Saturday, March 14, 2009

Face It America, You need us……….Desperately

"I think the industry will continue to see people leaving until managers can articulate a clear vision of how they will make money providing content in a fashion that does not lead to annual or semiannual layoffs, pay cuts and benefit reductions. Currently no one seems to have a profitable concept for how to make money providing news and features digitally — which is the ONLY future."

San Antonio Express-News former business writer ~ Aissatou Sidime.

I always laugh at the disdain that many of my fellow bloggers have for the Mainstream Media. The Black Bloggers especially seem to have a lack of respect for them. That’s why a lot of people started blogging. They…..We…. essential thought we could do a better job. Some bloggers will be modest and tell you that’s not the reason but it is. I look at some of the bloggers on my blog list and they are talking about issues that I don’t hear about from the MSM. They are also giving insightful commentary about some of today’s issues. Even the gossip and celebrity blogs are beating out the MSM entertainment shows regarding information. Now I’m not suggesting that I want to hear about baby mama’s and breast implants but everyone has different tastes.

After years of providing our window to the world, the MSM is running on fumes. The MSM’s marriage with corporations has finally caught up to them. The lack of oversight has finally caught up to them. The inability to be able to adjust to a changing demographic has finally caught up to them. Don’t get me wrong because I enjoy reading the newspaper and magazines. But my problem is not the format (that is another conversation) of the news that I receive. My issue is how I receive it and what condition is it in when I get it. If a news organization doesn’t ask the tough questions, what good is it to me? If a news organization doesn’t hold peoples feet to the fire, what good is it to me? If a news organization only gives you the news that they want to give you, what good is it to me? The news has been massaged and dumbed down before we receive it. It reminds me of when a mother bird chews a baby birds’ food before they eat it. The journalists that are providing the news are compromised. They either are in the pockets of corporations or they are afraid of the government. Their job is to ask the tough questions so we can get honest answers. It started during Bush II administration and it hasn’t stopped since. Now that they don’t have the threat of being water boarded by Dick Cheney you would think things would be different. Instead it has gotten worse.

It seems as though the most credible journalist these days is a comedian. Jon Stewart, host of “The Daily Show”, is the only person asking the tough questions. His Spanish Inquisition of Jim Cramer, host of “Mad Money”, was brilliant. Finally, someone asking the questions that I wish I could ask. It wasn’t about him throwing around jokes. He actually gave a real deal interview. He even showed old footage of Cramer talking about how to “Game the System”. If he previously talked about “gaming” the system, what other tricks does he know? Matter of fact, what tricks does he know that other financiers might know (i.e. Madoff)? This is the same guy that is giving you (the regular joe) financial advice. All this is being done while he is on CNBC (a financial news show). Putting money in my mattress never looked so good.

Black journalists all over America were trying to figure out how D.L. Hughley got a weekend gig with CNN. It’s not hard to figure out that they were trying to compete with The Daily Show. Well we see how that turned out!!! Is that how they think we want to watch the news now? Why can’t the American people watch a show without some gimmick. The Daily Show does what it does and it’s successful. Don’t duplicate it!! I have nothing against D.L. but I have been waiting for more opportunities for minority journalists. We need people that can give insight to stories that the MSM won’t understand. We need people that can provide POSITIVE stories that the MSM won’t provide. Roland Martin had to wait for Campbell Brown to get knocked up before he could get a shot. TJ Holmes, Don Lemon, Fredricka Whitfield, all anchor on the weekends…… see a theme here.

Only time will tell if the MSM finally gets it right. Maybe they won’t and a new form of media will come into existence. I just hope they know the clock is ticking.

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