Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lady Sings the Black and Blues

Domestic abuse/here we go again. First my father and now my boyfriend so I keep asking when will it end. The cycle flows from generation to generation but you think where the hell does all this begin? In the womb, music, tv – or is it when you see the tears flowing like a stream………........……From An Unknown Female Poet.

I guess Chris Brown has decided the best way to get over an assault charge is to sing. I decided to stay out of this because I didn’t want to jump on the “Hate” Chris Brown bandwagon. I felt that the guy needed help and I was hoping he would get it. Unfortunately he didn’t man up and go get the help he needed. His enablers brushed it off like it was nothing. Even though it is “Alleged” we pretty much know what happened. I won’t go into detail about how Rihanna let little girls down (even though she did). And I won’t go into detail about how people have made Rihanna the scapegoat for getting her tail kicked (even though they did). This whole situation is a mess. I do know that singing isn’t going to solve this problem.

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