifey might have missed Arsenio Hall but I kept thinking about why we don’t have any milk in the fridge. I really wanted cereal for breakfast.


Ben Hernandez said...

I agree, Carson was the man. And I believe Letterman a close second. They were both funny first of all, but both very intelligent and they brought that to their interviews. They were in control. Leno...glad he's gone. Let him go back to polishing his cars.

Conan's show is funny because of it's complete absurdity. Carson Daly?...Don't know why people allowed him to have a talk-show after seeing him on TRL.

Although I don't really have a TV, I agree about Fallon, no need to put him on a show either...or maybe he and Chevy Chase could put something together?

I used to watch Vibe with Chris Spencer and Sinbad. I liked Sinbad, he was all right. Vibe had some cool musical guests.

Arsenio Hall...I miss that guy--On TV, in movies, anything. Arsenio had what Carson and Letterman had, he was funny and had intelligent interviews...oh and he was black...or still is.

Arsenio also had that quality that made you feel like you could just hang out with the guy in your own living room.

Where is he these days? They should bring his show back. People would flip.

the uppity negro said...

I had heard about The Roots being the house band, which was weird to me.

How'd it come off?

uglyblackjohn said...

Arsenio was hella' funny when he would guest on Thicke of the Night or sub for Joan Rivers. He was even funny when his show first came out. He tapered off later (I think he started believing his own press).

Magic was a bad idea.

Chapelle could have pulled of an almost serious show with spomtaneous humor.

Citizen Ojo said...

Ben - You are a funny dude. But you need to get a T.V. You don't have to watch it every night.

Uppity - The Roots are steady. Whatever and Whenever. I wonder what they think about Jimmys jokes.

Ugly Black John - I forgot Rivers and Thicke had shows...Look at you with the old school info.

Anonymous said...

The Roots as a house band! I'd like to attend a live taping just for them!

But the humor... hmm... (lick for 10)...