Friday, March 06, 2009

Chicken 'n' Po-Po

Get a load of this lady? She had some issues with McDonalds and decided to call the police. It wasn’t issues with the McDonald’s Family but McDonalds the fast food joint. Apparently they ran out of her favorite item.

The part that puzzles me is why they wouldn’t give her money back. When did food swaps become an option? If they don’t have a Cheeseburger, now you can get a McRib? The no refund/eat what we have and like it/is new to me. I’m use to the shake machine being down though. That shake machine must be really old. How can a shake machine always be down? Is it really even called a shake machine? I guess I call it that because it’s easier than saying Model 614SAS.


Ben Hernandez said...

How do find these articles? It's amazing! Like the guy who got hit in the face by the stripper's shoe!

Yeah, she was a little out of line dialing 911, but I agree--Why couldn't they have just given her back her 3 buck for the McNuggets? Some of these companies are insane the way they do business.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe her! Believe McDonalds, they are more accreditable. Throw HER in jail or send her over to fight the war