Thursday, March 26, 2009

Business As Usual?????

I own a company that hires workers at the lowest possible wages. I also make them pay an arm and a leg for health insurance. To keep wages even lower I look for opportunities overseas. I will ship jobs to rinky dink foreign countries where I pay lower wages than I do with my workers.

I am “a capitalist” so I always want to make a profit. My workers have longer hours and take fewer vacations. The workers create and build products for my company but they have no ownership in the product. And sometimes I ask them to keep working (off the books of course).

If I see someone making the same product, it makes me angry. Remember I am “a capitalist” so I want to make all the money. I wipe out the competition by buying them out. Now I have a monopoly on the product that I make. It doesn’t matter if it is a small family business because I am “a capitalist”. The bigger I get the better because now I am a CONGLOMERATE.

I now own major print media, radio and television stations. I can control my image through different mediums. I can also manipulate your thinking by what I say on TV. and print. I’m also trying to get my hands into the military but that’s another story.

I am now part of the wealthy elite and I can give my family generational wealth. Before I step down as CEO, I name my oldest child heir to the company.

Years after my death, my oldest child is running the company and doing a piss poor job. We are still building the same products that I built when I was CEO. We didn’t change with the times by making diverse products. My child also dabbles in the mortgage industry (keep in mind nothing we make has anything to do with mortgages) because my child is “a capitalist” and it seems like a sure winner.

--------------------Then things get really bad-------------------------

The mortgage industry collapses!!!!

Another company in a foreign country builds our same product but better!!!

Now my inept oldest child is shutting down plants and laying off workers. My child has to go with their hat in their hands to the government asking for money.

After all of the failures of my former company do you think my child gets fired? Nope!!

And they get bail out money from the government as well.


Debo Blue said...

It's it too late to adopt me?

Citizen Ojo said...

Sure tax time is coming up. I need some dependants...