Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Don pimp slaps Michael “beyotch” Steele and tells him to shut up and raise money. Isn’t that what a pimp says to a ho?

I once had respect for Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele. I always thought the guy was bright. I even believed that, IN HIS MIND, he thinks he can change the dynamics of the Republican party. But…………after yesterday I know who Michael Steele really is. Boot Licking-esque is a word that I could use but I’m sure that the black blogosphere has used this one already. What does it mean when the Head of the Republican National Committee has to apologize to a talk radio host? One minute Steele is on the D.L. Hughley show talking tough. The next time you see him he is cow-towing. He has set everyone back from Dolemite to Frederick Douglass.

Bet you never thought that those two names would be in the same sentence? Don’t be surprised!!! These men have a lot in common:

1. They both fought for justice.

2. They both liked white women.

Anyway, Steele has proven that he is not a leader. He is a figure head. The question is a figure head of what? Rush Limbaugh has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has clout in the party. He might not be Gepetto but he has some type of influence. Limbaugh followers, other Republicans, and the Extreme Far Right have been whipped into a frenzy. Every time a fellow Republican bad mouths him, they end up apologizing. This usually comes after he scorches them on his radio show. So the apology always comes with some arm bending or the fear of arm bending. Steele looked at the carnage formerly known as Georgia Congressman Phil Gingrey and realized he didn’t want any drama. Some people don’t know how to handle beef. It takes a certain kind of dude to keep a beef going. Steele is more Carlton Banks than 50 Cent. I can’t blame him for that because if it’s not in you what can you do? What I can blame him for is the groveling. If he is in charge, then he needs to act like it. Limbaugh basically reduced Steele to the role of a lacky. What can we expect from Steele since his power has been unsurped by a guy on the radio? Absolutely nothing!!! Did I tell you that I once had respect for Michael Steele?


uglyblackjohn said...

Someone needs to explain the meaning of "titular" to Steele.

Debo Blue said...

Poor Mr.Steele. Black folks around the world collectively gasped then shook our heads "ump, ump, ump" when Steele apologized. I'm sure many more people responded w/"WTF" but I'm Christian:-)

Mr.Steele has just told us what his white supporters already knew: his first name is indeed Beotch.

Citizen Ojo said...

I think I heard someone use the word emasculated in refrencing Michael Steele.

Anonymous said...

Lets leave black and white out of this. My steele is NOT black. He is a brown man,no (that would make the American Indians look bad) a funny looking man just trying to be popular even at the cost of sounding stupid and uneducated. Have you noticed all the other crackpots trying to make news? I blame Bush for that!